Does WSB’s Richard Belcher Let His Mom Watch Him Having Sex?

&#8220Belcher, being a typical mainstream journalist, probably didn’t even realize that he missed the most important story: ‘who is out to get Gena Evans?’ &#8221

It is seemingly a preposterous question, but it’s relevant to Richard Belcher’s interview with Gena Evans.

Evans traded emails with her significant other from her GDOT email account, something probably 99% of GDOT employees do. Some of the emails were sexual in nature.

Belcher points out to her that “this is the Bible Belt” and “Would you show those emails to your mom and dad?” Seriously, what the hell type of question is that? He might as well have next asked if she let her parents watch her in bed with her husband. It is just as relevant.

The emails were personal. There is no dispute that the emails were personal. The dispute is whether she should have sent them from her work email account — something pretty much everyone does.

But the emails were clearly personal and clearly to a boyfriend. Do you talk to your significant other romantically? Do you talk the same way to your parents? Probably not unless you’re from some parts of Alabama or went to the University of Florida.

So why ask the question except for the shock value of it? It’s otherwise not relevant to the issue at hand.

In fact, this whole controversy was designed to embarrass Gena Evans in an effort to force her out of her job. Belcher willingly played right into the hands of the Evans’s foes.

While Belcher is wondering whether she would send these emails to her mom and dad he never thought to ask George Anderson who suggested to Anderson that he request Evans’s emails.

In fact, Belcher, being a typical mainstream journalist, probably didn’t even realize that he missed the most important story: ‘who is out to get Gena Evans?’

Note to Mr. Belcher, not to get all cliche with you, but stop being a useful pawn of someone with an agenda against Evans and follow the money. There is a bigger story there. A much bigger story with bigger fish than Gena Evans to fry.


  1. Bill Simon says:

    The only “background” I see here is the background that Gena didn’t trade sexual favors for voting a certain way to help someone fianancially…like SO many other legislators and bureaucrats in this state do.

  2. Dash Riptide says:

    I’m pretty sure that Belcher was hoping for more than he actually found. And to be fair, he did let Evans tell viewers what the real story is here. He probably knew that Fox 5 was running its own story on this. One can argue that Belcher was doing Evans a favor by asking the “Bible Belt” question, etc., much like a prosecutor will ask uncomfortable questions of prosecuting witnesses in order to soften the blow of such questions on cross. It’s a theory, anyway.

  3. BubbaRich says:

    I gotta agree with Erick, here, since I usually don’t.

    I think it was stupid to send these e-mails via an account subject to public information requests. I think it’s stupid to act as if they are unusual or reflect on her unfitness for job performance.

    I also think it’s evil like Bush, Cheney, and Palin have done to hide public e-mails by using private accounts, but that’s a different subject.

  4. Go Fish says:

    Dash, you are right on target. Gena called Belcher right after she did an on-camera interview with Dale Russell in which he ripped her to shreds. She called Belcher and the AJC reporter to try and soften the blow and put her own spin of “being a victim of a vast right wing conspiracy”. She wants to blame the highway contractors for her demise because she is “shaking up the good old boy system”. Yeah, right! Just once, I’d love to see Gena step up to the plate and take responsibility for her actions. Stop blaming everybody else! Look at what a fool she had made out of Sonny and Casey. And after tonight at 6pm, they are only going to look like bigger fools!

  5. Belcher’s not an idiot. He may have been used by George Anderson, but not unwittingly. Plain and simple, Belcher knew his competitor Dale Russell at WAGA had worked for weeks on a similar story (which airs tonight). Belcher put a thin version of the same story on TV in order to dampen Russell’s exclusive. The question will be: Does Russell’s story have any more heft than Belcher’s did? Coz Belcher’s story, as Erick correctly notes, was salacious but ultimately weak.

    More here:

  6. fishtail says:

    Another story on Gena coming out either tonight or tomorrow. Involving her former boyfriend who stole some money and she knew about it but kept mum. At least that’s what some of her road builder enemies are touting.

  7. fishtail says:

    As Erick already knows, Gena Evans is being targeted by the road contractors and their camp followers. By not laying off DOT employees, she covers that expense by not awarding any new road projects. This is putting a real economic hurt on the road builders and they are pretty upset with Gena Evans and Sonny Perdue. So they do what they feel is necessary for them to survive, namely get rid of Gena Evans.

  8. Go Fish says:

    Well, Well, Well. I wonder how Sonny and Casey feel this morning after seeing the first segment of Dale Russell’s report? I wonder how it feels for the two highest elected officials in the state to have been made a fool of by the “maverick” PhD from south Alabama. Apparently this woman has never made the Buckhead bar scene. I guess too many 14 hour work days. So when she gets that lonely urge, she simply pulls out the company phone directory and starts dialing for a new man.
    And Richard Belcher … you thought this story was just about a few dirty emails. Nope, that was only the tip of the iceberg. Doing co-workers,hiring boyfriends, covering up misconduct for boyfriends, lying on camera, and more follies to come Wednesday. This ain’t about the highway contractors trying to get Gena. It ain’t about upsetting the “good ole boy” system. Its about the self inflicted wounds of one woman, who has done just about anything and anybody to get where she is. And in the process, made her defenders look like complete fools.

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