Oh, by the way . . .

I voted on Thursday as follows:

For all three amendments.

For the Democrat running for Sheriff in Bibb County (I know, some of you are floored by that I’m sure).

For Doug Everett and Jim Powell for PSC.

For Sara Doyle for the Court of Appeals.


  1. drjay says:

    “For the Democrat running for Sheriff in Bibb County (I know, some of you are floored by that I’m sure).”

    is there a story here we are not privy to?

  2. North Ga Indy says:

    I am voting for:

    John McCain for President.

    Saxby Chambliss for Senate.

    Nathan Deal for Congress.

    John Raber for Lumpkin County BOC Chairman.

    Rachel Pruitt for Lumpkin County Tax Commissioner.

    Michael Chastain for Lumpkin County Probate Judge.

    Stroud Stacy and Brandon Reynolds for Lumpkin County School Board.

    Johnny Ariemma for Dahlonega City Council.

    Doug Everett and Bubba McDonald for PSC.

    Bruce Edenfield for Court of appeals.

    No to propositions 1 and 2.

    Yes to proposition 3.

  3. Chris says:

    I can’t believe you voted yes on Amendment Two. It just goes to show that being an elected office holder will corrupt anyone.

  4. SOWEGA_GOP says:

    I voted a straight GOP ticket. I even voted for Ferrell against Bishop. I voted yes on amendment 1 and no and the last two amendments.

    I also voted for MVB for Court of Appeals.

    I predict that Mccain pulls App. State vs. Michigan upset.

    Saxby and Martin will go to a run off and Saxby will win in December.

    Marshall will win in the 8th.

    Epps pulls off the upset in HD 140

    Prediction over the next 4 years if Obama wins:

    1. GOP makes big gains in the House and Senate in 2010. (historically this usually happens)
    2. The GOP will win the Presidency in a landslide in 2012 and will regain control of both houses of Congress.

    The Dems will have their shot to implement their radical left wing views and the American People will reject it!!

  5. Eff The Dems says:

    Rumor has it there will be free plasma TVs all over America on Wednesday, regardless of who wins.

    Of course, they will only be free to those who steal them.

  6. McCain
    Perry McGuire
    Amendment 1 yes, 2 and 3 No

    I’m feeling pretty good about my prospects for the Bibb County Commission. I’ve worked every corner of this district, and many areas folks said not to waste my time on.

    I’ve received calls from prominent Democrats who said they voted early for me. Also received a lot of stories from people voting early. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and saying a few extra prayers.

  7. DoubleDawg3 says:

    I definitely like the Jim Powell pick…”BUBBA” (aka Lauren) McDonald is the epitome of what’s wrong with politics…a good ole boy who’s tried to make a career in office (yeah, yeah, he owns a funeral home for his “career” – okay).

  8. MiddleGeorgiaVoter says:

    North GA Indy,

    I voted for Marshall b/c I know him personally & know him to be a good man. I don’t know Goddard.

    Though I didn’t agree with the bailout, I tried to give Marshall & Saxby the benefit of the doubt.

    Goddard may very well be a good man, I just don’t know him.

    I do know both Allen Freeman and Bubber Epps personally. I know that Epps is a good man & I also know that Freeman is just a yes man who gives Richardson another vote.

  9. The Comma Guy says:

    I’m a bit worried about the Court of Appeals race with the huge turnout in voters. Not a lot of advertisements or publicity about the race and several folks in it that have no business getting a seat on an appellate bench. I hope the runoff has at least one of the viable candidates involved.

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