Jim Martin’s New Ad.

Or is that Barack Obama’s new ad. It’s paid for by Martin.

You can listen here.

The source who sent it writes the following:

Sources at the DSCC are worried Martin and the DPG did not reach out to African-Americans enough and are worried that even in the early vote there could be a drop off as they may not know who Jim Martin is or why they should vote for him (and the normal African-American dropoff rate)…

The DSCC involved having one top staffer from Mark Warner’s campaign start to help the DPG and Martin campaign the past few weeks…once it got interesting in GA, national didn’t like what they saw on the ground.


  1. SavannahDem says:

    Martin ads were 2:1 over Chambless ads last night in Savannah (WSAV and WTOC). That includes DSCC, RSCC, 527’s, etc.

    There were two commercial breaks during Jeopardy! that were only US Senate ads. Lots of $ in this race.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    I live in Macon, and I just noticed that the Saxby signs are everywhere and I could not even tell you what a martin sign looks like.

    Until now, I never thought to look until now, but it looks like the Martin sign placement could be doing a little better here.

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