Reports on Early Voting.

Here’s a video report by blogger My Urban Report about early voting in Georgia. (Hat Tip: SpaceyG via Twitter).

Also, the AJC breaks down just who is voting and where these folks are voting early.

Here’s a breakdown of who’s voting

Number of ballots cast by close of business Friday Oct. 17: 691,507
Total number of registered voters as of Oct. 1: 5,598,425
Early voting turnout: About 12 percent
Number of ballots voted in person: 594,890
Number of mail-in ballots returned: 96,617

Turnout demographics

Black: 246,113; 35.5 percent
White: 420,047; 60.7 percent
Asian-Pacific Islander: 2,627; .38 percent
Hispanic: 3,517; .51 percent
Native American: 94; .01 percent
Other: 19,109; 2.8 percent
Female: 387,961; 56.1 percent
Male: 284,437; 41.1 percent

Top 5 counties in turnout

1. DeKalb 68,091
2. Fulton 50,050
3. Gwinnett 37,613
4. Cobb 37,277
5. Chatham 21,251


  1. Game Fan says:

    Seems I read they don’t even COUNT the early votes and write-ins unless it’s a close race. Is this true and if so why? Especially with all the problems, delays and other “glitches” Americans have been subjected to by the AHIC (ass hats in charge)

  2. griftdrift says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that’s false. I’m pretty sure that would violate the constitutional principle of “one man one vote”.

  3. Doug Deal says:


    They do indeed count them, the networks usually report it as an extra precint in each county, but it is actually a tally of the early vote. That’s why with 1% of the precincts reporting, you will often get 10% or more of the vote.

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