Holy Hell, I can’t believe a candidate would ever *really* do this

This is the stuff of urban legends. At least it used to be.

Rep. Charles Jenkins showed up at the Sorghum parade in Union County, but people saw him leave.

Nonetheless, someone got in the car his campaign used in the parade, pulled a baseball cap down over his head, and pretended to be Jenkins in the parade.

Insider Advantage has a blurb about this behind their firewall. Jenkins admitted to IA that he was at the UGA game.

Jenkins is being challenged by Stephen Allison.

I’m kind of amazed by this, really. I know campaign consultants who always joke about their candidate being so bad, they wish he’d go out of the country and let them use dopplegangers, but this is the first I’ve ever heard of someone actually doing this — except for the President of Iran. He is routinely known to take people with him on trips who look like him.

A buddy of mine met the “twin” in New York a couple of weeks ago at the United Nations.


  1. GPB says:

    Erick – The guy (Mike Froelick – sp?) who used to run the Ag Center in Perry had an identical twin brother who was mayor of their hometown in Ohio. I heard stories about Mike going up near election time and subbing for his brother in parades and such. Pretty swift move.

  2. Mountain Republican says:

    This is unbelievable! Jenkins has been a lame duck since 2003. He isn’t even a leader or player in the Georgia House.

    I had family at the parade, and they actually thought it was Jenkins. The clone was waving at people and sitting in the back of the convertible with a sign that read “Charles Jenkins State Representative”. Talk about a politician willing to do anything to get elected…

    If Jenkins wanted to go to a ballgame with family, that is fine. He should not have misled the voters, though. Jenkins is a typical crooked politician that wants to be all things to all people. This would have worked 30 years ago, but people are too smart to fall for this one. It’s past time for Jenkins to be replaced with someone that can actually get something done in Atlanta.

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