NRSC hits Musgrove and Marshall

Picking up on what Erick posted the other day, the NRSC has produced an ad which you can see below.

They ought to run this ad in Georgia as well.


  1. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Oh the HORROR!

    I’m sorry, but I just don’t see what the issue is here. So they taped their political ads in the same place…so what? If it had been at the same sound stage in some DC suburb then that would be ok?

  2. RuralDem says:

    “They ought to run this ad in Georgia as well.”


    The fact that the NRSC has to resort to ads like this shows the desperation of the Republican Party.

    Seriously, you guys should be able to do better.

    If was I Wicker or Goddard I’d be mad that the GOP is wasting money on a fence and trees.

  3. Decaturguy says:

    They ought to run this ad in Georgia as well.


    So Musgove and Marshall have the same people producing their ads? That’s a campaign issue?

  4. atlantaman says:

    I agree it is a stupid issue. I do have to chuckle at all the Dem legislators lined up in their JC Penny cowboy outfits.

  5. midnightrider says:

    Oh Lord, Jim Marshall went to Mississippi!!!

    This is a prime example of a distraction from the real issues.

  6. You guys accuse me of being hyper-partisan but let’s say Goddard and some other guy had shot an ad on the same set. Georgia Dems would be all over it and you guys know it.

    Anytime you can get people laughing at your opponent it’s an issue worth talking about. Marshall and Musgrove look silly.

  7. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    “Anytime you can get people laughing at your opponent it’s an issue worth talking about. Marshall and Musgrove look silly.”

    I agree on both points, but then wasting money on an ad that insults my intelligence? That’s pretty pathetic.

  8. It is pretty common for candidates up and down the ballot to share photo shoots, ad shoots, sets, etc to save resources, particularly if they are using the same consultants.

    I do think it’s kind of funny when the guy who had a runny nose and headache in a cold syrup commercial last month is now trying to decide what item on the Arby’s value menu he wants, but that’s just how advertising works, and I think people like us are probably wired to notice it more than your average viewer.

    I don’t think for many voters who they want representing them in Congress will be decided on that candidate’s fence post choosing abilities.

  9. Vic says:

    If it had been a republican ad, the land would be clearcut with drainage problems and Paulson and Bush would be running around giving all the broke, shortsighted, socialist ,republican overdevelopers a billion here a billion there, just in time for November 4th…

  10. The 8th District needs a candidate who panders to rural voters with authentic Middle Georgia horse fences — not fancy gay, liberal, Hollywood horse fences.

    I’m Rick Goddard and I approved this message.

  11. Bill since you asked, more than 21% of early voters so far in District 8 live in the Atlanta media market (Butts+Jasper+Newton).

    Seeing as how Goddard doesn’t have the funds to be up on TV in Atlanta, I would assume Marshall’s campaign is looking to outperform their percentage in these three counties from 2006. That year, Marshall got 42% of the vote in Atlanta. If he dominates the last week of TV and gets 50% instead, that’s a nice 2 point or so pad to his margin. In other words, good insurance in case Goddard outperforms Collins in Houston County.

  12. gatormathis says:

    ……….damn, they drove out to the same place and made their ads……………….


    …….used the same studio, complete with same fence prop, and same “tree-line” backdrop stretched across the back………

    …..naw………..surely not in today’s high tech, media production based world….

    Ya’ll sure ya’ll got enuff smarts to vote??????lol

  13. Chris says:


    10-1 its a farm in Virginia somewhere. Or, GF is right and its a fake backdrop.

    Eitherway, its a funny ad for YouTube, but if the NRCC is spending money to air it, then yeah, its desperation.

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