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Drudge features this story about how Senator Brown hasn’t filed federal or state taxes in two years. The list of legislators who are late filing or paying state taxes now stands at 22.

Graham said the 22 legislators were, in most cases, “repeat offenders” who “without a doubt” are purposefully behind. There are Republicans and Democrats among the 22, and members of both the House and Senate, he said.

The Telegraph asked most Middle Georgia legislators Wednesday whether they are current on their state, federal and local taxes. Only Brown and State Rep. Willie Talton said no.

Talton, R-Warner Robins, said he’s current on federal and state income taxes but that he owes about $30,000 on last year’s property taxes in Houston and Peach counties. Talton owns rental properties and said he owes only on last year’s taxes.

“I’m in the process of making arrangements,” he said.


  1. Bucky Plyler says:

    Gewtting an extention to file your taxes is on issue-not paying them is another. Everybody should take a look at the Drudge article.

  2. atlantaman says:

    I figured this might make national news. With all the Democrats on a national level not paying their taxes, the Minority Leader of the Georgia Senate having tax problems fits into the story very nicely.

  3. Tudor says:

    A blogger on RedCounty.com posted a story this morning, based on the Macon.com article which he claimed that all of the legislators listed were behind in taxes. The article posted at 8:21 and a retraction was posted at 11:25 AM.

    So much for being able to read

  4. Part-Time Atlanta says:

    When do we get to find out the entire list of legislators who have not paid their taxes?

  5. drjay says:

    sometimes this tax thing is a lot less ominous than it appears in print–my tax bill is gonna be a little higher than usual this year b/c when things were slow last year, one of the ways we cut corners was to skimp on our quarterly estimates towards the end of the year–and even though it’s picking up a little we will probably have to pay the bill off in a couple of installments–it’s not ideal and we will technically have unpaid taxes for a stretch, but i certainly don’t think we are deadbeats or anything like that–other opinions may vary…

  6. True Grit says:

    This gets better and better on “Senator” Brown…How about this cheat co-authored SB 106. This is a bill that makes it illegal “for any person knowingly to coerce, induce, assist, or threaten an individual falsely to declare himself or herself to be an independent contractor or falsely to claim that an individual employed by such person is an independent contractor in order to avoid or evade the withholding and payment of taxes; to provide for penalties for violations; to provide for related matters; to repeal conflicting laws; and for other purposes.”

    He can hold contractors accountable but not himself! RESIGN!!!

  7. griftdrift says:

    “sometimes this tax thing is a lot less ominous than it appears in print”

    Well said Dr. Jay. This is completely tempest in a teapot time. I’ll have the thoughts of a former tax agent at my place on Monday.

  8. atlantaman says:


    I basically agree with you. But there is a big difference between someone who files an extension and someone who hasn’t paid their taxes for over two years and owes over $100,000 (when adding garnishments from state of Georgia and tax liens on his property). Brown is trying to confuse the two issues by stating he filed extensions, but filing an extension does not mean you don’t have to pay taxes. You’re supposed to estimate what you owe, send that in, and then reconcile it when send in your actual tax return.

    My guess is that a lot of the legislators on the list fall into the filed an extension and are behind a minor amount of money category, but at some point you have to draw a line, especially when you’re talking about the Minority Leader of the Georgia State Senate. Brown is supposed to the best and brightest the Democrats in the Senate have to offer as their leader. How many years have to go by and how much money has to be owed?

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