Senate Race Now A Tossup

According to the Martin-Chambliss Senate race is now a tossup from being a “leans Republican” before.

Watch the money begin to flow into Georgia now that the Georgia race, and the Minnesota, Oregon and Alaska Senate races are the 4 toss-up races that may deterimine whether the Democrats have a 60 vote fillibuster proof majority in the U.S. Senate or not. Particularly now that many are urging the RNC to abandon McCain’s race and devote its resources to Senate races.


  1. HankRearden says:

    Can someone please tell me why I should vote for Saxby other than we do not want the Dems to have 60 votes?

    P.S. I’m a Conservative, keep that in mind when answering the question. If I were liberal I know it would be easier.

  2. Bill Simon says:


    Were you screaming in outrage in 2005-2006 when all of the outrageous spending bills were being passed by the Republicans?

    OR…were you A-O-K with those bills because people like Saxby and Bush stood-up and stopped Congress for the Terri Schiavo adventure?

    What kind of “conservative” are you really? The fiscal kind or the socio-religious kind?

  3. Tea Party says:

    @Bill Simon, I am a fiscal conservative, with no ties to the Christian Conservatives in the GOP.

    I have been jumping ‘up and down’ over our GOP largesse for years, as if it matters.

    @Hank Reardon There is no other reason, IMHO to support Sen. Chambliss, other than providing checks and balances in Congress.

  4. AtlConservative says:

    Are we sure that Saxby is actually fiscally conservative? I’m just sayin’ – based on experience, do we really think he would stop the filibuster? Or would he throw his fiscally conservative base under the bus again?

  5. Ga Values says:

    If the Lobbyist sending the money is a Socialist, Saxby’s a Socialist, If the money is from a Democratic LOBBYIST, Saxby is a Democrat, If the money is from a Republican Saxby is a RINO. That’s all you need to know about Saxby’s Party affiliation.. How about the Gang of 10 Traitors or his working with OBAMA, Reid Kennedy, & Pelosi to over ride President Bush’s Veto of the Farm bill or medicare.

  6. HankRearden says:

    Bill S, I consider myself a balanced conservative.

    I believe in freedom to practice religion without government interference.

    I believe in fiscal responsibility (we need to be able to keep more of our money and pay less to the Government.) Producers only produce when we are allowed to reward our selves for our production (see my name if you know what it stands for.)

    No I was not A-O-K on spending in 05-06 or even before that.

    Now of course I voted for Saxby 6 years ago under the illusion he was conservative. I will not be duped again.

    In regards to Terri Schiavo that issue should have stayed in the family and been between them and their God.

    Going back to what kind of Conservative am I. I am a Freedom First Conservative then I am a Social/Fiscal Conservative.

    Now lets see you answer instead of always ask. What kind of Conservative do you claim to be?

  7. bowersville says:

    Let’s see. What kind of conservative do you claim to be?

    Can someone explain to me why I should vote for Saxby….?

    Nope. Vote your conservative conscience. Do you actually think anybody on this board is dull enough to believe anyone commenting on this board needs to be convinced how and who to vote for?

    I for one will be glad when Saxby is taught his lesson and leaves the ignorant ones to the hands of Martin and the rest of DC.

  8. Game Fan says:

    Thanks to some of our “toe the line conservatives” (who move with the herd like sheep) we’re on the brink of economic catastrophe here. And a lot of the real important votes have broken down along a “Populist vs. Elitist” division anyway. Some of these issues clearly go against the will of average Americans. But this is of no consequence to the aforementioned “conservatives” because when the Prez says “jump” they always just ask “how high?”

  9. bowersville says:

    The only ones who herd like sheep are the ones wanting to teach a lesson to their own demise and way of life.

  10. umustbekidding says:

    I am a “take care of your own @ss conservative” otherwise known as a libertarian.

    I will vote for Buckley. At this point I don’t care if Martin wins because I am so tired of the same old crap going on in DC.

    At least Martin will be the jr. senator so maybe he won’t get muck done.

  11. bowersville says:

    No Martin won’t get muck done, he’ll have the sheep herd mentality and follow the dung.

    Vote Buckley! Buy some toilet paper and bend over and wipe your rear. Take the paper and bring it to your nose, smell it. If it looks like crap and it smells like crap, it’s crap. Vote Buckley, and what you guarantee yourself is crap.

  12. umustbekidding says:


    It’s all crap and yes I did notice my spelling error. Muck = much. Or it could be a combo of two words.

    are you allways so crude?
    I did not tell anyone to vote Buckley, I just said I would be.

  13. bowersville says:

    Yes, I’m always this crude when I have to stake my American Independent way of life on an outcome.

    BTW, to un crude myself, I thought muck was a good way of describing Martin’s congressional agenda. I didn’t consider it a spelling error, but since you brought it up, it must be a subliminal truth.

  14. SkylerA says:


    Jim Martin is an honorable man. Whether it was volunteering in Vietnam, or working on behalf of children and women as a state legislator.

    Martin has a record of being honest, and of getting results.

    The choice in this election is clear: A man who is honorable and truthful with Georgians, or a person who ignores the voices of Georgians, and has no principle by which he stands.

  15. John Konop says:

    This is the story of the day that will not help Saxby and McCain!

    Sen. McCain Key Note Speaker At ACORN Rally In 2006?

    M… Sen. John McCain was happy to accept the honors and acclamation of the Service Employees International Union, People for the American Way, UNITE HERE — and ACORN. Here he is, on Feb. 20, 2006, telling immigration rights activists at a rally in Miami that they “are what makes America special.” ACORN co-sponsored the rally, and its volunteers surround McCain, and while there’s no evidence that McCain ever formally teamed with the group, the video serves as a reminder that he did not mind being associated with them when the politics of the moment were different….

  16. bowersville says:

    Jim Martin isn’t the only one who served in Vietnam. Don’t even hand me that crap. I’m approaching 60. Now figure that out for yourself, and I’ve got a son serving now and a dad from WWII.

    And don’t give me that old trick knee sh*t either. Have you ever seen the Memorial wall Skyler? When I rub the wall, I see the people, so eat crap.

  17. SkylerA says:


    I respect anyone in the armed services, so I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about.

    Keep political discourse polite and respectful, theres enough garbage in politics, so please don’t add to it. Thanks.

  18. bowersville says:

    No, I won’t keep it nice, the garbage came into politics long before my time. If you want to keep politics kind, then live in your own little twerp dream world.

    Don’t thank me, I started to say b!tch, but I can’t say that here. So let me make it plane Skyler, you need to talk to Aaron Burr about keeping it nice, then 270 years later, you can talk to me.

  19. Game Fan says:

    When you have a cogent thought please transfer it to the rest of us via your keyboard. But right now my GUESS is that you’re voting for Saxby Chambliss.

  20. bowersville says:

    Somebody fetch bowersville his meds. Now that’s funny. When you have a cogent thought please transfer it. What a hoot.

    DavidAtlanta, when did I babble about Aaron Burr before, furnish your link you liar.

    Game Fan, no pun intended, but you are fair game. It’s your guess as to whether I have a death wish for my way of life as a true American. Before you jump, consider the friendship of Bill Clinton and George H W and whether George W has been invited.

  21. Martin may be honorable, but that doesn’t make him any less liberal. His liberal-ness doesn’t make Saxby a conservative, and neither of these two facts makes Buckley able to win.

    I don’t know that Martin WILL listen to the people of Georgia. That is an unknown at this point, and I doubt we could know the answer till he gets in a statewide office like Senator.

  22. bowersville says:

    The new guy is more prone to listening to constituents….I hope you are jesting and in reality craping in my back pocket and calling it honey.

  23. Bill Simon says:

    John Konop,

    In your ferverent goal of trusting everyone except the Republicans, is it okay with you if President Obama agrees with Iran that the Israeli nation should be destroyed so that both the U.S. and any other Arab nation can become friends until eternity?

    DON’T answer with inserting some bull*hit news article that quotes some idiot about Obama’s thoughts.


  24. John Konop says:

    Bill Simon

    Any objective person not caught up by emotion can see I have been hard on Democrats as well as Republicans when I disagree. As far as Acorn, Ayers, Muslin….attacks on Obama any person can see they are distractions from talking about real issues.

    As I said in the past I am no fan of Obama or McCain.

    If I was McCain I would have complemented the historic achievement of Obama getting the nomination for the Dems. And than I would have told the truth that we did not get 11 trillion in the red overnight. Also the out of control spending from the government and personal got us in this ditch.

    I respect and like Obama but no quick gimmick will fix the problem. You cannot fix a debt problem with more debt. We must all tighten our belts and it will not be easy but for the future of our kids we must do it.

    And than I would put forward a tough love plan.

    But hey the truth did not get me elected.

  25. EAVDad says:

    As to the original topic at hand — I just don’t see it…while polling is one thing, I don’t see Saxby losing. Of course, I’ve been wrong before…

  26. Progressive Dem says:

    Sxby is a hack. He has voted with Bush and with the lobbyists. He has shown no independent thinking, and very little leadership. His main goal is self-preservation.

  27. Bill Simon says:


    I appreciate the response in your own words.

    However…you did not answer the question I put forward. I didn’t ask how to “fix this economy” or how you thought McCain should campaign.

    I asked a question with regard to how you felt about the US giving-up its aid to Israel, and letting the Iranians and the Palestinians (who, by the way, are on RECORD as endorsing Obama) do their darndest to destroy Israel?

  28. Bill Simon says:


    You may “consider” yourself a “balanced conservative” but I doubt anyone else will.

    Former henchmen of Georgia’s Christian Coalition are not, in any way, “balanced.”

    For what I am is what I’ve ALWAYS been in this party: Fiscal conservative and “get the f*ck out of my business and everyone else’s on religous and social matters” type of conservative.

    Coupled with that is also a strong sense of fairness and justice…an element ALSO not inherently possessed by former henchmen of Georgia’s Christian Coalition….nor can it likely be learned by such people like yourself “HankReardon.”

  29. Doug Deal says:


    Did you see how the conservatives in Canada (more fiscally conservative than those in the USA) won yet another election in a county much more liberal than our own.

    How did they do it? They held to fiscal conservative principles, like cutting the funding of the arts when it was unpopular. Have the so called conservative members of the GOP ever cut a program. (Renaming welfare EIC doesn’t count).

    They also have little connection to religious conservatism. Religious “conservatism”, aka “Socialist’s Who Believe(*1) in God”.

    One wonders if the GOP will ever get a clue and get back to the only position they have that sells, small government. I tend to doubt it.

    (*1) Believe hear can be read as “profess belief” as I doubt the sincerity of many of them, such as Senator Widestance(R)-Urinals.

  30. IndyInjun says:

    To those who worry about the Dems getting 60 votes, it is a PROVEN FACT that there is NO Principle that Saxby won’t sacrifice if the pay-off to him is big enough.

    Saxby’s vote is available to the highest bidder….and that goes for SC justices too.

    Boot the sorry jackass.

  31. HankRearden says:

    Bill what makes you think I am a, “Former henchmen of Georgia’s Christian Coalition…?” I have been to a grand total of 3 organized Christian Coalition event ever. That thing they do every year with the candidates and other electeds. I have never paid dues or contributed to fundraising for them (again other that the 3 things I paid to be admitted into.) Again if you knew anything about my name you would uderstand my focus.

    On a similar but different topic. You seem to have alot of anger issues. Especially with religious issues. Maybe you should pray, meditate, or what ever it is you do so you won’t always be so angry. Anger only blocks rational thought.

  32. John Konop says:


    Doug said it better than I did and you should read his comment! Also as far Israel I do not think McCain or Obama will have a material difference via policy. I also think the Iraq argument is a smoke screen on both sides since we are already negotiating a draw down now.

  33. Doug Deal says:


    John, don’t call attention to my post, I made at least errors that are pet pieves of mine. One is the misuse of a posessive (‘s) and the other was mispelling here as hear. At least I didn’t spell their as there.

  34. IndyInjun says:

    Back on topic-

    Saxby Chambliss has assailed every veteran of World War II by taking their wealth and giving it to Imperial Japan’s armament maker.

    By his actions he has pronounced Mitusbishi superior to every US citizen who has lived responsibly within their means, especially WWII heros.

    The USA just guaranteed Mitsubishi’s $9 billion acquisition of Morgan Stanley. In doing so the Bush Administration and its enablers in the Senate overrode the express wishes of the American people.

    Saxby said action was crucial, yet 3 weeks later the $700 billion has already been redirected, just like the Iraq War bait and switch.

    You miserable hacks who vote(d) for Saxby are pathetic.

    At least y’all don’t take money from Wall Street in exchange for quarantees to America’s enemies.

    Saxby does.

  35. Doug Deal says:


    So, I guess when we eat an English muffin, we spit on the graves of the founding fathers. Wars end, people and nations change, and we move on. It’s healthy, give it a try.

    I am not a fan of Senator Shameless, but that line of attack is completely over the line.

  36. Bill Simon says:


    I know who you are, and I know you are a liar. the fact that you get on this site and blog anonymously and DENY what I accuse you of doesn’t “clear” anything up. It just self-perpetuates itself.

  37. HankRearden says:

    Bill you do know there are 2 Hank Rearen’s on here right?? There is another guy who uses the HankReardon sign on name and then me.

  38. John Konop says:


    As far as Iran I see very little difference other than negotiating style. And I will remind you that Reagan and Kennedy negotiated with the Russians directly even with Nukes pointed at us. Also Nixon negotiated with China.

    Why the anger with Hank?

  39. Bill Simon says:


    Yes, I know there are two different Hank Reardons.

    The KEY difference is that guy spells his as “Hank Reardon” and has a hyperlink attached to his name.

    YOU spell yours “HankReardon” with no space in between the word ‘Hank’ and ‘Reardon’.”

    The other Hank is a reasonable person with whom I can talk to and have a conversation based on mutual respect.

    YOU are not.

  40. IndyInjun says:

    Doud Deal:

    Perhaps counting Mitsubishi as an enemy was a bit of hyperbole, BUT…..

    There is absolutely no question that the foreign holders of Wall Street’s toxic waste demanded to be first in line in the $700 billion bailout, that the US government GUARANTEED Mitusbishi’s investment in Morgan Stanley, and that US citizens who were stupid enough to save are getting 2 to 4% when the Japanese, Saudis, and others are being GUARATEED 9% returns.

    It is plain that foreigners now have a superior claim on the treasury of the USA than do those ‘stupid’ enough to be responsible.

    When the story of how America fell is written, the gutting of the middle class by Wall Street and its henchmen in DC, like Saxby Chambless, will be front and center.

    All of this idiocy is destroying the last tenuous threads that responsible citizens have with this government.

  41. IndyInjun says:

    Why not Bill, the Bush Administration is guaranteeing …..all bank deposits….all foreign purchases of CDO’s, MBS’s, and CDS’s….commercial paper (with NO COLLATERAL)……interbank transfers (the various Banks in the Grand Caymans should LOVE that…and so should terrorists financiers….)….about all they ain’t guaranteeing is that $10 will buy a loaf of bread in 3 years.

    What I am hoping to unload is a bunch of lying SOB’s……

  42. Game Fan says:

    Seems to me if your last name were really Rearden you wouldn’t have made the following mistake:

    “Bill you do know there are 2 Hank Rearen’s on here right??”

  43. Bill Simon says:


    How much would you like to bet that THAT attitude of yours is exactly the same attitude as the folks back in the day when Adolf Hitler was first campaigning during a bad time in Germany?

    “Ohhh..woe is us…we want change..we don’t care HOW it changes…we just want change now! Let’s vote for THIS guy Adolf! He sounds like he knows what he is talking about…

  44. IndyInjun says:

    Bill Simon,

    At last months GOP meeting I said, in a not quiet voice, that the Dems were Communists and the GOP were socialists, with we the prople having a choice between a later-day Stalin versus Hitler.

    So you read me clearly.

  45. IndyInjun says:

    Bill Simon:

    The two parties are headed in the same direction as the Nazis and the Communists.

    Hugo Chavez agrees, saying “Bush is to the left of me now,”…… “Comrade Bush announced he will buy shares in private banks.”

    As CNBC’s Santelli put it, they just as well have put a hammer and sickle on the flag.

  46. fulldawg says:

    Saxby has overall IMHO been a pretty poor excuse for a senator to represent Georgia over the past 6 years. I say he has had his chance, he represented the Texas Oil interest well. Let’s just let him take his 10-gallon hat on into retirement.

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