11th District Straw Poll Results

From the newly re-elected Chairman of the 11th District, here are the results of the straw poll (and yes, Eric Johnson did only refer to me as “Shep” while addressing the convention). Speakers were McBerry, Oxendine and Scott for Governor and Eric Johnson for Lt. Governor. The results are hard numbers, not percentages. I’ll let a Georgia Tech grad do the math if you want that.


Oxendine: 58 (40.84%)

McBerry: 32 (22.53)

Handel: 25 (17.60%)

Scott: 10 (7.04%)

Write ins:

Rep. Barry Loundermilk: 7 (4.93%)

Eric Johnson: 5 (3.52%)

Sam Olens: 1 (0.7%)

Chip Rogers: 1 (0.7%)

Johnny Isakson: 1 (0.7%)

Phil Gingrey: 1 (0.7%)

Lynn Westmoreland: 1 (0.7%)

Lt. Governor:

Johnson: 89 (60.95%)

Cagle: 30 (20.54%)

Shafer: 19 (13.01%)


(Former State Rep.) Roger Hines: 2 (1.36%)

Chip Rogers: 2 (1.36%)

Sam Olens: 2 (1.36%)

Rep. Tom Graves: 2 (1.36%)

UPDATED with percentages from a UGA grad.


  1. Red Phillips says:

    Notice when the people get to meet and hear Ray McBerry he does very well.

    At the 8th District Convention I was wearing my McBerry button and was surprised most people seemed to not know who he was. So I guess the 2006 race is a distant memory for most people.

  2. Romegaguy says:

    Question of the day, how will Ray McBerry meet every potential GOP primary voter? My prediction, Ray doesnt break double digits next summer

  3. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    Look at all of the write-ins on the list…seems like some in the 11th don’t like the choices so far.

  4. Shep says:

    Yes, but the total write-ins for Governor were only 11.25%. The ballot had a box for “other” with a line to write the name. Since there was a space for people to write someone else’s name, a handfull chose to do so.

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