Tell me again, why do we have laws?

People with unverified citizenship can vote. Hip Hip Hooray!

The state of Georgia must allow persons whose citizenship has been questioned in a new voter verification system the opportunity to cast a ballot in the Nov. 4 elections, a three-judge court ruled Monday.

The court also ordered Secretary of State Karen Handel to “make diligent and immediate efforts to notify, in a uniform manner, every person whose voter registration presently remains flagged.” Those voters must be told that they can vote by a “challenged ballot,” if necessary, and that there is a discrepancy in the voters’ registration information, the court said.

UPDATE: I’m told these challenged voters will need to present some proof of citizenship in order to cast a ballot. Perhaps it’s not as bad as I first thought. Still, there could be lots of lawyers involved which is never a good thing. 😉

UPDATE: I’m further told that the SoS Office is pleased with the ruling. It instructs them to do what they wanted to do from the outset, namely allow those challenged to provide proof of their status and cast a ballot. Jim Galloway has the order (in pdf).


  1. Laws don’t matter any more. It’s all about power and money, regardless of what has to be done to make sure certain politicians are elected.

    I’m not surprised the Macon Telegraph has been endorsing their choice of politicians, because I’ve grown up now, and learned the media is owned and controlled by certain corporations, who also control Congress and the judges, so, of course the judges are going to rule against laws.

    Corporations control America, and they already picked their president.

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