Saxby’s Carpet Sale

Andre posts the latest Saxby Chambliss ad, which I’d post here but I don’t think I can do YouTube. Saxby, wtf dude? Didn’t you raise like $6 million this year…how come your ads look like a corporate training video from 1987. I mean are you making these things in Powerpoint? I’m pretty sure my little brother would be embarrassed to turn in a high school project video that looked like these ads.

No seriously, though, if I wasn’t paying close attention and had only seen one or two Saxby ads, here is what I would think is going on: A man named Saxby Chambliss operates a carpet warehouse store in or around Dalton, GA. Another man named Jim Martin operates a rival upholstery discount store and has accused Saxby’s Carpets of having an insufficiently awesome sale this holiday weekend. And Martin is lying about Saxby’s Carpets 300,000 yards of product to choose from, which by the way arrived here on a boat from Italy via Savannah.

It’s like I see these ads and I think is Saxby even trying? And then I realize that it actually requires some effort to have an ad that looks that bad.


  1. steelfist says:

    Did Saxby report the ad as an inkind contribution to Kingston’s campaign? If not, isn’t that a violation of BCRA since they both are on the ballot this year?

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