To the Georgians pimping the “Barack Ain’t American” Story

(1) The Judge’s Order in question, the one relating to that lawsuit, was never signed. What you people keep circulating is a proposed order by the Plaintiff. There is no court order ordering Obama’s name off any ballot nor is there an order demanding he hand over his birth certificate.

(2) Barack Obama’s name is not on the ballot in any of the fifty American states. Surprised? You should not be. The American public votes on members of the Electoral College, who in turn cast their vote for President in December. You may think you are voting for or against a Presidential candidate, but you are actually voting for or against a slate of Electors chosen by the political parties.

(3) You people are crazy.

(4) Do you really think the Supreme Court of the United States would force Obama out of the race? If you do, see number three.

In other words, you are wasting your time and my time. You may think you are on to something and you may think you are smarter than the average bear, but in fact you have spent all your time going down rabbit holes and ignored all the stuff you could be going after Obama on. Way to waste your freaking time and my email storage space.

Legitimate story or not, it will never, ever, ever, ever get any traction anywhere under the sun. So focus on the stuff that actually matters.


  1. rugby fan says:

    “Legitimate story or not, it will never, ever, ever, ever get any traction anywhere under the sun. So focus on the stuff that actually matters.”

    Trying to defeat Obama won’t happen this year. The race has been over for some time.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Erick, I hear that Obama was born in a hospital that displayed an American flag with a gold bar around it, making it an admiralty hospital and thus his entire birth is invalidated.

    Plus, he doesn’t have to pay income tax because income tax is actually voluntary, just ask Wesley Snipes.

    Now, if only these people can find the map on the back of the Declaration, we can pay off all the country’s debts.

  3. Chris says:


    Barack can, cause he’ll have access to the secret room in the Library of Congress.

    But he’ll probably just have a 200′ 24k gold statue made of Bill Ayers.

  4. Game Fan says:

    Well I was simply complying with Erick’s wishes. In fact whether he’s a citizen or not he may be right insofar as the court system in this country. However, apparently you and Erick are too dumb and spineless to bring the truth forth. So who’s capable and who isn’t?

  5. Game Fan says:

    Legitimate story or not, it will never, ever, ever, ever get any traction anywhere under the sun.

    Can you prove this in a court of law?

    How about the question as to what kind of person/candidate we’re dealing with? Case closed. Fools.

  6. Jason Pye says:

    You’re a conspiracy theorist. You are, by definition, incapable of reasonable debate.

    Erick and I are “dumb and spineless” because we’re not kooks like yourself.

  7. shep1975 says:

    Anyone who wants to borrow my Immigration Law text book and my copy of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) can look up for themselves why Obama is, was at birth, and has always been a United States Citizen.

  8. joe says:


    To address your specific points; this is the most unusual political season that I have seen in 36 years of voting, and in 40 years of political activity. Yeah, yeah, yeah, internet and all that stuff…

    (1) “There is no court order ordering Obama’s name off any ballot …” No, but there is a court order stating that a citizen has no standing in determining whether or not a candidate is eligible. This is bizaar at best.

    (2) “Barack Obama’s name is not on the ballot…” I voted today. There was not a single elector’s name on the ballot.

    3) You people are crazy. I’ve always been crazy; it keeps me from going insane.

    4) Do you really think the Supreme Court … I wouldn’t put anything past SCOTUS. (See # 3)

    “…you are wasting your time and my time.” What, you think that time is money?

  9. If everyone would just vote for Bob Barr, it wouldn’t matter if McCain and Obama are not “natural born” citizens. That is unless you want them out of the senate as well. I would support that.

  10. Game Fan says:

    Attention oh so wise mental lightweights:
    The issue of whether or not Obama was born in Kenya is entirely separate from the issue of whether he’s a citizen which, if you will care to do even the most basic research has to do with his time in Indonesia. And once again everything about any politician’s past is legitimate and fair game. It speaks to their credibility, and their honesty, and may effect their popularity. That’s politics.

  11. Game Fan says:

    We’re talking about a bunch of sociopathic power freaks who want to snoop and spy (Democrat and Republican) listen in on people’s phone conversations and read e-mails, ect…
    And this is off limits? Paleeese.

  12. candlerpark says:

    I think we will have to get used to the conspiracy advocates & their whackadoodle theories. If Obama wins we will have many many years of hearing from these crazies.

    Any one remember the Mena Airport drig smuggling trope? Or the meme that one or both Clintons killed Vince Foster? It will go on & on & on.

  13. shep1975 says:

    The issue on whether a citizen has standing to sue is a very old one. It has gotten similar cases against Barry Goldwater, Bush/Cheney, and John McCain thrown out.

  14. candlerpark says:


    Erick, That’s what I’m tallking about, sonnnnn . . . . . The wingnuttia has started already!

    Actually, I have strayed in recent years from my favorite Republican barber shop in the peachtree battle shopping center & have not been there during this election season. I did see some pretty realistically photoshopped pictures of Bill Clinton’s “illegitimate African American children” some years back & think I may have to get a trim soon to see what truths I can find out about Barack. I will report back!

  15. Game Fan says:

    That’s OK because the neutral observer will note that you guys aren’t really very issue-oriented. And who’s your favorite Teletubbie?

  16. Game Fan says:

    Actually I’m into “just the facts Ma’m” conservatism. And some of you may remember me back when I was “Dorabill” being the lone Republican standing up for Cynthia McKinney and her stand against Dyncorp/human trafficking.

  17. Harry says:

    Why is it a conspiracy theory? It’s up to Obama to prove he’s qualified to be president. So far, he hasn’t.

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