Why yes . . .

Those are some new headers added to the pile. There’s even an Allen Buckley one to keep Jason Pye happy. 😉


  1. I know he has charts. He brought about 15 to the Candidate Forum today. Granted he was the most popular candidate here, but I’m not sure if that is related to the charts. But I have not seen a Buckley sign nor a header with a Buckley sign.

    Until that day, I shall consider them to be a myth.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    I just watched the taped dealy broadcast of the 18th debate and he really isn’t that much of a Libertarian is he. I especially loved his plan to tax fuels based on how clean they are. Of course hydrogen is completely clean when it is burnt, but when it is made? No so much.

    Lets complain about the Republicans and Democrats about how they use everything from the tax code to unfunded mandates to coerce what they consider proper behavior from the unwashed masses, but the first thing they want to propose are exactly those self same proposals.

    I still voted for Buckley in the general, in hopes of getting Saxby in a runnoff, instead of an outright win, but you Libertarians should at least settle on candidates that actually believe the things you guys supposedly hold dear.

  3. He claimed today that he would be the first truly independent in the Senate in over 150 years – but then Westmoreland cornered him about how he would get on a committee.

    He posited that he would caucus with the “two or three fiscal conservative Republicans left.”

    He does seem to have some odd ideas for a Libertarian, but I could say the same for major party candidates over the years.

  4. Doug Deal says:

    So classy, JMfaFG.

    It is such a respectable thing to make fun of someone’s physical deformities. Obviously he chose to be in an accident or have a birth defect, so make fun of his appearance to make sure he gets the well earned scorn he deserves. Next, I guess you will move down to make fun of crippled veterans. How dare they take shrapnel from an IED.

    Congratulation on having a perfect record on being a complete and utter dolt.

  5. Why is it all of a sudden that it is funny to take pictures of people speaking when they have a funny look on their face? Shouldn’t that humanism them? I mean undoubtedly we all look silly at some point in time.

  6. Doug Deal says:


    It is just middle school humor told by people who think flatulence jokes are the pinnacle of all humor (Icarus?)

    Buckley has a slight dissymetry of his face and speaks more out of one side of his mouth than the other, so JMfaFG thinks it is hilarious to post an unflattering picture that exaggerates that aspect of him. What a way to totally rebut his stand on the issues.

    Perhaps if we stopped electing the pretty boys with the sharp wits and winning smiles we wouldn’t be on a collision course with $20 trillion in debt.

    Thank god for all the wonderful things that television has done to our political system.

  7. Icarus says:

    “It is just middle school humor told by people who think flatulence jokes are the pinnacle of all humor (Icarus?)”

    Clearly, you’ve missed me.

    That, and I’ve been away long enough you confuse my excellent wit with sophomoric fart jokes. Sad. Just sad.

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