What say you, Mr. Huttman?

I haven’t seen the ad, but since Chris Huttman dwells here, I thought he may like a chance to respond to this e-mail from State Rep. Jill Chambers:

The race in State House district 81 has taken a nasty turn. My opponent has stooped so low in his desperate attempt to win that he is attacking my deceased mother. While attacks on my record, my temperament, and my party are expected, to see my opponent send campaign mailers mentioning my late Mother is one of the most vile and despicable campaign stunts I have ever witnessed.

My Mother passed away from cancer earlier this year. It was a painful and debilitating disease. Unfortunately, Georgia law does not allow the full spectrum of treatment options that patients in other states may receive.

When my Mother had her first cancer operation, the hospital was so dirty that her incision became infected and the surgery wound had to be reopened. This procedure not only weaken my Mother’s health, it cost an additional $30,000 in treatment – all for the lack of approximately $25 in labor and materials to disinfect her room between patients. These scenarios are common in every hospital in Georgia.

In 2007, I introduced two pieces of legislation to help Georgia patients have access to the best care they could find – one bill would allow specialty cancer treatment centers to open in Georgia; the other bill would require all hospitals to publically disclose their infection rates. Both bills were opposed by the Hospital Association but supported by the doctors who operate in those facilities.

In January 2008, on her birthday, my Mother succumbed to cancer.

Now, in October 2008, my political opponent has attacked me. Why? Because I want other cancer patients in Georgia to have the option to get treatment in specialty cancer clinics and because I think hospitals must clean and sterilize their rooms between patients. Chris Huttman brought up my Mother’s illness in an attack mailer he sent to voters. He has falsely accused me of taking illegal campaign contributions because I support high quality patient care.

My hope is that Mr. Huttman and every Georgia family is spared the heartbreak and pain my family suffered due to cancer.

In the meantime, I pledge to continue to fight for patient rights and medical choice for sick people so they can get the care they need.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    Representative Chambers,

    You go on and on about how he “attacked” your dead mother, yet you do not mention in the first 100,000 words of this dissertation what it was that was so offensive, but repeat the stale line “attacked my dead mother”. (Is anyone else sick of sympathy plays by drama addicted politicans?)

    He may very well be a horrible person, but it does not change the fact that you are an embarrassment to me and every other Republican in the state for your crazy behavior.

    Frankly I am surprised you put your thoughts in a letter, as drunk dialing at 2 AM seems to be more your style. Maybe you can knock on his door and try to intimidate him like you do witnesses in ethics complaints.

  2. Game Fan says:

    This thing between Jill Chambers and “Hard Core” Chris is kinda zany on both sides. No problem here. And as a Ron Paul Republican I’m for health freedom, choice, and cheap alternatives, and although not generally for regulations, not necessarily on the side of “industries” or “associations” either. And frankly infection rates in hospitals these days are deplorable.

  3. First of all, I never attacked anyone’s family members. I have kept all of my political communication about the record of Mrs. Chambers on the issues that she has voted on, the bills she has supported and the manner in which she has chosen to finance her campaigns.

    Mrs. Chambers has not extended me the same courtesy, but more on that later. As I document on trustistheissue.com, Mrs. Chambers held a pre-session fundraiser on Jan 5, 2007 that was dominated by Resurgens and its employees. In total, she accepted $11,500 from doctors that are employed by Resurgens, Resurgens itself, and 5 ambulatory clinics operated by Resurgens. The 5 clinics each gave $1,000, for a total of $5000. Resurgens itself also gave $2,000 primary and $2,000 general. At the time the max was $2,000. So Mrs. Chambers accepted $5,000 in contributions from affiliated corporations.

    In fact, all 5 of those companies have the exact same registration on the Secretary of State’s corporate records search.

    So, Mrs. Chambers violated Georgia law and she has a hearing on Dec 4th in front of the Ethics Commission to defend herself.

    Then, Chambers became the lead sponsor of CON repeal – note that I say repeal and not reform. I remember at the time wondering why she was doing that. She had not sponsored any prior legislation in this arena, and the legislature already has a hard working special committee on CON REFORM (not repeal) that has been working for years.

    Chambers testified in February, 2007 (remember, her contributions aren’t disclosed until June) that her mother had a bad hysterectomy and that was why she wants to repeal CON. OK, maybe you think that is true. But fast forward to October 2008 when the ethics complaint has been filed (but before Chambers knew that my campaign was able to find the testimony about her mother on Google, and it was buried deep in a search).

    At this point, she tells Dick Pettys that she had been interested in this issue for years and that she NEVER EVEN EXPECTED IT TO PASS. So, my question for Jill Chambers is why would you introduce a bill that you never even expected to pass? A bill that major financial supporters of yours would make millions of dollars from if it did pass. And are there any other bills out there that you’ve introduced that you don’t think will or should pass that may be linked to a supporter?

    The truth of the matter is that Jill Chambers is using her mother’s death in an attempt to discredit my legitimate discussion about her problems with ethics. Jill, I have some advise for you. If you tell the truth the first time, it isn’t this hard to keep your story straight when you get called out.

    Now, as for smearing her. Everyone at Peach Pundit knows that “chrisishardcore” has been my political handle for years, and that I once operated a blog under the same name that was a premiere source for political news in Georgia. My blog appeared in the AJC, Slate, Daily Kos and many other sites. Jill Chambers is telling the district that I ran a site where I “encouraged people to send in pictures of themselves that I would then publish on the internet”. And that I’ve been lurking online.

    Jill Chambers also did the following in her previous campaigns: in 2004 she took a dismissed police report (the opponent didn’t even have to plead not guilty, it was thrown out) and tried to sell her opponent as some sort of felon. In 2006, she accused her opponent (who later won a seat on the Doraville city council and is now the Mayor Pro Temp) of being a delinquent alcoholic because he spoke to a group called “drinking liberally” that meets regularly in Decatur and over 100 other cities in the country.

    Jill Chambers in her 6 years of campaigns has distinguished herself in one way and one way only: she will take whatever she thinks passes the smell test (and many other things that don’t) and hope that she can throw the most mud and that her opponent won’t be able to respond. Jill Chambers didn’t count on running against someone who would tell their own story about her record.

    Jill, I would never take advantage of your mother or anyone’s family members for political gain. And when I’m elected, I’ll never sponsor a bill for a supporter that I don’t even intend to pass, and I’ll fight for tough ethics laws that require legislators to disclose which supporters bills they sponsor would have an impact on, and for a 48 hour reporting period for the pre-session fundraising period. There is a reason that Jill raised only $6,000 from Oct 25 -> Dec 31 in 2006 and then waited to have a $12k fundraiser on January 5th right before she dropped her CON repeal bill, and we need to remove that incentive for legislators.

    Peach Pundit readers, as always, thanks for letting this be a forum for debate.

  4. Bill Simon says:

    “In fact, all 5 of those companies have the exact same registration on the Secretary of State’s corporate records search.”

    The “registration” is irrelevant. Anyone can register a corporation, LLC, LLP, or whatever entity.

    What matters is whether their officers are intermingled.

    If the officers of the entities are NOT the same, then Huttman has ZERO standing on the accusation.

    Too bad you don’t know Marc Hershovitz, Chris. He can teach you ALL about legal entities.

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