The email and the rioters

I was going to post something last night after Amy Morton put up Zach Johnson’s email, but figured I wouldn’t. When Jim Galloway called me this morning, I figured I’d comment, but let him put it up first.

Jim called me this morning at 8:30 or so to talk about this. Let me add to it:

(1) Zach Johnson called me at home yesterday afternoon to express his concern that the city had made no noticeable signs of police preparation for an Obama loss (not that this will happen) or victory.

(2) He emphasized it was his concern as a constituent and he had also talked to Tom Ellington, another member of Council, who is a friend of Zach’s. Tom didn’t think there would be a prolem.

(3) When C. Jack Ellis became mayor of Macon, the first black Mayor of Macon, there was some irrational exuberance in the downtown area, though nothing major. Nonetheless, it has the folks with McCain-Palin signs in their yard a bit perturbed.

(4) Zach is the 13th or 14th person to express similar concern to me about this.

Anyway, he also sent out an email to members of City Council. The email came from his account. A member of Council forwarded to Amy, who posted it wondering if the email reflected Senator Staton’s views.

Cecil, meanwhile, is in China and has been since before this happened. Neither Zach or Cecil’s wife have heard from him since he got there and his phone isn’t working.

So, the moral of the story: when you are in politics, never send personal opinion off your boss’s email system.

Also, Jim, I’ll raise you your David Brody video with the news coverage coming out of Pennsylvania that a college Republican has been badly injured by Obama supporters and the Obama supporters trying to block Sarah Palin’s motorcade and the Obama campaign trying to get prosecutions of people in Missouri who “lie” about the campaign, etc.

It happens on both sides, though the media narrative has focused on the McCain supporters.


  1. griftdrift says:

    You know what Erick? This is getting into urban legend territory.

    Two weeks ago my Brother who cannot even operate email told me someone told him about people trying to find unregistered guns in Jacksonville, Fl because it’s one of the cities that will riot if Obama loses and he wanted to be “prepared”.

    This is feeding the myth that African Americans cannot control themselves when things don’t go their way.

    Don’t feed that myth Erick. You’re better than that.

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