1. Bill Hagan says:

    Rick Goddard is an American Hero. Congressman Marshall should have never allowed this type of video to be posted. Frankly I find Troy funny but some respect is due a man who flew 227 combat missions in Southeast Asia, was awarded the Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross.

    Rick demonstrated great respect during his campaign against Congressman Marshall, and like former Congressman Collins avoid rumor about Marshall which could have surely destroyed him, furthermore despite the fact that we have no idea how he earned his Purple Heart, I personally believe it was not one of those John Kerry awards, but it would be interesting to know the facts.

    No matter what you thing of Rick he is and American Hero. He may not have won a tough congressional race but he conduct himself as a gentleman in his first attempt at a political run.

    Jim will never be accused of being a gentleman, but at least Rick can sleep well at night knowing that he answered the call to duty and did so in an honorable fashion. The same cannot be said for Congressman Marshall.

    For the record I stayed out of this race as I am taking an extended break from active politics.

    _Bill Hagan

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