Liveblogging my advance vote

Hembree Park in Roswell. Poll worker says “at least” three hours from here. I got in line about 8:15.
Final results: About 3.5 hours, with mostly cheerful people. Lots of folks trying to avoid waiting with their kids next week, or concerned about work hours. There were 18 machines in use, and about 1100 people had voted in the first three hours at my location. One tattle-tale went to the poll workers and complained about someone who had a McCain-Palin tote bag that she was using as a purse, but keeping to herself and not ‘campaigning’. They asked her to obscure the writing on the tote, from what I could see. The guy in line in front of me passed untouched with the “Georgians for McCain” t-shirt. The poll workers were extremely reluctant to get involved, it seemed.

All in all an interesting experiment, but from now on I buy a stamp.


  1. Clayton says:

    a brief moment of joy as several hundred folks get to go inside and wait in the gym. Looks like another 30 minutes or so of cold for me.

  2. ramblinwreck says:

    That’s the price you pay for living in “the city”. I’m waiting for my 82 year old mother to arrive so we can walk in the door next to my office for her to vote. Nobody in line. Nearly one-quarter of the registered voters in the county have already voted.

  3. Clayton says:

    peach sticker sighted! Lady just came out with one and said “four hours!” – she got here at 5:30? At this point I am blogging to keep my fingers warm.

  4. ramblinwreck says:

    Clayton, just finished. Less than 5 minutes. And I stand corrected, according to election workers nearly one-third of registered voters have already voted.

  5. ramblinwreck says:

    Clayton, same here. I live on 135 acres and have no sewer, city/county water, cable TV, garbage pickup, etc. and like it that way.

  6. Clayton says:

    let me know when you want to subdivide ten percent or so of that land and we can start a compound. Icarus, I bailed yesterday.

    Now I am nice and warm but the tradeoff is that we are in the gym, which smells like, well, you know.

    This whole thing is more of an experiment for me. My wife will be voting on Tuesday so we will see the difference.

    A lot of people here are waiting now because they don’t want to wait with their kids in tow on election day.

  7. Doug Deal says:

    If they would just raise the price of voting, there would not be a shortage of terminals and the free market will correct the problem.

    Now people are just voting every chance they get out of panic.

  8. Clayton says:

    we need to integrate the Disney fast pass model into voting. Or go Oregon style.

    About half way through the line now. Everyone is in a decent mood. Not much talk of politics at all.

  9. Chris says:

    Ramblin, are your 135 acres in a Gultch?

    Water and Sewer are irrelevant, how is the Internet connection?

  10. ramblinwreck says:

    Chris, at the foot of a mountain and yes, I do have DSL. We’re the only inhabited dwelling on the west side of I-59 for about 4 miles. No neighbors and I could shoot deer from my back porch if I wanted, being careful not to hit our horses.

  11. Bill Simon says:

    “Clayton, same here. I live on 135 acres and have no sewer, city/county water, cable TV, garbage pickup, etc. and like it that way.”

    Apparently ramblin doesn’t have a mailbox, though.

  12. The Driving Buddha says:

    Having mailed in my ballot earlier this week, I drive by the cold, huddled mases standing in line to vote this morning looking for the signs, “Buddy can you spare a stamp……?”

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