Saxby Back Up

In Mason-Dixon’s polling.

Saxby Chambliss has regained a lead – even if a slim one – in Georgia’s U.S. Senate race, according to the latest statewide poll.

In a Mason-Dixon survey for NBC News released Sunday, Republican incumbent Chambliss had 45 percent, and Democratic challenger Jim Martin had 39 percent. Libertarian Allen Buckley had 5 percent, and the remaining 11 percent were undecided. The margin of error for the poll of 625 likely voters was 3.9 percent.

Mason-Dixon is one of the best polling firms in the country. Saxby should not view this as good news.

His campaign will probably chronicled as the worst Senate campaign this year. Charlie Harman and Tom Perdue will both have a lot to answer for if Saxby wins.


  1. Any demographic break downs for Mason Dixon? Aren’t they generally fairly conservative when it comes to this stuff? A year like the one we’re currently in could certainly throw some of that stuff off track a bit.

    I’d also be worried if I was Saxby if I was at 45 approval and 45 vote. That could signal a lot of people that can’t tell a pollster that they’re for Jim Martin right now but once they get in the voting booth and the choice is more immediate…

  2. odinseye2k says:

    It looks to me like Saxby is doing a decent job at keeping Martin from being the alternative, but he ain’t selling too many people on himself.

    Even with a 50-50 split of the undecideds, that’s a pretty nail-biting number for the Chambliss.

  3. slyram says:

    Saxby will be just fine; the GOP base is mad but they are not that mad. You know if someone asks Vernon Jones if he voted for Martin, a nice percentage of Jones’ supporters might say “none of the above.” And no one is pointing out that Martin did not vote for Obama in the primary.

    I still don’t understand why Jim Marshall gets all those Obama supporters vote when he never supported Obama. He needs to get off Obama’s coattails. Forget about swift boats, get 30 college students to stand outside the Marshall campaign office saying, “Coattails…Coattails…Coattails.” If the T.V. news picked up the story, Marshall would be done.

    Ask Jim Marshall to produce one picture with Obama. When the Obama/Biden team rallies in Georgia, no Jim Marshall.

  4. Game Fan says:

    How about “African American Obama supporters for change, and Saxby too”. You could do a domain check to see if it’s still available.

  5. shortbusgeek says:

    I agree with liberator… my vote is going to Allen Buckley. Saxby totally lost the last inkling of support he might have gotten from me with his approval of the bailout.

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