Run away

Jim Martin is running away from the ads against Saxby regarding the Fair Tax.

I figured those ads were pretty dumb considering how rabid the support is for the fair tax in Georgia. The Democrats have brilliantly been able to get people who normally don’t care about Saxby to defend Saxby.



  1. Dantes says:

    Saxby deserves to lose. he’s running the worst campaign in GA history.

    if he wins, it will only be because Martin and the Democrats screw it up.

  2. Andre Walker says:

    The irony here is that this is the second time that the Martin campaign and the DSCC have been on the opposite sides of the same issue.

    While Jim Martin was criticizing Saxby Chambliss’ vote for the $700 billion bailout bill, DSCC head Chuck Schumer was voting for it.

    Now the DSCC runs an ad criticizing Chambliss’ support for the Fair Tax and Martin says he would not have aired the spot.

    “It’s not my ad,” Martin said of the DSCC commercial [Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution, “Martin backs away from ‘fair tax’ at senate debate”, October 18, 2008].

    While we know that legally the DSCC and Jim Martin cannot coordinate their efforts, a cursory glance, by either camps, at the others’ t.v. commercials would make it a bit easier to maintain a consistent message.

    What you’re seeing here is basically a case of inaccurate aiming, poor targeting and a lot of wasted ammo.

  3. atlantaman says:

    No kidding Erick.

    You’re now going to have Boortz talk about Saxby from now until the end of the election. Martin isn’t going to pick up any votes from folks opposed to the Fair Tax as he already had them with the Obama vote, but you’ve got a lot of folks who thought Saxby was getting too liberal now running to his defense.

    Andre, I think you hit the nail on the head. Martin came after Saxby’s vote on the bailout, because it’s a great point-of-difference between he and Saxby (although I’m 100% sure Martin ,if he were in the Senate, would have voted for the bailout, but hey that’s politics). You have Schumer doling out the money from the DSCC, and he’s not going to run an ad bashing his own vote, so you end up with the stupid fairtax ad, which serves as a “battle cry” for the fairtax ground troops in GA.

  4. IndyInjun says:

    Support for the “fair”tax is inverse to education test scores.

    The base of both parties is brain dead.

    The Dem Senatorial Committee was stupid….those zombies vote, but were stumbling away from Saxby.

  5. Andre Walker says:

    Let me just add that with this debate over the fair tax hitting the airwaves –either on talk radio or on t.v. (click here to see the new Saxby Chambliss “Fair Tax” ad)– then this Georgia U.S. Senate race shifts from Jim Martin’s home turf, the economy, to Saxby Chambliss’ home turf, taxes.

  6. atlantaman says:

    Those opposed to the fairtax seem to engage in name calling as their primary form of debate. There are only a few who have presented some sound arguments as to why the present tax code is better than the fairtax.

  7. atlantaman says:

    Good point again Andre.

    As I stated before, I have no doubt Martin would have voted for the bailout, but from a machiavellian point-of-view, Martin seemed to be getting some traction with his Saxby Economics commercials (although one could argue anything Martin does is irrelevant and the increase is from Obama). Never the less, the debate has now shifted to taxes – not one of Martin’s strong points from his statehouse days.

  8. IndyInjun says:


    You must have been asleep.

    Peachpundit has been chock full of fact-filled presentations of why the Fairtax is a CON JOB.

    Regardless of whether Saxby Chambliss wins or not, that BILL is going nowhere.

    Shoot, not even Boortz can defend it, demanding that all READ THE BOOK, but saying that H.R. 25 THE FAIR TAX BILL does not represent the Fair Tax that is in his book.


  9. Am I the only one that thinks the fair tax is a terrible proposal not only on the merits but politically as well? I know it plays well in a Republican primary from Lawrenceville to Woodstock to Douglasville to Peachtree City to Covington and back, but those voters are voting for Saxby anyway (even if they might be grumbling otherwise).

    In 2004 and 2006, John Barrow and the DCCC ran very good ads against Max Burns on the same issue and defeated him. My guess is that a larger percentage of the electorate supports some sort of single-payer/government controlled healthcare system than the fair tax, but you guys would all think it would be a very good strategy to run an ad attacking a candidate that supported the same thing. So why isn’t the fair tax a good political hit?

  10. IndyInjun says:

    ChrisHC – It is not a good target for this reason – the loony fringe/GOP/whacked out base had a whole host of reasons to be furious with Saxby Chambliss. They still do, but they have been brainwashed in this state by the nutjob talk radio crowd, principally Boortz, and the Morris Newspapers who hawk this CON JOB without cease.

    The FT crowd is probably the biggest pure cult in American politics. Facts mean nothing at all to them. And now someone they were going to vote against has an attractant that overrides the horrendous damage Chambliss has done to every man, woman and child in this state with his irresponsible voting record.

    Now it is up to Martin to point out that the Fairtax would put a 30% tax on top of nursing home care for Grandma, while giving Big Oil a $39 BILLION tax forgiveness.

    Now Martin should point out – Boortz has admitted this one – that there can’t be 22 -26% embedded tax savings (from elimination of income, SS, and medicare taxes) AND everyone get “100% of your paycheck.” This is because of double counting employee taxes.

    Martin should ask every state and local pol how they are going to make up for the 20 to 25% financing savngs that they derive from tax exempt treatment of their bonds that goes away under the FT.

    Martin should ask how the state is going to pay for Medicaid with the 23% inclusive/30% exclusive tax ADDED…The state is $20 billion short on liabilities for employee/retireee health care, BEFORE the huge FT. State taxes will explode.

    Martin should tell folks about these lies and deceptions.

    If Chambliss wants to debate the FT, maybe Martin should oblige him.

    I think Martin HAS to attack the FT now, but was doing fine without the distraction.

    There are more ways to attack the FT than I have time to type.

    Maybe I will just go volunteer for the Martin campaign.

  11. Game Fan says:

    My own skepticism toward the fair tax is a general dislike for ever handing the politicians and bureaucrats another monkey wrench to fiddle and fumble with everything under the sun.

  12. Decaturguy says:

    Am I the only one that thinks the fair tax is a terrible proposal not only on the merits but politically as well?

    No, Chris. I for one think that Jim should not have distanced himself from that ad. I thought it was a good ad. It is a new tax. It will result in a 23% (at least) national sales tax. And it will result in a net tax increase for a lot of people. And Chambliss supports it.

    Now why would you run away from that ad?

  13. odinseye2k says:


    The only thing I would say is that 3 weeks before an election is a tough time to examine and dismantle an issue that is not part of the political hot seat. If the distribution of tax burden is something the DSCC wants to talk about, Bush tax cuts and capital gains should be sufficient. And of course, forking all that money into the failing dam that used to be our financial sector.

    Now, FairTax does go to the heart of Orwellian economic messaging and a complete shaft deal for the part of the “ownership” society that is already getting completely owned. It should be taken down, but at this point it is probably as effective a campaign attack as Bill Ayers is.


    I like the idea of getting rid of traffic cops, too. I so hate having to follow the speed limit and it’s always such a bummer to get that lecture about expired tags or how reckless it is to go 30 over even at 2 in the morning.

  14. Goldwater Conservative says:

    I do not think that there is as much support for the “Fair Tax” as some of the people here think.

    Sure, 60% of PP bloggers might like it…, but I think most of the “FairTax” supporters do not know what it is. The Progressive Income tax is the fairest tax…the fact that nobody really enjoys paying taxes psychologically makes a tax policy named “Fair Tax” that much more attractive.

    Considering how boring tax policy is…and how uninformed our electorate is, it is not a farcry to state that they (the people) are incapable of coming up with fiscal policy…it is also irresponsible to.

    Infrastructure to run this country is necessary. Hospitals, schools, military, police, e-911, roads, courts, legislatures, regulatory agencies, etc are all necessary. The Progressive income tax is the best way to make certain everybody pays for what they use, and what is necessary for them to maintain their level of income.

    Some poor schmuck in s.w. atlanta does not need the SEC…but I do. I also need employees to healthcare and educations to work for the companies I invest in.

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