1. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Looks like he is wearing it to me…

    Care to bring up any other pointless observations?

  2. Jim Marshall supports the economy by raiding JC Penny’s every 2 years of all their button up shirts and jeans.

    He doesn’t need a wedding ring nor an American flag pin, he travels to Iraq – haven’t you heard?

  3. rugby fan says:

    “Here’s a better question: Why is the Dem media buyer for Marshall buying ads in Marietta?”

    Wondered that myself.

    Chrisishardcore said it is because the Atlanta media market covers a few of Marshall’s counties. I forget what the numbers are that he spouted off that that could lead to his victory.

    It was convincing.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    Or, it is simply more money for the Dem media buyer…15% of every dollar spent goes right into his/her lucky pocket.

    I wonder if any of his ads are running in Chattanooga, TN…?

  5. Marshall’s ads even stretch down into Florida’s panhandle. The 8th is a big district that runs a massive length of the state. You get a lot of spillover.

    For instance, Dooly County is not in 8th; but they pick up Macon stations and such so they get his ads. Pulaski is not in 2nd but they get some of the channels from down there so they get Bishop commercials.

    In other words, Marshall’s counties spillover into other district’s media sources and thus he has to get ads out there as well.

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