The Weak Spots – An Open Thread

What state legislative races do you expect to see Democratic gains in? I know the Democrats are hopeful about Jill Chambers and Allen Freeman. I know the GOP expects 4 others could go down in the House.

But what do you think?


  1. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Kind of a different note, but I COULD see the GOP picking up a seat or two…perhaps Charles Jenkins’ seat in Blairsville.

    But yeah, definitely see the GOP possibly losing 4-5, maybe more. James Mills? (Or is he beyond safe in that district).

    How many do ya’ll think it would take for Ralston to mount a serious challenge to Richardson?

  2. sonofliberty says:

    The loss of ANY seats….will be an indictment of Richardson…..if the House GOP loses two or more seats…..say hello to Speaker David Ralston.

  3. North Ga Indy says:

    Legislative races eh. Well I support Chambers and Freeman, though Chambers will likely go down. For other pickups, Robert Mumford could lose too. For Republicans, Michael Harden could defeat Jamieson, and Charles Jenkins could lose to Stephen Allison too.

  4. SlightlyRightofCenter says:

    I think Freeman is definitely gone. People in Middle Georgia are sick of his love affair with Richardson. Even Freeman supporters don’t respect him. We just can’t be Republican at all costs! If a conservative Democrat runs against a sorry Republican, who do you vote for? Freeman has done nothing since he has been in Atlanta, but vote to take money out of his own district. Though Epps is a Democrat, he will do what is right to help the Middle Georgia Area.

    I certainly hope Richardson is booted from the Speaker’s Chair. Ralston does seem to have a lot of support. I heard one big Richardson supporter, Jeff Lewis-an incumbent, was defeated in the primary. I actually e-mailed many House members this summer and asked them to vote for Ralston. I remember Lewis acting like a real jerk.

  5. Muscadine says:

    House leadership is already trying to do damage control by playing the expectations game by “only” losing 3 or 4 seats so it could be higher. The indictment on current leadership is the last two sessions – not the elections. They have been an unmitigated disaster. If the Speaker had not blown up the bridges to the Gov and Lt. Gov, the GAGOP team could have accomplished something and would be the model for the national GOP and not a microcosm of the debacle that has occured to Republicans in Washington. The fact that we are even talking about potential GOP losses in Georgia is evidence that a “House” cleaning is in order.

  6. Uh… NGA Indy, Mumford is not on the ballot.

    Ineffective Dem. Rick Crawford has voted bad long enough. His district sends him packing next week. That’s a GOP pickup.

    There will be some close races that neither side’s Party regulars — but not many outright Party-changes. Look for Gwinnett and Cobb for some of those unexpected close calls.

    Oh, Mills 70%. Sorry Gray.

    Other than that, I’ll do specific predictions on Friday.

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