Buckley Hits Martin on Amnesty

Here is the bit in question from Martin’s website:

Hard-working immigrants with no criminal records and basic English skills should be allowed to get in line for the opportunity to gain legalized status after paying a fine and back taxes.


  1. GAR says:

    Thank you Vic for being completely off topic.

    Great video, Martin’s ideology is extremely off from nearly all of Georgia.

  2. Game Fan says:

    Ooooh nooos. What to do what do do, now that the “bigot” thing has been unfurled against conservatives. Well jeepers. Looks like we’ve just been neutralized. (not)

  3. ramblinwreck says:

    “no precedent”? Of course there were not so many people who had given up on the GOP RINO candidate before either. We’ll know on 11/5.

    As I’ve said before, maybe Saxby can get the vote of all those voters in Georgia who were in favor of amnesty for illegals, the farm bill, the gang of 10 energy bill, NCLB, the $830 Billion bailout, etc. That might push him on to victory. But not with my vote.

  4. kcordell says:

    Didn’t Clinton pull this “pay a fine” crap back in the ninties? Seems like I remeber seeing lines of illegal immigrants outside immigration offices.

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