Messin’ with Martin.

Yesterday, Jim Martin and some other Democrats rolled into Lawrenceville on their “Road to Change” tour. Sadly when it comes to the tax code, Martin’s road to change leads to higher taxes and a firm defense of our current ludicrous system of taxation. This observation was not lost on supporters of the Fair Tax who showed up to greet Martin and his buddies. Here are two photos of the Fair Taxers letting Martin know how they feel.

Fair Taxers give it to Martin.

Fair Taxers give it to Martin.


  1. Tea Party says:

    Would someone kindly either anweser this question or point me in direction to find out:

    “How can a static percentage consumption tax meet the dynamic needs of Gov’t spending?”

    Or in other words, what happens when consumption is down and Federal spending is up?

  2. Government needs to do several things:

    1) Keep money in reserve to protect it’s cash flow.
    2) When revenue is down, cut spending.
    3) Consume a much smaller percentage of GDP.

    Businesses and individuals are forced to adjust their budgets when revenue fluctuates, why should government not do the same?

  3. IndyInjun says:

    Tea Party –

    The flavor of the kool aid was not important to the Jonestown crowd.

    Logic is wasted on the Fair?taxers.

  4. IndyInjun says:

    As state and local governments would have to pay this nutty 30% tax on payroll for all employees providing services, where the tax is not charged and paid on said services, would any and all state legislators endorsing the Fair?tax, please come forward and identify yourselves?

  5. Tea Party says:


    I agree with #1, but the Gov’t has a poor record of using IOU’s to raid SocSec. I don’t think #2 or #3 are practical for any gov’t.

    Gov’t does one thing well, it grows….

    I love the idea of simplifying tax code, putting the IRS out of business, etc. I just don’t see Fair Tax as workable, the way it is set up….

  6. So when can I expect a Peach Pundit front page post about the “will of the people” the next time a flash mob meets on the corner of Peachtree and 14th street in midtown? Usually they have more than 10 people show up.

  7. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    LOL…is that Judson Hill standing all the way in the back with the black jacket holding the Saxby sign? Such a tool.

  8. Goldwater Conservative says:

    I keep thinking about this “deficit reduction” stuff I hear.

    There are a few of things:

    1) Repeal the Bush Tax “cuts”
    2) Leave Iraq
    3) Return the Soc. Sec. tax to its previous ceiling of $250k
    4) Cut spending
    5) Pay off the debt
    6) Only a suggestion, 2% national sales tax or a national lottery

    The “Fair Tax” is garbage. The only people that really support it anymore do not know what they are talking about. It will raise the deficit and costs of everything we buy.

    If “trickle down” economics have taught us anything…companies will pass costs onto consumers, but not savings.

  9. Jmac says:

    Can we get back to the real coverage of the campaign? Things like Martin and Musgrove shooting their videos at the same location.

  10. StevePerkins says:


    Oh, wait…

  11. I still fail to understand why the Dems keep running the commercials. All they have accomplished is firing Boortz up for Saxby. Martin isn’t really attacking Saxby on the Fairtax and even when he does the commercial is purely distorting the facts to a degree that it only inflames rabid supporters.

  12. MrCoffee says:

    Holy cow… is there a person among that group tipping the scales at under 300 lbs?!?

    I assume that groceries are exempt under the FairTax proposal? Otherwise, I’m pretty sure that a “consumption tax” model would raise their taxes rather than cut them.

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