Prayer letter/chains

Were Republicans sending out Prayer Chains in 2004, or are they so truly desperate now that the best they can do is beseech God to save them from the infidels? (Hint: It didn’t work for Rome, it didn’t work for Constantinople. It did work for Vienna, so perhaps the key is not prostration before God, but a good philharmonic).

When Barack Obama wins tomorrow, will they then think that their god has failed them? Or that he doesn’t exist? Or that he really hates Republicans? Will they abandon their divisive faith or abandon politics all together? If so we might see a GOP resurgence faster then I’d initially expected.


  1. I think some subset of Republicans always send out prayer chains and stuff like that. This time around, the tone of what they’re sending has gotten worse, though. The recent letter from Rev Charles Stanley that the DeKalb County GOP sent out as an official communique is a great example of this- heck, they even call Dubya a “prophet”, and that we’ll be “One nation under Allah” if Obama wins. As a Republican, I’m horribly embarrassed over this.

    I think this is a sign that there’s something horribly wrong in the party. The Charles Stanley email tells me that the powers that be are desperate. They’re unable to engage in a debate of ideas and issues, so they’re resorting to rumormongering and scare tactics. In short, McCain and the GOP have given up.

    As for the GOP re-examining itself after the likely loss to Obama and the Democrats in Congress, I think that it’s an appealing but unlikely scenario. With the executive and legislative branches both under the control of the Democrats, the GOP will unite, perhaps much more strongly than before. Rather than learn their lesson, the fight for the soul of the party will be put off until another day.

  2. Rick Day says:

    will they then think that their god has failed them? Or that he doesn’t exist? Or that he really hates Republicans? Will they abandon their divisive faith or abandon politics all together?

    IF I was a praying man, I would certainly pray this happens. The sooner you all wake up and smell the reality, the sooner we can get on with forming The Federation ™ and go kick some Klingon butt!

    Yeah, Fantasy. It is ALL fantasy.

  3. Chris says:


    Defeating the Klingons was part of the LP platform, not the GOP one.

    I thought we had this discussion at an LP platform meeting before.

  4. IndyInjun says:

    Robbie H. –

    The one thing that WILL reform the GOP in Georgia and elsewhere is that they will have NO POWER.

    To get back to having power they have to bring back fiscal conservatism.

    Otherwise the GOP will, in the near term, be a loony fringe nut-job party confined to a few southern states.

    This fiscal conservative won’t buy the whacko Charles Stanley malarkey. That nutty loony fringe element will keep we fiscal conservatives at bay.

  5. Tea Party says:

    After getting the strange Rev. Chas. Stanley message, I almost unsubscribed from the GOP emailer. The only reason I chose not to unsubscribe, is that useful info comes from this list.

    Why spite myself?

    This sort of chicanery may be ‘typical’ or ‘expected’ during a heated election. IMHO, Rev. Stanleys’ comments ranged from scarily absurd to insulting.

    If the GOP loses this election as badly as predicted, it will be a result of leadership losing its’ way on spending, fiscal conservatism, and keeping a pulse on what our base wants.

    HINT: GOP younger base is less concerned about gay marriage or abortion than you are.

    THINK: How about a paradigm shift on how we educate our children? How about responsibly adressing the impending economic tsumani we call national debt, medicare/caid, and social security? Or giving the printing presses a day off and not increase M1/M2 astronomically?

    I sincerely hope that the TOP GA leadership opens up the Party to new thinking, as we sweep the floor clean of tired, stale and dated ideologies that are not working.

    Maybe 2012 will be different, or ’16.

  6. sonofliberty says:

    Tea Party….. you are hopeful that the TOP GA leadership opens up the Party to new thinking?….are you including present House leadership?………if wishes…were horses…..beggars would ride……

  7. Oz says:

    While I haven’t seen the email, I have encouraged everyone I know to pray since the beginning of October.

    Keep in mind that I am not asking them to pray for a specific person to win, but rather that God would have our nation select the leader that we need.

    As for what I will do if Obama should wiin tomorrow, the answer is that I will pray for Obama every day and work for Republicans in 2010 and 2012.

  8. Vic says:

    Is it true that Dr. Stanley’s divorce from his bride of 44 years was caused by an argument over whether they would watch Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy?

  9. Excellent- I checked around to see if it was fake, but Snopes hadn’t posted their debunking at the time.
    But the main question is still valid- regardless of who wrote the post, why would the officers of the DeKalb County GOP feel that this message should be an official bulletin to its members?

  10. Tea Party says:

    No Kidding, it was a FAKE??? Geez, if that is true, maybe I will unsubscribe to the GOP mailer.

    Now may be the time for change in the DeKalb GOP.

    @Vic I think it had more to do with what was coming out of the closet….

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