Snow at Stone Mountain

Where is Chris Krok?

The Atlanta-area weather forecast for New Year’s Eve 2008: a snow shower —- an extremely isolated one.

Stone Mountain Park is creating Snow Mountain, officials announced Tuesday. For two months, the lawn where people usually watch the park’s laser show will be a glistening expanse of snow made of water drawn from the park’s lake.

On Dec. 31, park-goers will have the chance to jump on an inner tube and go skipping down a 400-foot slope of manufactured snow. The attraction will remain open through March 1.


  1. Bill Simon says:


    You grew-up “in” Stone Mountain? Are you one of those dwarves like they had in the Lord of the Rings who dug-out a home in the mountains? ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Bill Simon says:


    I goofed and didn’t read that excerpt carefully.

    HOWEVER, if one uses “lake water” how in the hell can one get “glistening” snow in any other color except a nice green-brown tinge?

    Ohhh…boy…that’ll be an attraction. “Hey, Honey! Let’s take the kids to sleigh-down that sh*t-covered hill they have over at Stone Mountain Park this weekend!

  3. Doug Deal says:


    Ice crystals have a remarkable property, they exclude molecules of pretty nuch anything else because of the very orderly structure that occurs when water solidifies.

    I know you really didn’t want an answer, but it is rare that I can answer a question related to chemistry.

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