Peach Pundit Fantasy Update

No, not about the Macon Spas.

And No, We didn’t get Andre V. Decaturguy on Pay-Per-View.

Just an update on Peach Pundit’s Fantasy league and Pick’em games.  (or as Taft Republican calls it, “That sports crap”.)

OBAMA LOSES!  Sorry Buzz, but I’m pretty sure this is the only place I’ll ever be able to write this.  If I can write it again next week, it will probably will be because we have a potential playoff preview coming up between the still first place Obama The Savior team and LoyaltyIsMyHonor’s forth place Smyrna White Trash.  Trevor SOutherland’s Georgia Hope remains in second place, and my precious third place Melted Wings Part II have returned to early season form with a 70 point margin of victory this week over Demonbeck’s Al Smith’s Rabbi

Two other teams on the outside of the playoff bubble but still within striking distance won this week, Doug Deal’s What’s The Deal? beat Dr.Jay’s Mad Molars, and JimDawg0524’s LCDawgs beat Buzz Brockway’s previously unbeaten Obama The Savior.  Still in contention but on a 2 game losing streak, Slobberknockers (who lost to JRM2016’s Fountain City Rage) appears to have sent his entire team to the waiver wire this morning and looks to be starting over.

After a slower start than Bob Barr’s presidential campaign, Driving Buddha’s Khatmandu Sherpa’s has put together a solid three game win streak, though it almost looked like a forfeit this week from James Stratfield’s McKinney’s Rage.  The other winner this week was John Konop’s Bearcats over Chuck Efstration’s Mike Smith Era. 

The College Pick’em saw Scott B’s Fratboy Rejects make up huge ground on the group, with 17 of 20 correct picks.  The next five nearest competitors chose 12 correctly.  After a slight rebound and picking the most correctly last week, I fell of a freaking cliff and chose only 7 correctly.   Oh well, at least I have the McCain campaign…nevermind.

The cumulative standings have Les Miles’ Hat in first place with 100 points, Fratboy Rejects in second at 95 points, and Driving Buddha in third place with 93 points. 

And last, but not least (since I’m doing O.K. here) is the Pro Football Pick’em.  Driving Buddha won the week with 7 correct picks, with a lot of others at 6.  RipRock had a rough week with only 3 correct picks, dropping him from first to third place in the cumulative scores.  I took over the lead with 61 points, Driving Buddha is second with 60, Riprock is at 59, Slobberknockers is at 58, UglyDawg is at 57, Atlanta Manglers is at 53, Son of Dash is at 52, and Chatham Dog is at 50.  Flatlanders appears to have quit playing.   For those still in it, the scores are tight, and it’s anybody’s game.


  1. My loss was only part of the natural tightening that occurs as we get closer to the end of the season. I’m still ahead on points and in the end there will be an Obama landslide.

    Embrace Hope and Change now people before Obama has to put the fairness doctrine on you!

  2. Well Doug, unlike that phony Obama running around the countryside I’m only interested in fixing real problems.

    Here’s a few of the things you’ll see with an Obama The Savior PP Fantasy Football championship:

    1) The NFL’s blackout rule will be abolished.
    2) There will be a playoff system in College Football (I’ll decide the details by myself, there will be none of this “blue ribbon panel” stuff).
    3) The American League will no longer have that silly designated hitter.
    4) Aluminum bats will be outlawed.

    That should be enough hope and change for now.

  3. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    There is no hope for Obama as long as there is White Trash in Smyrna…..that’s the real ‘firebreak’

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