Peach Pundit Sports Update/Open Thread

Haven’t had time today to put together a full update.  Here’s the short version:

Buzz Brockway’s Obama the Savior was beaten again this week, and now resides in second place in our Fantasy Football League behind Treavor SOutherland’s Georgia Hope.  These two go head to head this weekend, a game I’m sure everyone will want to watch.  Doug Deal wet himself over his team’s ability to score over 100 points.  Something my team has done twice this year.  (Sadly, not the week I played Doug).

Les Miles’ Hat continues with a 5 point lead this week for College Pick’em, and I retain a 1 point lead in the Pro Pick’em game.

And, for my good but misguided friend RugbyFan, here’s a commentary on his favorite sport. 



  1. rugby fan says:

    Its there.


    One of my favorite stories (and this is fairly common, but I can only think of one club in particular at the moment) is that West Point’s team bought two kegs for every match.

    One for the ride to the pitch, the other for the trip home.

  2. Game Fan says:

    Methinks they got it wrong in the article. The New Zealand Maori were the guys in green and the guy with the thong according to the video. And why does everyone assume that the aboriginals all had extremely dark skin? RACISTS!

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