What Do Rick Goddard and Bigfoot Have in Common?

The intrepid Troy Windham has taken some time to relax with his friend Alex and play some pool. Rick Goddard is of course a topic of discussion. But so is Bigfoot. I guess they’re both running around rural Georgia trying not to get caught. (Does anyone know if Rick got a cell phone that covers Hawkinsville yet?)

So, check it out!


  1. slyram says:

    You fellows better hope the next seven days roll around before the national Black media and talk radio realize that Congressman Marshall never supported Obama/Biden.

    If you want to look for something, look for a picture of Marshall and Obama. Tom Joyner, Steve Harvey or Michael Baisden could separate Marshall from Black votes in one hour.

    Really, Anita Ponder could do it if she wanted.

  2. Let’s talk about Marshall ad “change”, I still have yet to find a way I can “change” things by electing the same person who has been in office for six years.

    Oh, I get it. he’s using “change” to see like Obama and ride coattails. I get it.

    Also, the intrepid Troy Windham should note that Hogzilla is not Hozilla. By God, get that boy a spell checking computer!

  3. Eureka says:

    Bobby, I like how the only time you use your front page posting is to post videos that malign rick goddard?

    Marhsall hasn’t done anything for the people of the 8th district, it’s time for him to go..

  4. slyram says:

    Ronald, you are wrong; there will be change. When the urban Dems and the Congressional Black Caucus get this election done (in exactly seven days) they are going to treat Congressman Marshall like the plague. Most of the other Blue Dogs came to Denver reluctantly—it was the honorable thing to do for the team.

    You know I was in D.C. and working on the Hill when the Redskins drafted Shuler out of UT. He never showed as much heart on the gridiron as he showed going to the DNC convention.

    I will give it to Congressman Marshall; he is his own man. But, sometimes you simple must go. We know the reasons he is not with Obama: the Dem team not conservative enough and he did not want to alienate his conservative supporters. But, he can assume that Blacks do not deserve the same consideration. And yes, the people in Macon love their pork and he left the city in great shape but what about the rest of the district.

    “Marshall dissed Obama” is the main topic in my blog Project Logic Ga and but few people actually read it. And what about Senator Hillary Clinton’s supporters. She could have used the endorsement at the right time.

    Come on Herman Cain, blast this thing and hook Goddard up. (Then we can get Mayor Reichert in congress in the future–a real Dem)

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