Want to know who the Republicans are supporting?

I thought Mike Sheffield might be the GOP candidate. I’ve heard a lot of them singing his praises. But then I got this email in the mail today:

Please join us in voting for Sara Doyle in the runoff election on December 2 for the Georgia Court of Appeals.

In these difficult times for families and for conservative principles, it has never been more important that we elect the right judges. We have known Sara and practiced law alongside her for many years, and we know her to be the right choice for Georgia families and businesses.

A Mercer law graduate and a partner with the international law firm of Holland Knight, Sara has spent her career defending employers and businesses in litigation. In her fifteen years as a lawyer, she has handled a wide range of cases from trial through the appellate process involving contracts, torts, employment, insurance, real estate, tax, trusts and estates, workers compensation, and liability disputes. Sara has lectured on issues of student discipline and privacy at Georgia School of Law seminars, the Professional Association of Georgia Educators, and the Education Law Association’s annual seminar. And Sara has litigated in Federal and State courts–both in and outside of the state of Georgia–giving her a comprehensive understanding of the legal process.

Sara is a devoted wife and mother. She married her college sweetheart, Jay Doyle, almost 16 years ago, and they are the proud parents of Mary Donovan. The Doyles attend Lutheran Redeemer Church in Atlanta. The life challenges of balancing her career, a marriage, and raising their daughter give Sara a sense of purpose and keep her focused on the trials that every family faces.

She has pledged that Georgia’s families will be the foundation of every decision she makes on the Court of Appeals, that every life is protected, and that justice is served.

As lawyers who have been fighting for Republican principles our entire careers, we urge you to join us in voting for Sara.

It was signed by Anne Lewis, Frank Strickland, Robert Highsmith, and Mike Bowers.

Of course, I already voted for Sara.


  1. Goldwater Conservative says:

    It is still a shame that McFadden didn’t win.

    Any McCain voters care to say that “experience” counts on that choice…or are you all going to be partisan hacks and back anybody other than McFadden?

  2. Eureka says:

    I don’t see how this letter proves she is the Republican or the Conservative choice for court of appeals. I haven’t made up my mind yet, so convince me

  3. Old Vet says:

    I’ve been wondering what to do on this choice. I am disturbed by the not so veiled reference to an anti-choice bias and her reported fondness for the death penalty, not to mention a Mike Bowers endorsement, but if McGuire has endorsed the other candidate, I guess I’ll go with Doyle.

  4. Dantes says:

    Clearly the best qualified candidate. it says something when attorneys from both parties and all parts of the bar support a candidate.

  5. OleDirtyBarrister says:

    Best qualified candidate?

    She was far from the best qualified. She has only been admitted 14 years. Even though the law allows it, that is too little experience for even a trial court judge as far as I am concerned (and many of my practicing colleagues).

    The other negatives include the fact that she went to undergrad at Florida. That alone would prohibit me from voting for her, even if it were not the issue of experience.

    She has a law degree from Mercer, which in this state is better than only John Marshall. It ostensibly means that she could not get into Florida, Georgia, Georgia State or Emory. Erick may be voting for her because of his Mercer bias. (LOL).

    Based on the current composition of the court, it probably would not hurt to have someone with a lot of knowledge of criminal law. Sheffield can’t screw up anything worse than an inexperienced attorney can.

    The Court of Appeals is a court that reviews law, it is not a court of policy, and the credentials on being conservative don’t matter as much as the state Supreme Court.

  6. Bill Simon says:

    “Perry McGuire, who had a lot of Republican Establishment endorsements, endorsed Sheffield.”


    That might just be the dumbest post I’ve ever read.

  7. heroV says:

    I wonder how she would rule on a case involving an ordinance, statute, etc. that outlaws abortion in all cases if it were before her? Would she uphold the law in question in order to protect every life? Or would she strike down the law as unconstitutional? If she doesn’t strike down the law, doesn’t that make her an “activist” judge?

  8. bucky says:

    Is this about Republican principles or about Robert Highsmith using his connections to get his Holland and Knight law partner elected?

  9. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Exactly …seems more like Midtown attorneys looking out for another Midtown attorney, in my opinion. I think they’re both good candidates…I’ve actually seen Mike Sheffield out and about though and had a chance to meet him, so he gets my vote (seemed like a strong conservative candidate from what I heard of his speech…maybe he was just playing to the crowd though?)

  10. debbie0040 says:

    Won’t be voting for her. Georgia Equality considersher as one of their candidates.


    Welcome to Georgia Equality

    Tuesday, 11 November 2008
    Georgia Equality encourages our members to remember to vote in the runoff election scheduled for December 2.

    Two of our candidates for judge, Tangela Berrie in the DeKalb Superior Court race and Sara Doyle in the Georgia Court of Appeals race will be facing opponents in the runoff.

    There will also be runoffs for the Public Service Commission and Georgia US Senate seats.

    Visit the Secretary of States website for the latest information on early voting or to request an absentee ballot.

  11. debbie0040 says:

    She won’t get my vote. She is one of Georgia Equality’s candidates.


    Welcome to Georgia Equality

    Tuesday, 11 November 2008
    Georgia Equality encourages our members to remember to vote in the runoff election scheduled for December 2.

    Two of our candidates for judge, Tangela Berrie in the DeKalb Superior Court race and Sara Doyle in the Georgia Court of Appeals race will be facing opponents in the runoff.

    There will also be runoffs for the Public Service Commission and Georgia US Senate seats.

    Visit the Secretary of States website for the latest information on early voting or to request an absentee ballot.

  12. Dash Riptide says:

    Doyle is a joke? You’re young, right? When you make disrespectful, conclusory statements like that you come across as Henery Hawk. You would do well to avoid projecting such an image.

  13. debbie0040 says:

    It is a joke that Doyle is posing as a conservative. Georgia Equality is not throwing their support to her for nothing….

  14. Dash Riptide says:

    It is a joke that Doyle is posing as a conservative. Georgia Equality is not throwing their support to her for nothing….

    Let’s not get carried away here. Georgia Equality would support a garden gnome before it would support Sheffield. Seriously, what candidate other than McGuire wasn’t perceived as being at least slightly to the left of Sheffield?

  15. mws says:

    Mercer is a better law school than Georgia State. In fact, Mercer probably best prepares attorneys for the actual practice of law than any school in the southeast.

    Their Bar pass rates are almost always highest in the state and US News has voted their legal writing program the best in the nation.

    Georgia State Law is the most disorganized, poorly run school out there and UGA law just seems to exist to turn shaggy haired frat boys in to attorneys.

  16. Icarus says:

    “UGA law just seems to exist to turn shaggy haired frat boys in to attorneys.”

    Would your rather us just turn them loose into the general population?

  17. debbie0040 says:

    “It does seem pretty clear that the GA Equality endorsement is really an anti-Sheffield thing.”

    That is BS and you know it!! They are frightened of Sheffield and like Sara. They called Sara their candidate. They singled Sara and a judge in Dekalb out. Nice attempt at spin on the part of Sara supporters, but it won’t work!! Sara has the support of the pro gay, lesbian, bissexual and transgendered voters. There is a reason for that.. GA Equality would love to find a loophole in the Constitutional Ammendment we passed on gay marriage.

    She has also been endorsed by the AJC.

    “Two of our candidates for judge, Tangela Berrie in the DeKalb Superior Court race and Sara Doyle in the Georgia Court of Appeals race will be facing opponents in the runoff. “

  18. debbie0040 says:

    I also remember reading a news story about this race. It listed some of the Republican attorney’s that had endorsed Sara. She made the comment not to conlcude that she was a Republican from her endorsements..

  19. North Ga Indy says:

    I’m not apologizing for my statement on Doyle. In fact, you guys should be apologizing for your silly endorsements of Doyle. I shall say it again; Doyle is a joke, Doyle is a joke, Doyle is a joke!!!

  20. OleDirtyBarrister says:

    Bill Simon:

    ALL of your posts are idiotic, you hardly are in a position to criticize the posts of anyone else. Moreover, you couldn’t buy a clue about the qualifications for a judge if Icarus loaned you the money (or much else, for that matter).

    Georgia and Georgia State are superior to Mercer, which is why the admissions criteria are higher, the acceptance rates are lower, and the longterm bar pass rate is higher. Moreover, if you look at the student body in the state schools, you’ll routinely find students that transferred from Mercer as quickly as they could. They don’t transfer in the other direction. Georgia, Georgia State, and Emory all have a long term pass rate that is better than Mercer.

  21. Doug Deal says:


    HAHAHAHAHAHA. That was quite funny. Mercer is right up there. Of the four major law schools, it is by far the lowest ranked in Georgia in Bar passage rates.

    Here is a list of them in descending Bar passage rate order:


    You will notice that Mercer is 69th out of 185, which is coincidentally Erick’s ranking as the most influencial conservative in the USA according to Top Men mack in England.

    Emory is 19
    Georgia State is 27
    Georgia is 42
    Mercer is 69

    As ranked by LSAT Scores:
    Emory is 27
    Georgia is 34
    Georgia State is 60
    Mercer is 112

    As ranked by acceptance rate:
    Georgia State is 12
    Georgia is 42
    Emory is 48
    Mercer is 80

    As ranked by employment at 9 months:
    Emory is 18
    Georgia is 23
    Georgia State is 26
    Mercer is 78

    So on what criteria, exactly is Mercer better than any law school in the state, save perhaps, and I do mean perhaps, John Marshall?

  22. Rick Day says:

    oh its certainly critical we know the name of the church she goes to, and her spouse is a boy named Jay, and is her ‘college sweetheart’.

    Code: white, straight, christian = conservative, ergo perfect

    BAM! race card played.

  23. SOWEGA_GOP says:

    I am voting for Sheffield. However, I am basing this on the fact that I believe he is more conservative.

    Many folks that go to Mercer would have easily gotten into UGA or GSU had they been a minority.

    UGA is a solid school, but they are all about diveristy and will turn down quality students to achieve this goal. Additionally, they don’t give preference to those that attended UGA for undergrad. I have heard that they don’t want UGA undergrads. Also, unlike most state schools, they don’t give preference to in state students.

    GSU is not a solid school and is only ranked above Mercer because it is dirt cheap. GSU is disorganized and not a good law school in my opinion.

    In sum, just because someone went to Mercer doesn’t mean they less qualified than a UGA or GSU grad. Maybe they weren’t a minority or didn’t have connections. I would take a Mercer grad over a GSU grad any day of the week.

    Besides, Maybe Doyle got a full ride a Mercer… Who knows.

  24. Romegaguy says:

    If Perry Mcguire and debbie the bet welcher are for Sheffield I guess that means that people with common sense wont be voting for him.

  25. mws says:

    People transfer from Mercer because it is a private school and much more expensive than a state school.

    If Mercer was based in Atlanta and not Macon, their rankings would be much higher. But it is not in the Big City or a major university center so it gets short shrift. I would think that people would much rather live in a college town or Atlanta for 3 years than Macon, but then again, we aren’t all Erick either.

    The Mercer attorneys at the three firms I’ve been with are usually smarter, work harder and are more effective than any GSU or UGA grads.

    The acceptance rate at GSU is skewed because it is the most applied law school in the country because it costs nothing to go there. They get many more applications than anyone else and have to turn away a lot more. Of course, I know a kid at my current firm that applied there and never got a rejection or acceptance letter from the school. He ended up at Emory. Another GSU grad contacted them by phone to ask for his transcripts and 4 months later they arrived. It’s disgraceful how they operate.

  26. Dash Riptide says:

    Can’t UGA, GSU and Mercer law grads find common ground? I mean, at least we didn’t end up at Emory.

  27. Doug Deal says:


    That is like saying that since Ohio State outscored LSU in the first quarter and tied them in the second half last year that Ohio State actually won even though LSU finsihed the game with 2 more touchdowns.

    You can’t mine the data for the one data point that backs you up when you ignore the 999 others that go the other way.

  28. Doug Deal says:

    I am not a snob. I think what school you go to, the grades you get while you are their and the accomplishments you do while in it are completely irrelevant to measuring the quality of a person. The only real test is real life experience.

    That being said, you have to be the ultimate homer to think Mercer is a better school than any of the other big 4 schools in the state.

  29. SOWEGA_GOP says:


    Did you even go to law school? People that didn’t go to law school don’t understand how competitive the entire process is (from admission to grades). If you haven’t been, I really don’t think you have a right to talk trash about schools.

    Mercer normally has over 90% passage rate on the bar. It is not like UGA, GSU, Emory is having 95% and Mercer is 40% or something.

    To be honest, the average Mercer student will have a lower LSAT and UGPA than a student at UGA or Emory. However, Mercer usually has about the same bar passage rate than those schools. I think this shows the quality of education at Mercer.

    Additionally, you can’t deny that there are many at Emory and UGA simply because of their ancestory or connections.

  30. Doug Deal says:


    No, I did not go to law school, but one does not have to attend law school to read statistics. Did you overly defensive Mercer grads and students ever attend UGA Law, Georgia State or Emory?

    I never said that Mercer is a trashy school, but pretty much every non opinion based statistics that is used to rank law schools has Mercer dead last among the major law schools in the state. You guys have said nothing more than silly anecdotes based on your own biased experiences.

    This does not mean one cannot be capable and competent, but it is clear that you guys feel the need to trash Georgia State to validate the value of your own degrees.

    Your degree, grades and school accomplishments are not where you should get your self worth; it should come from what you have accomplished in life. So, there is very little reason for any of you to be so defensive about your school, or to make such bombastic claims about it’s superiority.

  31. SOWEGA_GOP says:


    I am not being defensive about it. I agree that life accomplishments is what matters. So, why are you pointing out that Mercer is last in everything if you feel it does not matter? Yes, Mercer does rank below Emory and UGA (those schools are top 30 in the entire nation!!) I have had experiences with all three schools, and I stand by my statements. I know folks that could have went to GSU but went to Mercer instead– not everyone wants to go to school in downtown Atlanta.

    You haven’t been to law school or even been involved in the process. Therefore, you have no clue what those statistics even mean. A point or two on the LSAT or a small difference in a GPA is big in the law school admission process. Law school admission is nothing like undergrad.

    Yes, you can make comments all you want, but the truth is you don’t know what you are talking about. The differences aren’t as big as you make them out to be.

    I am voting for Sheffield by the way.

  32. Doug Deal says:

    What does a lawyer know about statistics? See, two can play that game, but it is foolish. You do not know what I have been exposed to. My wife is a lawyer, her mother is a now retired legal secretary from a major Atlanta law firm, and have probably read more about the law as a hobby than most lawyers read in their career.

    The only thing I was doing was refuting the claims by mws about the supperiority of Mercer over Georgia State. I care about accuracy, something you Mercer folks don’t seem to care much about. Outside of that, I think pretty much all of you lawyer types are ethically challenged dweebs who are more of a burden on society than anything else. So I do nto rightly care who claims the title of “worst” law school, as I think you all win.

  33. Dash Riptide says:

    My wife is a lawyer, … and … I think pretty much all of you lawyer types are ethically challenged dweebs who are more of a burden on society than anything else.

    Duly noted.

  34. Bill Simon says:

    From what I understand, The Georgia Equality survey amounted to nothing more than this:

    State your name
    State your resume
    What position are you running for?
    Do you intend to discriminate against anyone on the basis of their sexual orientation?

    Apparently, Doyle answered that last question as a “No.”

    Yes, by ALL means, Debbie, we need to elect only those people who intend to discriminate against people.

    Go back to Alabama, Debbie. We have more than enough ignorant buffons in Georgia.

  35. SOWEGA_GOP says:


    Yeah, all lawyers are unethical. It is always great to use sterotypes when you can’t come up with good arguments. I don’t see why you are showing such hostility towards those defending Mercer. All I am saying is that these “statistics” you worship aren’t everything. Is Mercer more prestigious than GSU, UGA, or Emory? No. Is the quality of education at Mercer just as good or better than those institutions? I would say yes. In fact, I know someone that transfered to Emory from Mercer and says that Mercer was harder.

    I can assure you that you have not read more law than a lawyer. I bet you haven’t read half the amount that a 1st year student reads in one semester. Since your wife is a lawyer and your mom is a paralegal, you should look into becoming a law professor. Clearly, you know everything about a the subject matter.

    No hostility towards you. I just think it is absurd to question Doyle’s qualifications based on the fact she went to Mercer.

  36. Doug Deal says:


    You are funny, you guys are the ones showing hostility. (I will admit, however, that my comment condemning all lawyers was somewhat hostile, but I mean in regard to Mercer, or it’s defenders.

    It would appear that you have some difficulty with reading, but you went to Mercer, the greatest law school in the world, so obviously you must have an amazingly keen intellect . I will allow you to re-read the thread and if you find even one of the several errors you made in your last comment, I will take it all back and proclaim your school as tops in the land. I will give you a hint, never once did I question anyone’s qualifications in this thread. On the other hand, I rejected the completely absurd notion that mercer is the best law school in Georgia. With that, now go and find the error, you have 3 days.

  37. Doug Deal says:


    Believe it or not, I also have a son.

    On number 2, you might find this amazing, nearly everyone I encounter in real life pretty much likes me, as long as they have a sense of humor. In order to balance my Karma, however, I treat most people on PP like crap 😉

  38. SOWEGA_GOP says:


    Are you saying Mercer folks are unethical? I would beg to differ. There you go with the mass sterotypes.

    I never said Mercer was the greatest school in Georgia. Now, please find where I said this. I think I said that Georgia and Emory were more prestigious. It is not the greatest school in Georgia, but it is not as terrible as those make it out to be. I think it is absurd for you to rail against those defending Mercer.

    No, you did not actually make the qualifications comment. I apologize. However, I think you make too much of these statistics. They are important but aren’t what makes a good school. All I was trying to do is show that there is more to a school than the statistics.

    I am ending this discussion. I really don’t care anymore. I suggest you spend more time with your son than on a blog arguing about law schools which you never attended.

  39. joe says:

    Okay, if I understand this correctly, just because I might have been accepted at Cal Tech, Rice, and MIT in EE ( I chose Rice), and was accepted by MENSA 29 years ago, I am stupid and don’t know what a hard school is because I did not attend UGA or Mercer Law School.

    What a bunch of elitist crap!

  40. SOWEGA_GOP says:

    No, I meant that I didn’t know why anyone who never went to either school would even care. It had nothing to do with being elitist or intellegence. UGA and Mercer are not even on the same level as those schools. I don’t think anyone would argue with that.

  41. Dash Riptide says:

    You can insult us, but please, don’t cast aspersions on out time-honored indulgence in elitism. Without it we’d be no better than shaggy-haired frat boys who never went to law school.

  42. DoubleDawg3 says:

    In my opinion, coming from a UGA law grad (hence the screen name), all of Georgia’s law schools provide a good education, with John Marshall being a step down from the others (although, John Marshall is making some BIG improvements…look at that bar passage rate).

    Honestly, I think the traditional discussion, that you hear in law school, fits…UGA & GA State provid you the best opportunity if you want to practice in Downtown ATL (I’m kicking Emory out of this discussion…great school, but too expensive for most to consider). I think UGA & Mercer provide a better “in” for practicing in the areas outside of ATL. (For what it’s worth, Mercer does a pretty good job of offering scholarships to most of its students – so even though it’s private, the cost to attend can actually end up cheaper at Mercer than it would at GA State or UGA).

    If you want to work in another large SE city – Charlotte, Greenville, Nashville, Chattanooga…I’d say UGA gives you the best shot.

    If you want to work in NYC, Boston, or DC…honestly, Emory’s your school (they get far more on campus interviews from northeastern US firms).

    I do completely agree with the comment made above that a lot of kids that go to GA State or Mercer WOULD have gotten into UGA, but for diversity quotas – yep, that sucks.

    There’s qualified kids at all of the schools…and there’s some kids who just get in b/c they’re willing to pay the law school a lot of money to go there.

    As for the education…they’re all going to be good in certain areas and probably lacking in some others. Every attorney posting on this board should be honest about this though…you could skip law school altogether, spend 10 months (MAX, probably less) studying BarBri & PMBR books 6-8 hours a day, and pass the GA Bar Exam with no problem. So I think Bar Passage Rates are kind of overrated in that regard (to me, it just shows the level of dedication of kids from that particular school to put in the time to study for 2 months for the Bar).

    Point being…find something else to argue about & compare/contrast, maybe your shoe size or something.

  43. Doug Deal says:


    No, I also did not say Mercer grads are unethical. One of the reasons you butted up against me is because you repeatedly put words in my mouth and try to argue against made up boogey men instead of actually reading what I wrote. My discussion was with mws in the first place, which you butted into. But, yes, this discussion is tiresome, so let’s agree to never mention it again.

  44. debbie0040 says:

    From Georgia Equality:”“Two of our candidates for judge, Tangela Berrie in the DeKalb Superior Court race and Sara Doyle in the Georgia Court of Appeals race will be facing opponents in the runoff. “

    She would not get such a ringing endorsement from them for just saying no to discrimination. I understand that she refused to fill out questionaires from conservative groups but did for GA Equality. That speaks volumes.

    http://www.dailyreportonline.com/Editorial/News/singleEdit.asp?individual_SQL=9/29/[email protected]

    “According to online campaign contribution records, Doyle has backed a mix of candidates. She gave $200 to Perdue’s campaign in 2000—and similarly modest donations to state Sen. M. Kasim Reed, an Atlanta Democrat and fellow Holland & Knight partner, and Ashley S. Harris, a lawyer and unsuccessful Democratic primary challenger for the state Legislature in 2006. She also made a $50 donation to the campaign of then-Supreme Court Chief Justice Norman Fletcher’s 2002 re-election campaign. Doyle has said she declined to answer the sort of issue questionnaires—from Georgia Right to Life and the Georgia Christian Alliance—that some conservative candidates have answered in the past. ”

    Then there are her comments below from Fulton County Daily Report:

    http://www.dailyreportonline.com/Editorial/News/singleEdit.asp?individual_SQL=9/29/[email protected]

    “But a closer look at Doyle’s candidacy shows a blurrier political picture. The candidate says voters would be wrong to assume she’s a Republican. “I don’t think that politics should play a role in the judicial elections,” says Doyle. She says she’s “not a cause person.”

  45. Romegaguy says:

    This is scary, I’m agreeing with Bill on something… Doyle is definitely the better candidate, not that it takes much

  46. Doug Deal says:


    The only thing I want to hear a judge say is “I will follow the laws passed by the legislature and signed by the governor to the best of my ability except when they conflict with the State or Federal Constitutions.”

    Justice is not joining the bench with the intent to “fight for families” or “protect business”. Justice is making sure that even the rights of jerks and infamous are protected. Unfortunately, no one in the position to become judge seems willing to set aside partisan leanings and actually do the job a judge is supposed to do.

  47. debbie0040 says:

    The fact liberals oppose Mike Sheffield makes him more appealing. Mike is a great guy and would make a great judge.

  48. Dash Riptide says:

    The fact liberals oppose Mike Sheffield makes him more appealing.

    I like the way you think. Years ago the fact that liberals opposed Pol Pot made me realize that maybe he wasn’t such a bad guy after all. Of course, you could say that opposing Pol Pot was a bipartisan position, but to some extent the same could be said of Sara Doyle. So regardless of any hints of unity within the legal community for one candidate or another, what really matters is that liberals have made their choice and we must stand against them. Go Pol Pot Mike Sheffield!!!

  49. debbie0040 says:

    Liberals like activist judges, conservatives don’t..

    I have a tremendous respect for Randy Evans and he supports Sheffield.
    Supporters: Republican Party general counsel Randy Evans, Gwinnett County Commission Chairman Charles Bannister.

    Mike Sheffield
    College: Wake Forest University

    Law school: Emory University

    Professional: Sole practitioner in Lawrenceville

    Pitch: A former prosecutor and now a criminal defense attorney, Sheffield says he is well regarded by his peers, having been elected president of the DeKalb and Gwinnett bar associations. He says he was wrongly denied the chance to be in a runoff for a appeals court judgeship in 2004 when a new election was ordered because an opponent’s name was incorrectly listed on ballots in Laurens County.

    Quote: “I’ll always wonder what would have happened [in the 2004 race], if they’d only counted those ballots.”

    Supporters: Republican Party general counsel Randy Evans, Gwinnett County Commission Chairman Charles Bannister.

  50. Dash Riptide says:

    Noted Republicans Randy Evans and Charles Bannister support professed Republican Mike Sheffield? Seriously?

  51. Bill Simon says:

    Debbie Sez: “Mike is a great guy and would make a great judge.”

    Right….and Debbie said the same thing about ASH, Ralph Reed, and many other people.

    I’m not interested in “great guys” being judges. I am interested in SANE people being judges. By SANE, I mean those types NOT prone to being yanked by any agenda…and, especially the agenda of the far-right religious groups who have proven time and time again to be ANTI-FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

  52. shep1975 says:

    As one of the people working to bring up John Marshall, thanks DoubleDawg for the encouragement. I will remind everyone we have been producing Georgia attorneys for 75 years. Our alumni include Judge James Bodiford who is presiding over the Nichols trial, State Rep. Doug Collins, Gwinnett Judge James Oxendine (father of Commissioner Ox), Neal Boortz, Cobb Solicitor General Barry Morgan, etc.

    For those like me who are not fresh out of undergrad and wanted to get a JD, there really is only 2 choices, Georgia State and JMLS.

    We have a new Dean who has come to us after heading up Pepperdine’s Law Scool. Pepperdine replaced Richard Lynn with an unknown attorney named Ken Starr. My Legal Writing Professor was Gwinnett State Court Judge Randy Rich.

    Back to the topic at hand, I will be sending out a press release confirming that the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee endorsed Sheffield for the Court of Appeals.

    While a lot of Republican attorneys I respect very highly are supporting Sarah Doyle, personally, I believe Sheffield is the better experienced for the position. He has spent his career in court and has been practicing law since Sarah Doyle was 6 years old.

    This is not a legislative postion, but one that does require experience as to the issues that face when coming into court.

    A judge does not need to know the law by heart to be a judge. Both Mike and Sarah would have clerks to help them look up the law to help them write their opinions. Mike’s experience comes in with decades of dealing with the rules and procedures of the court system itself and insights that can only be gained going in from of hundreds of judges over the years and seeing the good and bad points of them all.

  53. Dash Riptide says:

    A judge does not need to know the law by heart to be a judge. Both Mike and Sarah would have clerks to help them look up the law to help them write their opinions.

    That’s putting it mildly.

  54. debbie0040 says:

    Sara Doyle would not answer a questionaire from Christian alliance but she did answer a questionaire from Georgia Equality. That says a lot about her beliefs. It was very hypocritical of her to answer Georgia Equality’s but not Christian Alliance’s questionaire. I could understand her reasoning had she refused to answer both, but she did not.

    Here is Doyle’s reasoning in a letter to Fields.

  55. debbie0040 says:

    I am confident that Sheffield would not be an activist judge. I believe that Doyle would and that is why she has the support of most Democrats and liberal groups.

  56. Dash Riptide says:

    As stated in her letter to GCA, what it says is that Doyle feels “that it would not be appropriate for [her] to respond to [Georgia Christian Alliance’s] Questionnaire or similar questionnaires that ask for responses to hypothetical issues that may come before [her] as a judge[.]” Now if you can show that Georgia Equality’s questionnaire also asks for responses to hypothetical issues that may come before her as a judge, then you have a point. Otherwise all you’re showing is that Doyle wanted to talk to any constituency that would listen as long as they didn’t ask inappropriate questions. Because GCA’s questions definitely cross the line, and because Sheffield answered them anyway, he will sink or swim with the support of rabid pro-lifers, pandering Republican politicians, misogynists and the generally uninformed. That’s a disturbingly strong coalition in Georgia, however, so keep your chin up.

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