Jim Martin and Obama’s 57 States

It seems that the popular line of “conservatives”* around here is that Saxby needs to be replaced with Jim Martin, so that in 6 years we can get a “real conservative”*

The basis of this seems to center around votes for big government expansion, unfunded, that has devalued the dollar and will cause inflation.

So there is an understanding that you don’t want the value of your investment to diminish over time.   Agreed?  Good.  Let’s keep going.

Let’s assume that the world is a different place 6 years from now, and Georgians are ready and willing to vote for this mythical perfect conservative* in 2014.  Our conservative Senator will take his place among the 102 Senators in D.C., right alongside Eleanor Holmes Norton and Marion Barry.

Among the issues that democrats are sure to push during their term without check or balance is sure to be D.C. Statehood.  They know that there will never be a better opportunity to permanently add two Democrats to the U.S. Senate, as well as an extra permanent Congressman.  It wouldn’t be too surprising to see a greater effort to get Puerto Rico to accept statehood, as well.

Thus, when we elect this unblemished conservative* in six years, he or she will be one of 102 or more U.S. senators.  The value of this vote would be diminished, as well as it is more likely that this perfect specimen would be in the permanent minority.  The extra Democrat Senators, the change in union organization rules (and changes in mandatory dues being used for political purposes), random sampling “adjusting” U.S. Census numbers, and continued efforts to block citizenship checks of registered voters will give the Dems huge advantages in the next few elections.  We’re going to have to work harder than ever to get an official “50% +1”. 

Jim Martin is no Sam Nunn.  He’s an unapologetic progressive.  He’ll be part of the Dem team in D.C., and will help to entrench the progressive agenda for a long time to come.

I’m not happy with many of Saxby’s votes, but I have found him open, and willing to listen.  More importantly, he’s done what we asked him over the last 6 years.  We’ve just changed our minds after the fact of what is was we wanted him to do.

When he’s crossed the base, (Gang of 10, immigration reform), he’s listened to his constituents and changed his position accordingly.

I intend to vote for Saxby.  I also plan, should he be reelected, to let him hear from me more often about how we expect him to represent us in D.C.

Jim Martin would not just be a placeholder for 6 years.  Elections have consequences.


 * I’m still not sure what this term means anymore


  1. StevePerkins says:

    Yeah, yeah. Elections have consequences… but if you always support a particular party no matter what, your vote doesn’t.

    I’ll will a quick nod of appreciation, though. I’m accustomed to the Republican election endgame consisting of shrill shrieks about judicial nominations and abortion (which pushes me away rather than pulls me in). So thanks for instead going with, “The Dems might get two more black Senators and maybe a Puerto Rican!”. At least it’s a closing pitch I haven’t heard before.

  2. ramblinwreck says:

    “When he’s crossed the base, (Gang of 10, immigration reform), he’s listened to his constituents and changed his position accordingly.”

    Really, what happened on the bailout when the calls to his office were 100:1 against the bailout? Exactly which constituents was he listening to? He’s voted for every big government spending program that’s come down the pike for the last 6 years. Prescription Drug plan, farm bill, etc.. Has he ever voted NO on the budget? I’m asking because I haven’t looked it up. If he has maybe someone should publicize it. What makes him a fiscal conservative?

  3. Icarus says:

    “Has he ever voted NO on the budget?”

    All of the budgets have been Republican budgets with a Republican President and a Republican Congress. (I’m pretty sure the dems have yet to pass a budget, and even under the R’s, most spending bills have been CRs).

    For the first 4 years of Saxby’s term, any Republican who went against the Bush agenda was labled “unpatriotic”. We’re just now reaping what we’ve sewn. That doesn’t make me want to hand it over to Dems, however.

    The Republicans need a different direction, but this isn’t a primary.

  4. Icarus says:

    Steve, almost funny.

    I think (and hope) you know I don’t care what color the Senators from D.C. will be. I do care that there is about zero chance they will share any of my values.

  5. Well stated Icarus.

    If the Democratic Party were a center-left party instead of a party run by people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid I might on buy in to the “throw the bums out” mentality. They aren’t so I won’t.

  6. StevePerkins says:

    Yeah, and if the GOP were a center-right party… instead of a loose patchwork of social wedge issues, hawkish nation-building, and enormous entitlement spending… I might then buy into the “stop the Obama boogeyman!” mentality. They aren’t so I won’t.

    Frankly, going forward it will be a toss-up for me to decide whether my vote could do more good helping moderate Republicans in their primary, or Blue Dog Democrats in their primary. Here in Georgia, at least a few Blue Dogs run that can give me the option. We’ll see who’s running in the next GOP primary.

  7. tinsandwich says:


    Saxby is not a real conservative nor will he ever be one.

    I guess the issue for me is this. The GOP doesn’t even pretend to have answers anymore. The only people who have solid ideas are the Dems. I don’t agree with all of them, but at least their pushing an agenda instead of trying to scare voters.

  8. IndyInjun says:

    If you reward back-stabbing, bailouts in the $trillions for Wall Street that rob you and yours of your futures, and giving the biggest gang of thieves in world history your money, you deserve what you get.

    I really do hate to think that anyone with that kind of “logic” is a parent.

  9. ChuckEaton says:

    It would be absurd to give an area the size of Washington DC two Senators. Just make it a district within Maryland and be done with it.

  10. Didn’t we absorb them in NAFTA? Is Ross Perot the Senator from Mexico?

    I’m no fan of Saxby. I’m no fan of Martin. I agree with Buckley more than the other two, but again I have issues with him. Oh woe is me.

    I think Conservatives who want a real Conservative in six years are misguided, that alone is not reason to vote out Saxby. That would be a reason to draft someone to run against him this year, where was that? Furthermore, in six years that same option is present – and you can even paint him as being old and full of malaise by that point. You want a real Conservative to run, make one run.

    Martin, in my opinion, is not worth my vote. I’ve seen his voting record, I’ve heard his rhetoric. Not my cup of tea. Ultimately it is a matter of weight. Is the status quo so bad, or is alternative worse?

  11. Ga Values says:

    I’d vote for Saxby the Socialist if he was a Republican but his vote goes to the highest paying LOBBYIST. How about saxby’s $473,000,000 earmark for RACE HORSES in the Farm Act, he certainly doesn’t repesent me. I voted for Buckley in the General Election & will vote Martin in the run off. Why would anyone vote for a big spending, big government, pro amnesty LIBERAL like Saxby the SOCIALIST.

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