Worst Campaign Of 2008 Nominations Now Open

Already nominated here:

1)  Saxby Chambliss, general election

2) McCain-Palin, Presidential

For your consideration:

3)  Dale Cardwell, U.S. Senate Primary – Seriously, dude, you had the much repressed populist in me pulling for you until you climbed up that smokestack.

4)  Barry Flemming, 10th Congressional Primary – Did the Whitehead Campaign teach you nothing about listening to a few power brokers in Atlanta about how to handle that district?

5)  Keith Gross, Emperor of the World – Never, ever challenge the public to do a simple open records search if you have a public record.  And dude, try at least living in the State that you want to be elected in.

6)  Fred Thompson, Republican Presidential Primary.  I’d write more about this, but I had to take two naps while typing just thinking about his performance.  So, so disappointing.

7)  Bob Barr for President.  Seriously, you took the energy, fundraising, and approximate 5% polling numbers from Ron Paul, and turned it into what?  I need another nap.  (Don’t take it personally Jason, you’re doing the best with what you have to work with.)

I know I’m forgetting a few, consider the nominations open.

UPDATED TO INCLUDE:  8.  Hillary Clinton – Standard bearer, Clinton Dynasty.  I guess I forgot to include her because I’m still not sure her campaign is really over.   Those Clinton’s are Voldemort.   She lost this one big time, but she’ll be back.


  1. Progressive Dem says:

    Deborah Honeycutt – 13th Congressional

    Raises a million dollars again, but spends it on consultants and fundraisers instead of marketing. If she did this with other people’s money, imagine what she could do with tax dollars.

  2. Icarus says:

    Hillary. By a longshot. She should be in the list above. My bad.

    She actually had a real lead and was the presumptive nominee until we actually started voting.

    Rudy just had a slight plurality as the moderate in a field of dull right wingers.

  3. Progressive Dem says:

    Oh, it has to go to Rudi for selecting the worst possible strategy – put all his eggs in Florida and count on the New York transplants. he also spent a gazillion dollars and got nothing. The hubris was unmatched in modern politics. Can you say failure to launch? He should replace Dole as a Viagra salesman.

    Unlike Rudi, Hillary ran a viable campaign and it lasted into the summer unlike Rudi who could barely get it up.

  4. Tinkerhell says:

    I’ll go with Thompson – IMHO he was the best of the bunch as far as his platform & political views but he had the worst showmanship and charisma of em all. Such potential and such a disappointment all rolled into one.


    (great topic btw Icarus, really tough considering how bad some many runs were this year.)

  5. rightofcenter says:

    I would vote Saxby as the absolute worst of the year.

    I disagree with McCain/Palin. Considering the unparalleled landscape they have had to deal with, I think they have done remarkably well.

  6. Icarus says:

    Credit for the thread goes to Truthteller, Tinkerhell. He suggested it in the Saxby thread, seemed worthy of its own discusstion instead of getting in the way of shooting the wounded in Saxby’s camp.

    (Is it O.K. to use the term “Shooting the wounded” since the GA Gang isn’t on the air anymore?)

  7. Considering the amount of money he raised, Ron Paul should be on this list. His campaign was managed by nothing but a couple of hacks who obviously had no idea to utilize the grassroots momentum they mustered.

  8. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Palin was by far the worst VP pick in history.

    McCain had to betray himself to get the nomination.

    What is worse is that people fell for it.

    That still does not make it the worse campaign of ’08.

    I want to nominate Josh Lanier, Bill Gillespie, Jeff Scott, Steven Camp, Bud Gammon or Bobby Saxon.

    Although, if you do not have a campaign it can not be the worse campaign.

    I choose Karen Handel’s campaign against Jim Powell.

  9. Doug Deal says:


    If Palin wasn’t the pick and it was someone like Saxby or some other RINO, McCain would be 20 points down.

    You liberals love to create your own fantasy world about the “truth”. Palin is extremely popular and has a lot to offer whether or not you hate her.

    As for the worst campaign, I would say Obama. He has spent 600 million dollars, has hurricane force winds at his back propelling any Democrat into office, a favaorable press (to put it mildly), an insanely devoted core group of supporters, he had the greatest luck at being handed an economic crisis while he was sagging in the polls, and is running against one of the worst candidates in history, a complete and utter nincompoop. Yet, he may still lose on Tuesday, and very likely will only win by a handful of percentage points.

    Adding to that, his campaign has elevated him to a point that he can only fail as President. When you make unfulfillable promisses to people, they tend to blame you when you don’t fulfill them. His first campaign decision was to run now and not in 2012 or 2016 as a more defined candidate with more legitimacy.

    His only route to the Presidency was to have give him the role of Messiah. A role that generally ends badly for the one who takes it.
    I would say that his chances of a lasting legacy better than Jimmie Carter is 0.

  10. cheapseats says:

    McCain-Palin: coulda been well ahead with moderate Dems like my wife and me but chose to board the Limbaugh/Hannity/Ingram Crazy Train. Seriously, he was gonna get almost every Republican even if they were all holding their noses and he coulda gotten at least 1/3 of the Dems.

    It hurts me to even watch him or listen to him speak these days – oh! how the mighty have fallen!

  11. slyram says:

    The RNC for not swiftboating Jim Marshall on the “Coattails of Obama but not endorsing Obama” issue. Goddard must be to classy for that but Karl Rove should have been swiftboating up and down the Ocmuglee.

    Ronald: you know you are wrong for that Lee Ferrell comment; he means well. When Saxby won his first Senate race, Ralph Reed was smart enough not be run anyone against Bishop; so the Bishop campaign operation was not in place and some folks blew the election off. But, that would not work this year.

  12. GAR says:

    Rand Knight. Please, how awesome was this guy! Prancing around saying “It’s Knight Time!” Getting the netroots all abuzz and then getting what like 4% of his primary. This guy was hilarious and should win some award, so lets have it be worst campaign. Oh and hes still in massive debt

  13. slyram,

    After having met Mr. Ferrell, I can clearly say he has a very poor run campaign. He means well, and he’s trying his hardest. The guy just has a poorly run campaign.

    In a moderated forum with Rep. Bishop, he either agreed with Rep. Bishop half the time or was making arguments that confused the audience. When you are asked how a law is made and your response is “Poker Chips and Slush Funds” then there is very little that can be done to save your campaign.

    However, this is not the reason I cite him having a poorly run campaign. I say that because I’m not sure he actually has a campaign, and I know he has very limited resources. Mr. Ferrell seems like a good guy, and he is very interested in helping our veterans – but that does not make a good campaign.

  14. Progressive Dem says:

    “Palin is extremely popular and has a lot to offer whether or not you hate her.”

    Doug, you need to get out more. In latest poll, 59% of voters don’t believe Palin is qualified. That’s up 9 points from the beginning of the month. She is Dubya in a skirt, and nobody is buying bullsh*t this year.

    Choosing an ill prepared Veep was a crucial mistake. Appealing to the far right and embracing the tactics, logic and hyberbole of the talk radio crowd has proven to be a disaster.

    Whoever the GOP candidate that ran this year, he/she would have to distance themselves from Bush. McCain could have best accomplished that task. In 2000 he had a brand name, which appealed to a broad spectrum of conservatives, independents, Democrats, moderates and reformers. Instead of staying independent, he followed Bush and flipped on the tax cuts, torture and the Christian intolerants. He has offered voters nothing different.

  15. rugby fan says:

    “If Palin wasn’t the pick and it was someone like Saxby or some other RINO, McCain would be 20 points down.”

    As opposed to seven points down now, and with no real shot of winning?

    Doug, I don’t want to sound harsh, but look around. I think you are the only person claiming Obama isn’t going to win. In the world.

    Now you claim Sarah Palin isn’t popular, that isn’t true. Her unfavorables exceed her favorables.


    And she is a joke. She thinks the media calling her out on her bull**** threatens her First Amendment rights. Surely you will say that shows she doesn’t know what the First Amendment actually says and that is an egregious failure at explaining the Constitution. Almost on par as saying the VP runs the Senate, no?


  16. Doug Deal says:


    Unlike you and other liberals, I can read. I am not saying that Obama is not going to win. I have no idea who is going to win. Anyone who would bet their life on the fact is an idiot. But since you can only make your blustery claims with no real risk at something painful, it is easy to show your false bravado.

    If you are so absolutely certain that Obama is unbeatable, why not pledge $1,000 to a charity of Erick’s choice if he loses. If there is indeed no chance of that happening, then why not?

    You are great at regurgitation, but not so good at forming your own opinion. Why must you and your liberal buddies validate yourselves by trying to destroy this woman. Why not drag her special needs child through the gutter again, since you seem too derive so much entertainment from it.

  17. Doug Deal says:


    In restrosopect we might actually agree on one thing. When I mean voting “monolithically”, I mean for a party, not based on issues. I will agree with you that voting monolithically on particular issues without regard to party can build strength, but voting solely on the basis of party destroys your power.

    Someone I know is running as a Republican for a non political office that he used to hold as a Democrat. He is fairly popular with blacks in the community, but because he switched parties, the people who used to stand with him for a group campaign picture (who are not Democrats per se) have said that they could not stand with him now because they would not hear the end of it in the black community. All because he is now a Republican.

    This is exactly the type of nonsense that trivializes the black community and reduces their political influence.

  18. rugby fan says:

    “I have no idea who is going to win.”

    But that’s just asinine at best, and insane at worst. Every single indicator and metric available says Obama will win. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, to suggest McCain could win.

    “If you are so absolutely certain that Obama is unbeatable, why not pledge $1,000 to a charity of Erick’s choice if he loses. If there is indeed no chance of that happening, then why not?”

    Sounds like a plan to me.

    $1,000 to a charity of Erick’s choice if Obama loses.

    By the way I am hardly liberal.

    I never mentioned her child (which makes me question why you said liberals can’t read).

    I only trash her because she is a hapless joke. She is almost as bad as I would be, if I were tapped to be VP.

    And that’s and odd way to prove that Sarah Palin is popular, that people are destroying her. It is just low hanging fruit with her.

  19. John Konop says:

    Rugby and Doug

    I have an idea both you guys send me a 1000 dollars. I will hold it and pay the winner for a 10% fee. And if it is a tie I will keep it to stop any fight between you guys.

  20. Doug Deal says:

    Okay, rugby, we will see if you live up to it, and you would win my undying respect if you actually do live up to it.

    Erick should start a thread for election predictions and you can put your confidence on display.

    The Dems will win a number of seats in the House and Senate, that is easy to predict because there are so many that you can count a lot of 1/2 wins and 1/4 wins and 1/8th wins and you pretty much get a continuous band of probabilities.

    The President is a single race with really only 6-8 states in any kind of doubt. One good night for one of them, or overblown expectations by pollsters on predicted turnout, and one or the other can very well sweep them all. Reagan was down by 2 to carter a few days out, he won by 10. Many polls had Kerry up by 2, he lost by a little over 2. Bush was up to 13 points ahead (I believe it was the voter.com poll, most had him up 5) in 2000, he lost (yet still won) by 0.5.

    If there was even a median amount of error in the final polls, the final margin could very easily be 5 points off of the final result. An exceptional differences (like in Reagan’s case) could be up to 12. only the Pew poll has that kind of differential.

  21. Doug Deal says:


    I am not the one who is saying the outcome is a prophecy from Johova himself. I would say at this point it is probably a 20-80 probability for McCain, which is not unrealistic for him to win, particularly with Obama taking victory laps 4 days before the election.

  22. rugby fan says:

    Sure I’ll do that.

    But the problem with your theory is that no one has overcome the gaps in the polls McCain has (or had to face the absolutely inhospitable climate for their own party).

    “particularly with Obama taking victory laps 4 days before the election.”

    But is that the case? He is going on the offensive in more states, paid for a 30 minute commercial, &c. &c.

    If he were taking a victory lap, then he would likely be scaling back and cruising into the finish line.

    Instead, he is ramping up his efforts and investing more and more into states that *could* go his way.

  23. slyram says:

    Ron: yes, I listen to him at a forum in Worth Co. and I think he has some service connected issues. But, you are right; he had the heart to give it a shot.

  24. rugby fan says:


    Just wondering what you say to conservatives who realize that Palin is an awful candidate.

    The remarks took place during an interview on National Public Radio that was, ironically, billed as “making the case” for a McCain presidency. Asked by the host whether Palin could step in during a time of crisis, Eagleburger reverted to sarcasm before leveling the harsh blow.

    “It is a very good question,” he said, pausing a few seconds, then adding with a chuckle: “I’m being facetious here. Look, of course not.”

  25. Doug Deal says:

    If you think the opinion of Eagleburger or any Bushie is going to impress me, good luck. The Bush family and thier cronies are what destoryed a good part of the Republican party.

    I don’t base my opion on what celebrities tell me to think. People like Eagleburger say what they think is popular to say within their clique and act like it has any value beyond that. The same can be said for phonies like Peggy Noonan and large number of others.

    The problems with our country are not here because of people like Palin, they are here because people like Obama, McCain, Biden, Eagleburger, Pelosi, Lott, Boehner, Reed, Blount, and Kennedy.

  26. Doug Deal says:

    It’s not in Georgia, but I would add Elizabeth Dole. Probably the single most incompetent person to every serve in government, and that is truly saying a lot.

    The Democrats may be doing the GOP a very big favor by kicking her out. At least there is then no chance of her ever being the head of the NRSC.

  27. John Konop says:

    I wonder which President will be worse Bush 2 or Carter?

    That is a tough question.

    Foreign Policy

    Carter Iran vs Bush Iraq


    Carter wheat embargo with Russia vs Bush out of control spending

    Carter high interest rate economy vs Bush Credit swap debt driven economy


    All talk and still on foreign oil


    From needing help to the failed No Child Left Behind

    Immigration and trade

    More of the same on steroids

  28. albert says:

    Lee Ferrell should never have paid a filing fee and run under the Republican label. He’s not a Republican, but a member of some fringe group. However, this is America and his filing fee was gleefully accepted by the Board of Elections and the Republican Party. He will get 1/2 percent of the vote.

    Among the worst campaigns on the local level is a fellow by the name of Joe Allen http://www.bibbcommish.com. This guy is weird. His website says it all.

  29. Andre Walker says:

    I’d like to nominate Democrat Cecillia Hailey for the worst state House primary campaign.

    During the primary, Hailey threatened legal action against her Democratic opponent Chris Huttman after Huttman set up a web page detailing Hailey’s long and sordid history with the law.

    The highlight of Hailey’s failed campaign was when she claimed that she had been endorsed by the Chamblee High School PTSA. In reality, she had not received that endorsement and was promptly embarassed when Ruth Primm, Area Vice President for the Chamblee Cluster of Dekalb County, released a statement saying that the PTSA never endorses candidates for political office.

    Here are just a few of Cecillia Hailey’s more memorable quotes from the campaign trail:

    We are familiar with Jill Chambers and her negative antics. Chris Huttman is no better. All Chris Huttman needs is to put on a red dress and you won’t know him from Jill or any other Republican. Real Yellow Dog Democrats don’t smear each other. Chris Huttman is acting like a scorned woman.“;

    Chris Huttman supports an agenda that is against the traditional family.“; and finally,

    Chris, you need to update your hacking software or use your money more wisely on some personal grooming.

    For all these reasons and many more, Cecillia Hailey deserves the award for worst state House primary campaign of 2008.

  30. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Doug, I guess you just don’t get it.

    Yes I am a liberal and proud of it. Just like the founders of this great nation, I believe in limited government and civil liberties. I believe in hard work and that government should not create laws based on religion.

    I want my party back.

    The nomination of Sarah Palin as McCain’s VP was just another indication that the GOP has abandoned its foundation. The foundation that inspired the Estate Tax to prevent rich people’s brat kids (like John McCain and his wife) from buying power without working for it. It is the same foundation that keeps the government out of your personal life and your bedroom. To preach limited government and work to outlaw same sex marriage/civil unions or abortion is a complete contradiction.

    I, like many disillusioned former Republicans, want MY PARTY BACK!

    A party of principles. Were the only difference between the parties was a view of federalism.

    Do you know what that word means, Doug? Federalism?

    You obviously have something in common with the bafoons that think Palin was a good choice…or those that are running that amateur advocacy group known as the McCain campaign.

    People like you, Doug Deal, are what is wrong with the country.

    You keep egging it on instead of working to come up with solutions.

    That is why the McCain campaign is the worst presidential campaign of ’08. They merely manufactured consent…like cowards.

    On a separate note, Rand Knight was garbage. I already forgot about that schmuck

  31. drjay says:

    what about the lady who said she didn’t sleep b/c it was too close to death on her website–don’t remember her name –but she deserves some consideration–no??

  32. I want my party back.

    GC, this hasn’t been your party since Gerald Ford lost and RINOs began their slow descent into the oblivion we call 2008.

    To say you believe in “limited government and civil liberties” is a crock. We’ve all seen your big-government interventionist postings for a long time, which is why you love the Democrat party so much.

    I’m certainly no apologist for the current GOP leadership, which abandoned their conservative base some time ago in favor of “Democrat-lite” power grabs and money grubs. But don’t go claiming your either (a) a classical liberal, or (b) a conservative. You’re neither; you’re an FDR/LBJ liberal, and you’ve never met an extreme left-wing policy position you didn’t absolutely love.

    You seriously need to change your Username on here. How about “Crotchety Old Statist”?

  33. Ga Values says:

    Saxby’s Gang of 10 Traitors has helped elect OBAMA. His vote for the $700,000,000,000.00 Wall Street Bailout with an added $153,000,000,000.00 of pork was done after he got over $2,000,000.00 from LOBBYIST. Saxby worked with Pelosi, Reid, Boxer & Kennedy on the ILLEGAL AMNESTY Bill & to over ride President Bush’s Veto of the PORK filled Farm Bill. If this is what our country needs we are in deep throuble. A vote for Allen Buckley is a vote to get the USA back on the right CONSERVATIVE Track.

  34. Truthteller says:

    wow “georgia values”. your style of writing (and punctuation errors) sure looks a lot like Congressman Konop’s.

    Did you not want to use your real name because you want to run for office again?

  35. Truthteller says:

    Saxby still gets “Worst Campaign Of the Year” in my book.

    The difference is simple:

    Hillary was not running for re-election to her own seat

    Rudy G was not running for re-election to his own seat

    Keith Gross was not running for re-election to his own seat (and WHERE is his own seat?)

    Palin-McCain: she was not running for re-election to her own seat 😉

    Barry “F” not running for re-election

    Cardwell: not running for re-election

    Fred Thompson not running for re-election (and arguably not running for anything)

    However, Saxby is running for re-election to his own seat. His was a slam dunk unless the team, from the candidate on down, royally screwed up every decision.

    Saxby misunderstands his electorate on everything these days from STOPPING illegal immigration, not just ‘organizing’ it better, to the Bailout, to the prescription drug bill, to the Bailout, to the oil tax increase he supported in August during a year of gas crisis, to the Bailout.

    The worst part is that he blames the national situation rather than himself. Saxby absolves himself of responsibility for his voting record.

  36. Ga Values says:


    Don’t know the other fellow but I’d run against Johnny if I can raise $5 Million.. what are you in for.. I am a retired Conservative 63 year old native Georgian & Viet Nam Vet.

  37. Truthteller says:

    GA Values, chicken and the egg.

    Maybe you can’t raise $10,000 or 5 million because no one supports you.

    People who can’t write the English language generally have a harder time getting elected to things.

  38. shortbusgeek says:

    Icarus – just as not everyone who supported Ron Paul supports Bob Barr, not everyone who supports Bob Barr supported Ron Paul. Some of us think Ron Paul’s ideas are great, but he comes off as a whiny old little man… there’s no presidential potential there.

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