Going after Joe Allen.

Maurice Atkinson is challenging Joe Allen (can’t find a website for Allen) for Commission District 4 in Bibb County and he’s going after him hard. Atkinson has collected quite a bit of data on Allen documenting his claim that Allen is dirty:

Its time the arrogant actions of Commissioner Joe Allen toward the taxpaying citizens of Bibb County come to an end! Joe calls it “dirty politics”. The facts speak for themselves. They say history repeats itself. A simple look into the various records has yielded astonishing concerns. It has repeated itself, over and over again! These are his actions and only show his complete disregard for the public. Apparently, for Commissioner Allen, its not public service it’s self service.


  1. Doug Deal says:

    I support Maruice in this race, not because he is a Republican, but because he is a friend. I first met Maurice when the two of us were working on Herman Cain’s campaign for Senate in 2004.

    Maurice is about as far from the label of “politician” as a politician can get. He really wants to do what’s best for Bibb County, and that is a rare thing for most in this county who to a man (or women) seem to look out only for number 1.

    Joe Allen has done some very nasty things to Maurice, and I even heard about Joe making fun of his disability (Maurice has MS), calling him the name “Mr. Shakes” in reference, I suppose, to his unsteady gate and slight tremor.

    Voters all too often complain about the politicians they end up electing and rarely do anything when they have a chance to change things. Maurice is a fresh face, and ff the voters of Bibb County fail to elect him as their District 4 county commissioner, they have no right to complain when they get stuck with 4 more years of Joe.

  2. Mike Hauncho says:

    Maurice is a great guy and certainly has my support. I just wish I lived in his district to vote for him. He would serve the county well.

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