TV ad for State Rep. David Casas

Here’s a TV ad for State Rep. David Casas of the 103rd district being run by the Georgia GOP. Full disclosure time: I’m managing Rep. Casas’ campaign.


  1. Game Fan says:

    Some courses I’d like to see:
    Wood carving with a chainsaw
    4WD ed.
    fast draw
    trapping deer for fun and profit
    ancient and modern weaponry
    diesel robotics

  2. John Konop says:


    What does David Casas think about math 123?

    My son tutors many of his friends on the new math 123 program. He was grandfathered out of it and is taking algebra 2 as a freshman.

    My son told me the reason his friends are having problems is it is taught out of sequence. Also the learning guide is terrible and does not teach the building blocks of math right.

    His friends tell me math 123 is mass confusion with no real help!

    I have heard this from numerous teachers, students and parents. What do you think about this issue?

  3. Game Fan says:

    But seriously, if conservatives really want to reduce the size of government, let’s get rid of NCLB and embrace some REAL decentralization. Fewer tests, less standardization and more education determined by local authorities and the PTA. And at the same time protect private schools and home schooling from any “back door” approach to government intervention via “vouchers” or whatever. At the same time many conservatives view the local public school as a community anchor, not some mechanism for social architecture or something to be opened/closed based on the latest fad from the left or right, the interests of developers, or federal mandates or whatever.

  4. firsthandknowledge says:

    David is the REAL-THING.
    His is more than a success story, having immigrated to the USA as a young boy with his family as they overcame obstacles and is now become a tested leader in Georgia, and a truly proud and loyal America.
    His is a no-nonsense kind of leader who has clear ideas about what will work and how to accomplish it. He is strongly rooted in Christian values and more than aware of how quickly government can go awry if not checked at every moment.
    There are few if any who meet David who will not quickly see that he is what Georgia leadership needs to take steps ahead that are conservative and straight down the path of truth, justice and the American way.
    There are enough liberals in politics that have 100 differing ideas about what is right and wrong. David s as straight as they come and he will be the first to tell you…. Right and wrong haven’t changed.
    When it comes to an honest man working to improve life for every Georgian, David is the Real-Thing.

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