DSCC levels false attack against Chambliss

Of all the things to attack Saxby Chambliss on, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee chooses the Fair Tax. However, they forget to point out that the Fair Tax replaces the income tax, instead pretending it’s an additional 23% tax. Whether you like the Fair Tax or not, everyone with a brain knows it’s not an additional 23% tax. Georgians in particular are perhaps more familiar than most on the ins and outs of the Fair Tax.

Why the DSCC picked this issue befuddles me. It gives Chambliss a chance to re-frame the campaign around reforming the tax code. What’s Martin’s plan? Is he in favor of the current system? Even if he offers some tax reform plan, the issue favors Chambliss. We’ll see how Saxby responds but he’s just been given a gift by the DSCC.

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  1. Doug Deal says:

    Case in point as to why I have never casted a vote for a Democrat at any level of office. As much as I dislike the direction that the Republican party has taken things, they are nowhere near the Democrats in complete intellectually dishonest and use of scare tactics.

  2. Who designed the tax system in the first place? I don’t think the rich should pay more in taxes.

    If a homeless (not that they pay taxes) earns 1 dollar and a flat tax is paid (say 10 cents), then the same should be paid for a rich person.

    If the homeless person earned $100, they would pay 10 cents on the dollar

    If a rich person earned a million, they would still only pay 10 cents on the dollar.

    Just because the rich have more doesn’t mean they should pay more. It also doesn’t mean it should be taken away from them and redistributed. If someone can’t manage their money or get out and work, why should the rich lose what they worked for to support those who don’t work, or who mismanage their money?

    I think a flat tax is fair.

  3. IndyInjun says:

    ChrisHC – LOL. As one who helped Barrow defeat Burns using this issue, you nailed ’em.

    Actually, AFTER PASSAGE the fair tax is 30% on top of the purchase price, not 23%.

    What the Dems omit is that there are embedded taxes of about 11% that go away, providing for a POSSIBLE reduction of the retail price.

    Many Georgians have swallowed the Boortz and Linder Kool Aid and pack of lies because of the GOP/kook/fringe talk radio that does not present the facts, only a ficticious dream world directly contradicted by the ACTUAL LEGISLATION.

    I actually bought both Boortz/Linder books and read the first. When I got, early on, to the part where Boortz said the defense was not going to be based on the actual Fair Tax bill, I closed the book and laughed.

    The BILL blows away every defense.

    Let Saxby campaign on it…hahahahahaha…even Burns was beating a retreat last time..

  4. Chris says:

    bad move on the dscc’s part. They have stirred the cult of the fairtax. Chambliss’s race will get a lot of boortz’s hot air now

  5. I’m not sure a man who called middle class a “state of mind” needs help from the DSCC like this. He has enough of his own trouble.

    Americans right now, Georgians in particular, are skiddish on the economy. No one likes taxes, Martin’s plan is to do what exactly? A smart team would use this against Martin, claiming he only “attacks but provides no solutions for America.” And how are people going to react when they hear Saxby’s side? They will think the DSCC was underhanded and sneaky, which is likely to hurt the chance of disgruntled Republicans from voting for Martin.

    They just fed Saxby ammunition he desperately needed.

  6. IndyInjun says:

    “They just fed Saxby ammunition he desperately needed.”

    Absolutely, although I don’t know what it says about this state that the people are that brain dead.

  7. I don’t think it says anything anyone here would not be able to ascertain after spending an hour in a public school in Georgia. People around here do not care enough to learn about policies, I remember trying to explain to a World Civ class what “nation building” was in high school. It was not that they could not understand what I was saying nor the processes involved, they just did not care.

    That would be the problem, not necessarily brain dead people but people who do not care. And many people like that might see this commercial and fully believe what it says to be true, because they do not care to look it up.

  8. Common Sense says:

    Any of you ever see a poll on FairTax statewide in GA? Yeah that’s what I thought.

    Maybe that’s why the folks at national committees get paid to do this–their attacks work.

  9. IndyInjun says:

    Common Sense – It worked so well on Max Burns that he beat a very hasty retreat from the FT the last time he ran, but Barrow unleashed the Max Tax ads.

    Chambliss needs the GOP/Talk Radio/Bushite/lunatic fringe to pull this off. The Dems may energize enough of them to counter we, the true conservatives, who find Saxby totally repulsive and injurious to our futures.

  10. rugby fan says:

    And when asked if that was supposed to represent Obama, a spokesman for the VAGOP refused to say no.

    “It’s about the fact that the world is evil.”

  11. Doug Deal says:

    rugby, so everyone who is swarthy is automatically Obama? That guy looks nothing like Obama, and I thought it was supposed to be an Arab or even that guy featured on the third page.

    So you seriously think this compares to the ads put out by the left over the years. Perhaps you are just too distracted by the images of minorities being dragged to their death by pickups after Bush was elected?

  12. rugby fan says:

    “I thought it was supposed to be an Arab or even that guy featured on the third page.”

    OK then, so its not instilling fear about them Arabs? How is that not a scare tactic?

    “So you seriously think this compares to the ads put out by the left over the years.”

    Name one ad put out by the Democrats that says “vote Democrat for a secure America”.

    But I’ll tell you this, let’s get a little bigger here. Since 2002, the GOP has won elections by pitting people against each other. 2002 it was by playing people’s fear of terrorism and linking it to Democrats. In 2004 it was making people afraid of gays and making people think Democrats wanted America to surrender to terrorists.

    And let’s not forget Swift Boat Vets. Nothing said intellectual honesty like those ads!

  13. Doug Deal says:


    In case you haven’t noticed, it was a bunch of Arab extremist terrorist who killed around 4,000 Americans, and it is that same group who wish to continue to do us harm. Perhaps they should put a picture of a blue eyed Swede in an ad to represent an Arab extremist.

    But, my point is not that the GOP does not use fear, they do. My point is that fear is basically the only play in the Democrat playbook, and by comparison the GOP only talks about fluffy bunnies and singing larks.

    I guess you do not think that it is using scare tactics to claim churches are going to burn and more black people are going to be dragged to death by pickup trucks if George W Bush is elected.

    Again, that faulty memory of yours rears its ugly head.

    What was intellectually dishonest about the Swift Boat ads, the fact that they were true?

    How many times have the Democrats used the attacks claiming that Republicans were attempting to starve seniors, children or the poor?

    In your world, the Democrats are incapable of wrong and the Republicans incapable of right. You are a remarkable case of partisan hackery rugby. One in a million to be sure.

  14. IndyInjun says:


    How ironic. Now the people fear the GOP above all of those boogey men.

    This is for good reason. Nearly everyone with money in 401K’s has seen their stock portion shrink in the Bush Depression, but imagine the genuine horror and RAGE when they find that een the “Fixed Income” ,”Stable Fund” and other “safe” 401K selections turn out to hold toxic financial instruments?

    The GOP is going extinct. This is not the best time, for a counterforce is necessary against the predations of the Dems, but the GOP and its POTUS has destroyed America and looted the middle class of its savings.

    We have to shoot the thieves and deal with the Dems holding a smoking gun…..that tends to focus their attention.

  15. btpull says:

    Can the Democrats including Jim Martin who are trying to pin the financial meltdown on the Republicans provide true any economic events that caused the meltdown to justify their claim?

    To help I’ll get it started by pointing to our trade deficit with China and the middle east, which by extension includes the lack of an energy policy and the prohibition of offshore drilling.

  16. rugby fan says:

    “You are a remarkable case of partisan hackery rugby. ”

    Did I defend the Democrats? Oh wait, no.

    And you are right. Only Arabs are terrorists. No one else. And only Arabs wants to do us harm. No one else.

  17. IndyInjun says:

    BTpull –

    Greenspan – a REPUBLICAN – lowered interest rates to 1% which created real estate bubble.

    Cox – a REPUBLICAN – head of the SEC ignored naked short selling, which is a blatant counterfeiting of stock shares.

    Paulson – a REPUBLICAN – then head of Goldman Sachs, petitioned the SEC in 2004 to allow limits on leverage to be relaxed from 12:1 to 40:1.

    During the 8 years that the GOP held the administration, they ALL ignored the 10000 real estate appraisers who were petitioning against the fraud.

    Look at Wall Street contributions to Saxby and to Bush and compare them to what Clinton got. It is really revealing.

    The genie that Clinton unleashed with GOP Gramm was sumptuously fed at every turn by the Bush gang.

  18. IndyInjun,

    The GOP is a fault for holding hearings on the impending Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac crisis and not having the guts to get a bill passed. However, it’s not accurate to claim the GOP caused the current crisis.

    Your blind hatred of the GOP has caused you to miss some important facts.

    Watch this video and this video.

  19. rugby fan says:

    Guys, guys, we have to realize that everything is not the fault of the GOP in general…

    We must blame Bush for everything. The rain today? Bush’s fault. Fannie Mae? Bush’s fault.

    Seriously, try to not get off message OK?

  20. IndyInjun says:


    The GOP might not have took the initial steps that caused it, but they expanded the fraud and the looting using the opening Clinton gave them.

    Hate the GOP? Me? I have given that sorry party many thousands of dollars and the Dems zilch, only to see my future and that of every American STOLEN by that party.

    You folks are as destructive to this country as the loony left.

  21. btpull says:


    I agree with explanation, but that only is part of the whole picture.

    A) The policy of low interest rates has been a corner stone of the Fed’s monetary policy since the ’90’s. Greenspan was the Fed Chairman starting in the ’80’s. He was considered an economic hero during the stock bubble of the ’90’s.

    B) Wall Street has strong ties to the democratic party as well. Remember Robert Rubin. You do not think the two Senators from New York do not receive substantial Wall Street contributions? Louis J Freeh who was Clinton’s FBI head sits on the board of Fannie Mae.

    C) Look at the flow of money from Wall Street through mortgage originators to Fannie Mae, who guaranteed the mortgage, diced, sliced and resold the mortgage, to the public as investments.

    D) Look at the flow of money from US consumers to China and the middle east back to the US Treasury, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and other government agencies via debt purchases.

    E) Why do Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae exist in the first place? Why do we have to regulate a naturally self regulating industry such as mortgage lending? Because we have a policy that the Federal Government is responsible for expanding home ownership, which has it roots in FDR’s new deal.

    Both parties are to blame for this meltdown. This meltdown has been in the making for decades. I think it is very misleading for Jim Martin and the other democrats to paint this as solely a function of the last eight years. Face it we have been screwed on a bi-partisan bases and will continually be until we stop playing the partisanship games.

  22. IndyInjun says:

    btpull –

    You are totally correct.

    It is just that, here, one must play the GOP-is-at-greater-fault gambit, just to even out the discussion.

    In 1998, SEC chief Leavitt pushed for tough regs that would have prevented a lot of the off-balance-sheet theft. He even had Clinton’s support.

    The GOP did not have enough votes to kill the reforms, but 3 powerful Dem senators joined them and the rest is history.

    The fact IS that the GOP held the executive branch for the last 8 years, a period during which the 401K’s were looted. This fact will become clear in the next year.

    Incumbents of both parties deserve the boot.

  23. Doug Deal says:


    I doubt the 5 page pamphlet of mostly pictures was designed to be an all inclusive treatise on everyone who intends to do us harm.

    Kim Jon Il (sp? I don’t care enough about him to look it up) was also pictured, so your hyperbole about “only Arabs” is incorrect. (Also Iranians are not Arabs, despite what you ill informed leftists think, they are Persians and Azeris. But to you guys, I guess anyone darker than white all look alike).

    The current state of the GOP is nothing to be proud of. It is mainly because partisan hacks defend it to the death no matter how poorly it behaves and attack the Dems for the same behavior they defend.

    The Democrat party is in an even worse state because there is an even larger number of partisan hacks doing harm to their party. You are an example of that mentality rugby.

    Until people stop treating politics as if they were rooting for a sports team, the state of the nation will not improve and slowly spiral into very conditions politicians point to in order to frighten voters into voting for them. People should hold their own party to a higher standard than their opponents because their own party claims to represent their interests and acts in their name. If you have never come out against an action of your own side for something other than supporting an issue of the opposing party, you have no credibility.

  24. Doug Deal says:


    I have met Alan Buckley (granted it was the last time he ran) but he is no conservative either. No matter who wins this race, the voters lose.

  25. IndyInjun says:

    Ohkayyyyyyyyyyyyy Buzz:

    I watched your GOP propaganda clips, so now watch as CNBC’s Ratigan UNLOADS on GOP’s Hank Paulson.


    Also note that Clinton’s SEC chief DENIED Paulson’s demand that leverage be allowed to increase from 12:1 to 40:1 and this was later GRANTED by GOP SEC Chief Cox (an ex GOP congressman).

    You guys only tell a fraction of this story – that which condemns the Dems.

    I won’t sit idly by and let the deceptions go unchallenged.

    Ratigan is staunchly conservative, but he is FURIOUS at the deception and lies that have made him look like a fool to the people.

    Everyone should consider that this gang of thieves has stolen from them and react accordingly.

  26. Goldwater Conservative says:

    well, considering the fact that intelligent being on earth thinks that the “Fair” tax is a vaible method of taxation…who is to say the DSCC is incorrect. Congressional investigations even pin the fair tax rate at over 60%…not to mention the fact that the retired will be getting a huge tax increase.

    You “fair” tax advocates should read a little bit about the history and theories of taxation…might I suggest reading anything by Michael Graetz. He is probably the leading expert in the field of taxation. If anything is misleading, it is the “fair” tax.

    Martin will probably come out in favor of Obama’s tax plan…and work to cut the taxes of 97% of Georgians. The other 3% can deal with it, afterall…they can afford it.

  27. btpull says:


    Unless the DCSS and other critics ask the right question they cannot honestly be opposed to or support the fair tax.

    Since the fair tax is a consumption tax, the question is under which taxation system would person be able to consume more goods or services. Which is a function of income, savings rates, current income tax levels, and non-taxable monthly expenses such as mortgage payments. Lets see the calculations before the criticism.

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