One more from the NRSC

The narrator sounds like a pervert. It’s really creepy. That the narrator also does the disclaimer at an accelerated pace further diminishes the ad.

Bad narrator choice.

Okay, none of my friends agree. I still think the voice is a terrible voice for the ad. It should have been female for starters or, if male, with more . . . dare I say it . . . gravitas.

But, as Buzz said with the other, at least they are going after Jim Martin’s record as opposed to the fair tax ad against Saxby.


  1. Clint Austin says:

    As posted below: who gives a rip about sales tax increases? When are they gonna talk about that pesky little age-of-consent bill that Martin sponsored in the Legislature? That is one that will light this race up…

  2. Common Sense says:

    There’s no way this ad can be live, it’s just too poorly produced. With Mitch tied in KY and the NRSC down ten million plus can they afford spots in GA?

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