1. PyroTech says:

    Anyone have a particularly nasty race in their district? I live in Rome, and the race for state House between Katie Dempsey (R) and Bob Puckett (D) is about the nastiest I have ever seen. Dempsey barely beat Puckett last time, and this time each have huge budgets because their respective state parties have made this race a priority. This week, I have received no less than 11 mailers – 3 from the Puckett campaign yesterday. Anyone have any insight or camparison?

  2. Doug Deal says:


    No matter what Nixon did in covering up his campaign crimes, at least he didn’t convince a large majority of Americans that the New Deal was a wonderful economic model.

  3. rugby fan says:

    “No matter what Nixon did in covering up his campaign crimes, at least he didn’t convince a large majority of Americans that the New Deal was a wonderful economic model.”

    Perhaps not, but it worked. At the time it was the best option.

  4. atlantaman says:

    “Perhaps not, but it worked. At the time it was the best option.”

    It was a long, drawn-out process, which is up for debate as to whether it worked or if it was the best option. Just because America eventually came out of the Great Depression does not necessarily correlate to anything about the New Deal.

    I suppose it’s analogous to staring at a pot of water on a burner. You stare and stare at it, but it doesn’t boil, then you remember the old wives’ tale, so you turn your back to the pot. A minute later, when you turn around to look at the pot, it’s boiling, validating the old wives’ tale.

  5. Chris says:


    While Nationalizing the Banks was a major portion of the New Deal, it was not the entire thing. And I dispute that George W. Bush convinced a large majority of Americans that it was a wonderful idea. All he did was convince Congress of that, and I think its safe to say that Congress is the most un-American institution since COMITERN.

    Besides, I thought Sam was the New Deal.

  6. IndyInjun says:

    Sam IS the new deal, for sure.

    Let’s talk about Matt Yglesias’ blog piece in which he laments the defection of Reaganite Ken Duberstein, who has endorsed Obama. (To varying degrees veteran GOPers like Peggy Noonan, Chris Buckley, George Will and I are off the reservation, because we cannot stomach the GOP as presently constituted.) The party that lost by epic proportions in 2006 is now driving away its most reasoned and level headed supporters. This is nuts.

    After Tuesday the GOP will be back to levels in Congress where they were when I was about 12 years old, when they were so weak as to be jokes as opposition.

    Yglesias opines “Realistically, at some point the Republicans are going to come back into power and I’d prefer that to be a less-crazy version of the GOP. That’s going to require less-crazy people, people like Duberstein, to exert some influence and have some credibility.”

    Now the CRAZY’s are in firm control of the GOP which seems destined to become a southern brain-dead, lunatic fringe party.

    How can sane people retake this party?

    I say it cannot be done.

  7. Doug Deal says:


    I have never been of the GOP (since Reagan left, with a flirtation from 1994-2000) as much as against the Democrats.

    Anyone who claims to be a libertarian or conservative who is voting for Obama is either stupid (and I mean that without qualification) or never really held libertarian or conservative beliefs. And by conservative, I mean the only kind that is really conservative, small government conservatives.

    Sure the Republican party sucks and has been at best barely adequate for much of the time, but the alternative could be so destructive to our country that generations upon generation can be lost to a new and re-invigorated Socialism.

    To think that these people are so petty that they will turn everything they professed to believe on its ear to “teach the Republicans a lesson” is ridiculous and childish. They would throw their country away for something as immaterial as a political party.

    There are two paths to choose from this year. One is a rutty dirt road that is washed out in places, and takes a circuitous route, much of which goes backwards, the other goes directly over the nearest cliff.

    Obama and his view of economics has been thoroughly debunked with the years of suffering inflicted by the Soviets last century. Given the choice, I will take the rutty back road.

  8. IndyInjun says:

    I disagree.

    Most folks in the south do not get the total picture of the damage that the GOP has done to them and their families.

    The only way to force the issue of reform is to kill off the GOP as presently constituted. Duberstein, Will, Noonan, Buckley, and I am willing to pull the plug on the GOP’s life support.

    The dangers from Obama and the GOP as it presently exists are dead even, IMHO.

    The only way forward is to vote for Obama or a third party, kill off the GOP incumbents (Remember that Sue Everhart early own promised to kill any challenge to Chambliss.), and actively engage in taking the GOP back to its principles.

    To do otherwise means that one will CONSTANTLY be confronted with blow-ups from Saxby and Johnny honoring their lobbyist friends while trashing the interests of the public.

  9. IndyInjun says:


    It was WAYYYYYYYYYYYY back earlier in the year. Admittedly it was probably quite that blunt, but Ms. Everhart clearly stated that a priority was to get Saxby re-elected.

    Mind you this was after enough transgressions to make any real conservative blanche at supporting Chambliss.

    Reformers and folks true to the principles of the Republican Party are discouraged from even running.

    Then AFTER thwarting all chances at getting back to principles that I can vote for, they tell me I have no choice but to vote for McCain and Saxby.

    The GOP is rotten to its core.

    I am beginning to regret not voting for Obama.

  10. Chris says:

    I agree that the “protect out incumbents from primary challenges” mentality is a _major_ problem in the GOP. The state party didn’t even recognize Ray “The South Will Rise again to put down the Darkies” McBerry’s primary challenge to Sorry Perdue (DR-Bonnaire).

    The problem conservatives (using Doug’s definition) have had is that a third of the GOP wants less government, the other 2/3rds just want to make sure Democrats get defeated, and would nominate Karl Marx so long as he could defeat a conservative Dem like Marshall.

  11. IndyInjun says:

    And the 1/3 wanting less government can no longer stomach the 2/3.

    The entire side wall of the ‘big tent’ is gone.

    I have put GOPers I know on notice that they can no longer expect my support if they run under that label.

    After this wipe out, if I become the cynical “get on the political gravy train” type of person left in the GOP, I will start contributing to the Dem who will get me the most, instead of supporting thieves who are stealing from me.

    The thieves are gonna be so far removed from power that they will sell their votes……..ooops, that is Saxby’s game……….so if one wants to have any influence, they should go over to the Dems.

    The GOP has no principles, so why keep expecting them to change?

  12. Eff The Dems says:

    “I will start contributing to the Dem who will get me the most, instead of supporting thieves who are stealing from me.”

    Riiiiiight….and Dems won’t steal from you? Riiiiight…..

  13. IndyInjun says:

    The point is that the GOP is going to be hopelessly out of power, so supporting them will be a losing experience.

    The Dems in all of their years in power have not done near the damage as the GOP has.

    I have supported the GOP since the age of 12.

    Crooks in the party, like Saxby Chambliss, I won’t tolerate.

  14. Eff The Dems says:

    There’s a key difference between Dems and Repubs: Dems are born rotten and raised rotten. In their mind, what’s yours is theirs.

    Repubs have several rotten apples in the barrel, but those can be cleaned-out. In their mind, what’s yours is yours.

  15. IndyInjun says:

    The Republicans leave the rotten apples in the barrell and spoil the whole bunch. One looks at Jim DeMint and Mark Sanford and wonder’s why the SC apples are bright, shining, and deliciously promising, while Georgia’s GOPers are as savory as Harbin’s driving arrest picture.

    F’dadems – I agree. The rotten Saxby is stealing my money.

    That is why I am furious.

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