Scandal Brewing with Gena Evans? [UPDATED: It’s Brewed]

From the tipline comes this:

Supposedly ethics gadfly George Anderson of Rome has Freedom of Information requested all of Evans e-mails from her govt. account and Channel 5 is set to do an investigative story this week.

The tipster says the contents are rather embarrassing and of a personal nature. Likewise, the tipster says he would not be surprised to see a resignation coming.

We’ll see.

UPDATE: Funny there is not mention of this in the AJC considering WSB is so closely connected to them.

Here is the WSB report. The emails were explicit. She used her work computer to trade emails with her boyfriend.

Man there are some people who are out to get this woman. Why is that? Could it be that Evans is slaughtering so many sacred cows that the people who hate the status quo are out for revenge?

Seriously, whether you like Sarah Palin or not, there is an analogy here. The Republican status quo standard bearers in Alaska have leaked more information about Palin to put her in a negative light than any single Democrat. They want revenge. Why? Because she legitimately blew up the good old boy network in Alaska and helped send a number of them off to the slammer.

I don’t think we’re going to see Gena Evans resign over this. I think we’re going to see her clean house.


  1. Icarus says:

    Another Atlanta station, WSB, If I remember correctly, had the story and an interview with Dr. Evans earlier in the week. The worst part about it was having to sit through a reporter reading intimate exchanges between a Phd and her IT boyfriend. Awkward. Geek dating should never be exposed to the public.

    With FOIA requests looking into Dr. Evans past from several years back, and digging up more trash from her personal life, I can only conclude that a certain somebody under the gold dome is still a sore, sore loser.

  2. Will Hinton says:

    Erick: You still really have to question Gena Evans’ judgment. She knows that she is a target yet uses her work email for personal use. That is just flat out dumb, even if she hasn’t technically done anything wrong.

  3. Bill Simon says:


    “FOIA” is a request that applies only to federal departments and organizations.

    Anderson used Georgia Open Records Act law.

    FOIA wouldn’t apply to Georgia government.

  4. Rick Day says:

    I was at a press conference last week when ethics charges were filed against Judge Bedford for his in court shenanigans of fining people for ‘contempt’ and forcing them to pay his personal ‘charitable contributions’ instead of to the Treasure of Fulton County, as well as discussing cases (Five Points Murder, Piedmont Conservatory SLAPP suit, etc) in the public before ruling, viloting judicial canon.

    George Anderson, of course, was the litigant in the complaint.

    This guy Anderson is…interesting. His fire is fueled by a mix of media limelight and fervent supporter of ethical government.

    What do you all think of him?

  5. OleDirtyBarrister says:

    I never knew “BM” stood for anything salacious, I always knew it for its more mundane meaning.

    Random thoughts:

    1. Despite her statement in the interview that she is not going to have a separate e-mail account for personal matters, I’d bet $100 that she has an anonymous private email from a free provider. Anyone want to take the wager?

    2. One can never underestimate the stupidity of people and e-mail. The e-mail belongs to the employer, not the employee user.

    3. Do Mike Evans and the Ashby fellow know one another? have they ever compared notes?

    As to George Anderson, I always remember Terry Coleman’s comments in response to the number of complaints that Anderson has filed, including against him “I guess everyone has to have a hobby.”

    He seems to get under the skin of Earl Erheart pretty well, which makes me chuckle. (Where is old Earl now that his boyhood friend and childhood idol and CEO of the Facility Group pled guilty?)

    I would say that in the final analysis, a lot of people with a vendetta see Anderson as a useful idiot and provide tips and perhaps funds to assist him in filing ethics complaints and giving their adversaries hell.

  6. Chris says:

    requested all of Evans e-mails from her govt. account

    Is it really that easy? Can I go that to my state legislator? Governor? Sheppie?

    I’m sure if I cast my net wide enough, I’ll catch some fish.

  7. Dave Bearse says:

    Infrequent personal e-mails using a business/government account ought not to be a big deal (so long as in the case of government accounts they are not campaign related.)

    GDOT Board Member Emory McClinton got spanked a few years ago for using a GDOT-computer for personal business, so Evans is at minimum in for a similar dose of medicine.

    2007 e-mails betweeen between Gina and Mike Evans if there are any will get close scrutiny, given Gina’s explanation this past Spring that their personal relationship was only a few months old.

  8. Dantes says:

    A single woman writes some explicit emails to her boyfriend. So what.

    The DOT board refuses to cut any staff from that bloated pork corpse of a bureacracy and tells the legislature they want to cut road funding. That’s the crime here.

    We should abolish the current board and appoint a temporary board whose sole mission it is to clean house and reorganize. These guys just don’t get it.

    Gena Evans is apparently doing something right if now they’re trying to embarrass her with non issues.

  9. Elmer Gantry says:

    So much to say here, but I’ll try to keep it limited.

    Comparing Gena Abrham Evans to Sarah Palin is a little ridiculous. I will buy that she might be trying to shake things up at GDOT, but she’s consistently made terrible choices in how to go about it, and has routinely put herself into positions where she’s had to deal with things other than the task at hand (so noted that this latest distraction was from several years ago).

    What this is has more to do with inside baseball than just the surface ‘someone doesn’t want her there’. That’s a given. What’s really going on likely has more to do with the deals cut to keep her in place for now. Someone’s clearly trying to undermine the Governor and blow his deal apart (which may be a good idea).

    While the emails were an incredible lapse in judgement, her more problematic decisions have been those that reveal a void of real leadership (like continuing to refer to YOUR department as ‘them’). Way to build support for change, Gena.

  10. Seems this type of lunacy isn’t unique to my opponent The local media doesn’t seem to think it is relevant to the credibility of the office holder. In fact, the local rag went so far as to attempt to discredit the enormous amount of documentation I provided. As I write this, the Telegraph maintains my opponent has repaid the excessive expenditures, when in fact, he has not paid back one cent.

    The bottom line is that arrogance in government knows no Party label. Whatever happened to common sense?

  11. Progressive Dem says:

    More politics of personal destruction. This stuff has nothing to do with her capability to manage DOT.

  12. Tea Party says:

    Seems to me the GDOT has a culture of sexuality. First Garland Pinholster, a great Coach, grocer, and all around neat guy, and now Gena. Tossed under the GDOT steamroller, like 18 tons of asphalt.

    What do they do over there, anyway?

    If salacious emails are the worst folks that are in jeopardy of losing their $100MM GDOT contracts can come up with, I think Gena will be just fine.

    What a crock, really, yet I-Team is on it. Quo bouno, quo bouno?

  13. Icarus says:

    “Seems to me the GDOT has a culture of sexuality.”

    After what they routinely do to me as a taxpayer, I’m just glad to know there’s some girl on guy action going on, as well.

  14. Tea Party says:

    You’re a funny guy, Icarus. I mean, ‘ha-ha funny’, big time.

    In they are choosing man-on-man action. I see a Chambers win, too.

  15. Billy Bob Six-pack says:

    Where the heck is House Speaker Glenn “Romeo” Richardson in this triangle? Or more accurately quadrangle?….septangle?…..octangle?? He may be the only adult male left in state govt. who hasn’t already done–or been done by–Gena Abraham Evans, if he hasn’t already. But if Bill Shipp is only 10% correct in his reporting about Ga.’s esteemed speaker, Mike Evans, et al, have been getting sloppy seconds since the get-go.

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