1. Dash Riptide says:

    Martin didn’t really fail. His job was to defeat Vernon Jones. That was all he could reasonably do and he did it. If McCain had won the map would be more blue, but the result would be the same. That the race was the least bit interesting says everything about Chambliss and nothing about his barely there opponent. I finally got a robocall from Martin himself this afternoon, and it was sad. He sounded distracted and defeated. This one never really felt close.

  2. gt7348b says:

    Yes – thanks to all of you who voted for Chambliss. Now we have a liberal in the Senate who has no power and represents no conservative principles.

    You’ve really done yourselves proud tonight electing a truly influential Washington leader. At least Martin was honest for a politician.

  3. atlantaman says:

    The general election for Governor (a heated battle between Perude and Taylor) had a total of 2,122,184 votes cast. In this runoff, with 96% of the precincts reporting, the total votes cast so far are 2,090,586.

    First, Saxby winning by 15 points is a landslide. Second, with the total votes in this runoff matching the total votes in the 2006 general election, it’s going to be hard for folks to whine about a low turnout.

  4. MacTheKnife says:


    Martin, honest? Are you high? Martin ran one of the most dishonest campaigns I’ve ever seen. His ads were at best misleading and at worst libelous.

    Saxby can’t stop our slide toward socialism, but he can sure help slow it down.

  5. atlantaman says:

    I think the map makes an interesting statement. Obviously the population is very dense in Martin’s areas, but you can’t win the state of Georgia without picking up more counties.

    It seemed the knee jerk reaction by the Martin people was to bring in thousands of union guys from Detroit and Pittsburgh and have them campaign with Ludacris. Perhaps it’s not the best strategy for a statewide election.

  6. Mountain Republican says:

    On a bright note for Democrats, they did carried Athens-Clarke, Dekalb, and Fulton. Who would have imagined that a metro liberal would have performed that miracle?

  7. North Ga Indy says:

    “a heated battle between Perude and Taylor”

    How is a 58%-38% win for Perdue a “heated battle”. I know Taylor had a lot of vigor in his campaign, but he still lost by 20%.

  8. american9006 says:

    Martin, was honest? What the hell are you smoking ! The man is a turd, I hope he falls on a pencil.

  9. GOPeach says:

    Notice Saxby won COBB – That is because the colored people in South Cobb kept their cold cracks at home. Had it been Vernon … it would have been another story. Put a ” brothah” on the ballot and you gonna have a fight!!!


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