Cynthia McKinney campaigns in Atlanta.

In case you missed it, Cynthia McKinney was in town campaigning for President:

“I do believe the people do have the power. It is a power that is unused and unflexed and when we flex our muscles, we actually can win,” McKinney said, citing the Civil Rights Movement in the US as well as progressive movements through South and Latin America which have brought leftist leaders to power.

“I have to dare to believe in this country we will be compelled to act. They worked very hard to disenfranchise people who think like us,” McKinney said.

She’s not on the ballot here in Georgia.


  1. I saw the amount of money raised and spent by her. It was zero.

    I really wish a third party would rise up and repair the damage done to our Constitution, but they are so disorganized and no one seems to take them serious.

    Why aren’t third parties allowed to be on the ballots?

  2. AtlConservative says:

    Funny that the Republicans actually led the Civil Rights movement, but people continue to believe it’s a leftist thing…

  3. Will Hinton says:

    I find McKinney to be about as loathsome of a politician as we have seen in years. That said, it is utterly shameful and embarrassing that she is not on the ballot. So much for promoting democracy here in Georgia…

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