1. Game Fan says:

    When Ron Paul had his press conference with some of the third party candidates, Bob Barr was too important apparently to associate with the other candidates. This included Chuck Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader. But most importantly this was an insult to Ron Paul. It’s the only time I’m aware of where RP got visibly angry. Barr’s numbers would be a lot higher if he had attended.

  2. Game Fan says:

    Before the “snub” he was probably ahead of Chuck Baldwin among RP supporters who hadn’t jumped aboard with McCain (plus some for Obama I’m sure) despite some of the legislation he signed in the past. Anyway here’s a short video which explores Bob Barr’s timing in attacking the McCain Palin ticket right now.

  3. You have to wonder if Barr is truly committed to the Lib. party and this is not some stunt to get him recognition, potentially for a run for office again. Or maybe some money making scheme.

    I had hoped Barr would have been above that type of behavior, but his campaign just has been lackluster.

  4. Chris says:

    So Bob Barr says, McCain’s choice of a running mate – a sitting Governor – is unqualified.

    Tell me Mr. Barr, what elected offices has your running mate held?


  5. Skeptical says:

    Man it aggravates me to no end when I agree wholeheartedly with Bob Barr on issues like this. Dang it!

  6. joe says:

    Joe Biden–US Senate his entire adult life
    Sarah Palin–Mayor, Governor, small business woman…
    Wayne Allyn Root–Sports betting handicapper

    Good issue Barr, but you should have attacked Root first and Biden second.

  7. joe says:

    Root is running to become VP. Ergo he is a politician. What is his experience in politics again? Oh yeah, none. You would take any L over any R or D.

  8. John Konop says:



    WIKI-He is an entreprenuer, television producer, best-selling author, and professional sports handicapper, based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

    Root is Founder and Chairman of Winning Edge International Inc. Since 2000, he has hosted Wayne Allyn Root’s Winning Edge, a television show which promotes Root’s sports handicapping operation. The show aired during the 2007 season on Discovery Channel on Saturday mornings, and featured analysis by Root, former NFL and College Football coach Ron Meyer, Big Al McMordie, and Chet Coppock. It has been aired in the past on Fox Sports Net, Comcast Sports, Spike TV, and Superstation WGN.[citation needed]

    Root was also the creator, executive producer and co-host (along with HBO’s Max Kellerman) of King of Vegas on Spike TV. King of Vegas attracted over one million viewers in one episode. His TV production company “Cool Hand Root” is based in Las Vegas.[citation needed]

    Root was awarded a star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars on August 15, 2006.[3]

    Political positions

    Root supports smaller government, reduced spending, reduced entitlements, reduced bureaucracy, dramatically lower taxes, and greater personal freedom for individuals. In the area of education, he supports more parental control, more emphasis on school choice (moving education to the state and local level), and increased competition through vouchers. Root and his wife choose to home-school their children. He is also a strong supporter of gun rights for the individual. Root is a small businessman who believes the 2-party system is built on corruption, greed and bribery. He is a fiscal conservative in the mode of his heroes Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater. He is socially tolerant, believing that most social issues should be determined on the state and local level.[2]Root calls for the repeal of the income tax and favors replacing it, as well as all other sources of federal tax revenues, with a tax on each state in proportion to its population, with each state deciding for itself how to raise its share of the money. [9]

    Root holds that “the Iraq war is a disaster”. He states the answer is to “use the success of the surge to declare victory and make plans to get out of Iraq as soon as reasonably possible”.[10] He also questions Central Intelligence Agency information on Iran, would use “any diplomatic means”, including the United Nations, in order to “avoid another war”.[11]


  9. liberator says:

    I suspect nobody cares about McCain’s Speeches these days either. Let’s face it: A vote for the McCain-Palin Fiasco is clearly a wasted vote so feel free to vote for the only conservative team in the race and that would be Barr-Root.

  10. Bill Simon says:

    Bob Barr is a certified nut, Jason. I’ll take an inexperienced VP candidate like Palin (read: NOT prone to playing Washington D.C. games like Barr) over Bob Barr any day.

  11. shortbusgeek says:

    Hadn’t seen that rapper yet… nice video. I disagree with the part about Barr and Baldwin. I think anyone should be able to vote their conscience; vote for the person with whom you most agree. To do otherwise, in the rapper’s words, is to be a sellout. If you’re not voting your conscience, you’re following the belief that the two parties want you to believe… that they’re the only ones you CAN choose from. If you follow his logic about moving forward instead of backward, the LP needs every vote it can get to get ballot access in more states so it doesn’t have to gather signatures on petitions to even get on the ballot. THAT is moving forward towards a multi-party system.

  12. Bill Simon says:


    As I get to know you more and more, I realize you possess quite the pool of ignorance.

    During the 1990s, when I first became involved in Republican party politics, I was quite fine with Bob Barr as a leader.

    I thought he did a great job as a House Prosecutor in the Clinton impeachment.

    But…then…in 2002, Bob Barr became a certified kook when he decided that HE was going to be THE 7th District Congessman at any and all costs.

    THAT was the eye-opener for me with regards to the sanity (or lack thereof) of Bob Barr.

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