Who is going to the game?

Not me.

Just the mere mention of a Georgia-Florida football game is enough to rev up the passionate fan bases of both schools. This year the intensity is sure to be cranked up a couple of notches higher.

Of course, the big reason is that it comes the year after the Bulldogs’ end-zone celebration against the Gators, but the coaches are trying to put the focus elsewhere.

They prefer the attention be on other storylines surrounding the 3:30 p.m. Saturday game in Jacksonville, Fla.

I actually was invited and wanted to go. But the radio host down in Florida who invited me to go turned out to be a crook and is now jail bait. Long story there.

In any event, the second question is, for those who are going, who will remember that they went?


  1. tinsandwich says:

    I was invited to go as well and I really, really, really wanted to go. However, I already committed to speak to a youth group at a church about college, etc.
    I told my wife that we have been invited by a law firm to go to the game but I would have to back out of the church event and she told me that my car would get a flat on the way. She stated she did not want to “temp the lord”.

    Maybe next year!

  2. OleDirtyBarrister says:

    Man, did those trips produce some memorable college events and some enduring, funny stories about the old days. Road trip, women, liquor, football, tailgaiting, denim shorts on Gators fans, beaches, and the Po-lice–the things from which legends are made.

    That reminds me, I have to check in on Gatorswearjeanshorts.com this week.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    “There’s no way in hell I’d miss the game.

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Donkey…with just a lttle re-arrangment here, it would read “Go To Hell DAWGS!”

    Which is really what you meant, I know… 😉

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