Dale Russell’s Expose

You can see it here. Again, I think everyone on earth uses their work email for personal email exchanges.

Both Fox and ABC really have gone after the salacious nature of the emails more so than anything else. Fox points out that Ashby was not in Gena’s chain of command.

However, Fox shows a potential conflict of interest between Gena and someone, a Mr. Spivey, that she dated. The guy worked on a project overseen by Gena. Gena says she “stepped back from day to day oversight” of the project. But Dale looked through records showing that, desite Gena’s claims of stepping back, she continued to work on the project and had meetings.

I think his report definitely puts Gena in a worse light than ABC. I find it interesting that Dale Russell went to the two DOT Board members who were critical of Gena — they sought those two critics out.

Again, though, everyone is focusing on Gena’s relationships as revealed in her emails.

No one is focusing on why this is coming out. That, to me, seems to be the real story. The folks who are upset at losing power and having projects killed are now trying to kill of Gena Evans.


  1. Ah, yes. It was those government email addresses that helped me, too. You would think people wouldn’t send out threats via robins.af.mil email addresses, but they do.

    Tsk tsk. People on government computers should think before sending out personal and conflict of interest emails.

  2. Icarus says:

    If you were a nurse charting a patient, BM would mean “bowel movement.”

    Really, I would like to thank George Anderson, Dale Russell, Richard Belcher, and the sore losers in the GA State House of Reps for exposing us to the awkward world of geek love.

  3. Game Fan says:

    Not sure why people go over the top with personal e-mails via corporate e-mail. As a side note from personal experience those (somewhat former) friends who ONLY have corporate e-mail seem to be some of the most cowardly folks one could imagine. Also some of the most opinionated (in their ignorance) “Please don’t send me any more e-mails”. This is why I prefer to associate with left wing loonies over spineless corporate twerps.

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