1. Westmoreland is spending his time campaigning for Saxby. Which I think is the strategic thing for him to do as his seat is relatively safe given the environment this year.

    Not sure what Linder and Price are up too, nor Scott. I know Jim Marshall refused to have debates in the primaries because he knew his challenger would not amount to many votes. It seems like the smarter thing to do if your seat is safe to go out and help your colleagues.

    As Westmoreland said today, “you have to keep in mind what a 60 plus Democratic Senate could do.”

  2. Goldwater Conservative says:

    Scott is safe. So is Westmoreland.

    Linder is safer than I though 6 months ago, but I have been seeing alot of Bill Jones ads on television in the past week. Nothing from Price but a couple of campaign signs…

    It is the incumbent strategy nowadays…don’t show up. Ever since George Allen got caught up in his racist remark in ’06, these hard line right-wing nut jobs are better off not giving themselves an opportunity to do the same.

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