Goodness Gracious

I just stood in line forever to vote.

I got in line at 9:30 a.m. and had voted at 12:10 p.m. Good Lord.

Can we go to the Oregon model? Clayton is on the phone with me right now venting about the 3.5 hour wait in North Fulton.


  1. NorthGeorgiaGirl says:

    I am hoping there will be long, long lines on election day, resulting in the following conversation among the voters democrats are counting on:

    “What? A 4 hour wait? Barack has it in the bag, so I’m going home to get my blow torch for the victory celebration.”

  2. Icarus says:

    “Clayton is on the phone with me right now venting about the 3.5 hour wait in North Fulton.”

    …and you guys spent how long in line for your iPhone?

  3. Doug Deal says:

    We voted at the same place, Erick, but it only took me 5 minutes. But of course I went the first week.

    Perhaps if they instead just had voting on one day, they could afford to do something like open 41 of these polling locations all around the county so there would be less waiting. Not sure what day would be optimal for that, but I vote for a Tuesday.


    Maybe a Dallas Cowboy could vote for him. I hear they are voting for people all around the country.

  4. odinseye2k says:

    So, does this also mean that Erick is probably homeless, retired, or a student with all of that time on his hands?

  5. Vic says:

    It could have been worse if you had to wait in Atlanta Gasoline Lines for 3.5 hours.

    Thanks Saxby:

    “Exxon earned $14.83 Billion for the Quarter, up a whopping 58 percent from the third quarter of 2007.

    Revenue was up $137.7 billion, up from $102.34 billion in the year-ago period.

    The oil giant, based in Irving, Texas, was buoyed in the last two quarters by record-high gasoline prices,”

  6. umustbekidding says:

    $4 ? It’s down to 2 something.

    Anyhow, I voted last week. I took about 10 min. in Gainesville.

  7. Vic says:

    Gas prices, like your memory, always go down right before an election, only to go up right after an election…

    But don’t worry, you’ll make it up on your credit card balance forgiveness. Courtesy of more borrowing from China, Japan and Middle Eastern Countries.

    Those monopolies get mighty demanding once they blow the money that you concentrate in their hands and then let them drink from the endless taxpayer well:

    “Big banks have formed an unusual alliance with consumer advocates to urge the government to allow huge portions of credit card debt to be forgiven, a turnabout from recent years when the banking industry lobbied strenuously to make it harder for consumers to erase their credit card debts in bankruptcy.”

  8. JohnnyS says:

    Can’t anyone vote absentee by paper ballot?

    I thought that’s what you were supposed to do if you didn’t have a proper photo id.

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