Band of Brothers is Not So Much

Interesting write up about the Democratic effort to run anti-war veterans for office.

In Georgia, at least four of the 2008 “Band of Brothers” (Bobby Saxon, Bill Gillespie, Bill Jones, and Doug Heckman) are running uphill battles against Republican incumbents (Broun, Kingston, Price and Linder, respectively).  If any one of them (especially Saxon) received the type of national party support that the GOP is giving to veteran Rick Goddard to oust Democratic Party Congressman Jim Marshall, these districts could become competitive.  After all, Saxon’s opponent won a bitter primary, and those wounds may not have healed.  And the other incumbents may have their eye on future races in 2010, which means a good showing for Gillespie, Jones and Heckman may make them front-runners in open seat races next time around.  But alas, Georgia’s 2008 “Band of Brothers” is quickly becoming the “Band of Others” that characterized the 2006 election.


  1. DTK says:

    “After all, Saxon’s opponent won a bitter primary, and those wounds may not have healed.”

    Is it really that much of a “bitter primary” when the opponent only gets 29 percent of the vote?

    As much of a goober as Broun is, his district is safe.

  2. Goldwater Conservative says:

    This guy (The author of the article) is smoking crack if he sees any potential in Saxon or Gillespie.

    They say hindsight is 20/20, well…it was clear by the end of qualification that Jones and Heckman were the only two with the potential to be productive elected officials or even be viable candidates.

    None of these guys will win, in all liklihood. Saxon and Gillespie are ignorant garbage running in highly conservative districts with popular incumbents.

    Jones and Heckman, in my opinion, are just in the wrong districts.

    I am voting for Jones. I can’t stand Tom Price and met Bill at the qualification press conference. His commercials are really good as well, but the 6th (again, in my opinion) votes (R). It does not matter how qualified a Democratic candidate is in the 6 or 7th…they can not get elected.

    We will see though. The Jones campaign has spent hundreds-of-thousands of dollars advertising that he is a veteran, a successful small businessman, a local “people’s” man, etc. I have not seen a single ad for Tom Price and none of my neighbors know who he is.

    So…we only have one test case this year. None of the other democratic campaign have worked hard enough to get a significant number of commercials on the air and we have to look to the 6th to determine if it is possible to defeat any of the incumbent Republicans in Georgia.

    On a separate note, if this is the garbage coming out of LaGrange…do not send your children there to major in Political Science.

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