1. GOPeach says:

    When is someone going to kick Steve Thompson off the ballot? He has not lived in his district for over 4 years… since wife number 3 left him.

    I guess when you are a 33 degree Mason, you can do what you want. Too many GOOD OL BOYS lurking.

  2. ChuckEaton says:

    Whether you agree with Handel’s decision or not, having a special election for PSC will not be a burden as there will almost certainly be a runoff election for Court of Appeals.

  3. I don’t see why not, Grift. We commonly have specials on the same day as primaries. The biggest question would be whether there was enough time to meet any legal requirements for notice, qualifying etc…

  4. Bill Simon says:

    Thank goodness we got a guy like Benham who looks at things like “well, so many people have already voted, isn’t this moot?”

    Well, Judge Benham, let’s use THAT standard to disqualify lots of cases jamming the courts. Heck, we could clear-out a lot of backlog and free-up some resources.

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