Did Musgrove Go to Georgia or Did Marshall Go to Mississippi?

Congressman Jim Marshall (D-GA) is already getting flack for filming an ad explaining his bailout position from the offices of a Washington lobbyist.

But now there are more questions about another ad.

Jim Marshall, running for the House in Georgia, and Ronnie Musgrove, running for the Senate in Mississippi, are both up with ads. Upon close inspection, they are at the same place standing at the same fence post with the same trees in the background.

Here is Marshall:


And here is Musgrove:


The question is, did Musgrove go to Georgia or did Marshall go to Mississippi.


  1. BlogDawg says:

    The real question is why did Jim Marshall lose his job at the Cherry Blossom Festival?

    Oops, that wasn’t Jim Marshall. I must have been thinking of someone else.

  2. Jmac says:

    Great catch Erick…

    Indeed. Perhaps for his next trick, on Sunday he can put up a picture of Georgia playing LSU on the same field.

  3. slyram says:

    I have been saying all year that Obama needs Jim Marshall’s help in Georgia and north Florida. No Jim, and the race is tightening. Read this article and Musgrove and Marshall are interchangeable.

    Musgrove needs Obama’s turnout to win

    Musgrove, who is challenging interim Sen. Roger Wicker in a special election to fill Trent Lott’s vacated Senate seat, needs an Obama-inspired wave of black turnout in the Mississippi Delta to compensate for lukewarm support among conservative whites.

    But try to find a picture of Musgrove standing next to Obama.

    It’s not on his desk, or on his fliers, or hanging on his office wall. And Republican researchers can’t find an Obama-Musgrove snapshot either — but it’s not for lack of trying.

    “Wicker can attach himself to McCain and Palin, but Musgrove has got to put a little distance between himself and the national ticket — maybe a lot of distance — to get those white Democratic voters,” said Mississippi State University political science professor Marty Wiseman. “The tricky thing here is doing that while capitalizing on Obama’s coattails. If Ronnie doesn’t get huge turnout in the Delta, he’s sunk.”

  4. Doug Deal says:


    You are completely wrong. Those are obviously taken in different locations. Look how the second one has a higher saturation of green than the first. Also, the sky is much more blue in Musgrove’s world.

  5. Game Fan says:

    This is what happens when the central planners take over. You need more variety. Bush must have the same scenery guy. Please just ignore the thing at the end, because frankly, I’m not a liberal.

  6. Ga Values says:

    According to the morning POLITICO the GOP has given up on the GENERAL. Where is the GODDARD ARMY?? Probably trying to KISS & MAKE UP with SAXBY.

    “National Republicans are confident in their prospects of taking back just one currently Democratic seat — the one held by scandal-plagued Florida Rep. Tim Mahoney. Reps. Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.), Paul E. Kanjorski (D-Pa.), Christopher P. Carney (D-Pa.) and Nick Lampson (D-Texas) are in tossup races, according to the NRCC, and the committee also views the battle for retiring Democratic Rep. Bud Cramer’s seat in Alabama as a tossup.”

  7. Will Hinton says:

    My question would be: “Are you really serious in asking such a question????”

    Do you honestly think that voters care? How in the world does this matter?

    Look, if you oppose Martin then do so on the basis of his positions. But to bring up silly things like this is just childish and juvenile.

  8. [email protected] Will Hinton. I care! I think it’s funny when people point things out like this. It would be even funnier if someone asked each of them, separately, where they were in that photo, and both gave different answers.

    Erick, maybe it’s just a stage prop politicians use…it comes from the same box they store children in so they can pick them up and hug them in front of the cameras.

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