Martin Launches New Ad as Senate Race is Tied

Democratic US Senate candidate Jim Martin has released another ad against Saxby Shameless.

An October 9 poll from Insider Advantage shows Saxby and Jim tied at 45% with under a month to go until the election.

While it’s flown largely under the radar, I’ve also noticed the return of Obama television ads to Georgia in the last week, indicating the Obama Campaign believes Georgia may still be in play.

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  1. JRM2016 says:

    Election 2008: Georgia Presidential Election
    McCain 54%, Obama 45% in Georgia
    Wednesday, October 08, 2008 Email to a Friend
    While his numbers may be souring in much of the country, John McCain is still strongly ahead of Barack Obama in Georgia, 54% to 45%, in the latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of voters in the state.

    In August, McCain led Obama 54% to 43%.

    Nationally, Obama has been gaining ground steadily in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll ever since the Wall Street debacle began to dominate the news.

    In Georgia, McCain has the support of 92% of Republicans and five percent (5%) of Democrats. Obama is backed by 94% of Democratic voters and seven percent (7%) of Republicans. McCain has a 25-point lead among unaffiliated voters.

    Men prefer McCain to Obama 62% to 38%, while women, as in much of the country, give the edge to Obama 51% to 46%.

    A stunning 99% of the African-American vote goes to Obama, the first black presidential candidate of a major U.S. political party, along with 28% of the white vote. Seventy percent (70%) of whites support McCain.

    George W. Bush carried Georgia by double digits in 2000 and 2004. Bill Clinton won the state in 1992 but lost it to Bob Dole in 1996. Rasmussen Markets data gives McCain a 80.0% chance of winning Georgia’s 15 Electoral College votes this fall. At the time this poll was released, Georgia was rated as “Likely Republican” in the Rasmussen Reports Balance of Power Calculator. NOTE: Factors other than the latest Rasmussen Reports poll impact the Balance of Power ratings. The current status is indicated on the table in the upper right hand corner of this article.

    Sixty-two percent (62%) of Georgia voters have a favorable view of McCain, while 37% regard him unfavorably. Obama has 47% favorables and 53% unfavorables. Fifty-one percent (51%) of white voters say their view of Obama is Very Unfavorable, while 61% of black voters say the same of McCain.

    Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is viewed favorably by 59% and unfavorably by 39%. Her Democratic counterpart, Senator Joseph Biden, has 50% favorables, 47% unfavorables.

    Over half of Georgia voters (52%) say the economy is the most important issue in the election. Sixty-six percent (66%) say the U.S. economy is in poor shape, and 84% say it’s getting worse. Voters trust McCain more than Obama on the economy 54% to 43%.

    Only 20% think national security, which was the top concern in Election 2004, is the most important issue now. Again, voters trust McCain in this area 57% to 41%.

  2. JRM2016 says:

    Election 2008: Georgia Senate
    Georgia’s Senate Race Holds Steady in October
    Wednesday, October 08, 2008 Email to a Friend
    The U.S. Senate race in Georgia remains relatively unchanged this month. The latest Rasmussen Reports telephone survey in the Peach State finds Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss leading Democratic challenger Jim Martin 50% to 44%.

    Last month, Chambliss led 50% to 43%. The month prior, the incumbent held a six-point lead.

    Chambliss, who is seeking his second term in the Senate, has held a solid lead all year, but the race tightened when Martin, a former state representative, won his party’s primary to be the Senate nominee in early August.

    The race among unaffiliated voters remains close, with Chambliss ahead 48% to 44%. While Chambliss has a 57% to 42% advantage among men, Martin leads 46% to 44% among women (Premium Members can view full demographic crosstabs.)

    Chambliss is viewed favorably by 57% of Georgia voters and unfavorably by 37%. Martin’s ratings are 45% favorable, 38% unfavorable.

    Rasmussen Markets data gives Chambliss has a 61.0% chance of winning re-election in November. These results are updated on a 24/7 basis by market participants. It costs nothing to join and add your voice to the collective wisdom.

    Over the past month, the metro Atlanta area has experienced a major gas shortage in the wake of Hurricanes Ike and Gustav. Refineries in the Houston area took a big hit during the hurricanes and are desperately trying to reach full capacity as quickly as possible. The Colonial Pipeline, which is responsible for supplying gasoline to several southern states, is still not operating at full capacity. So Georgians and many other southern state residents face long waits at the pump and high gas prices.

    The majority of voters in Georgia (61%) say they have personally waited in line for gas, while 39% say they have not had to yet. An even larger percentage (71%) says they have been forced to drive less or carpool to deal with the shortage.

    As far as the state’s handling of the situation, just 26% say Governor Sonny Perdue did a good or excellent job, while 37% say he did a poor job handling the shortage.

    However, most voters were not in favor of previously used solutions to shortages. Nearly half (45%) are not in favor of mandating an even/odd system of gas purchasing according to license plate numbers, while 30% said it should be implemented. Fifty-two percent (52%) also don’t agree with placing limits on gas purchases, while 34% think it’s a good idea.

    Overall, Perdue, a Republican, earns good or excellent job approval ratings from 39% of voters, down from 49% one month ago. One-in-four Georgia voters give the governor’s job performance a poor rating.

  3. Ga Values says:

    Does anyone know if Saxby has to file another financial disclosure statement before the election. shows that he had collected $1,322,000.00 through June from Banks, Real Estate & Insurance companies through June 30th. With his active calling banker method I bet he was at about $2,200,000.00 at Sept. 30. Surely there was no connection between Saxby’s vote of $700,000,000,000.00 + $153,000,000,000.00 of pork. Saxby the best you can buy..LOBBYIST best friend.

  4. Three Jack says:

    no way, a politician voting based on contributions, say it ain’t so.

    and jim martin is different how?

    either way, i still say

    fire saxby here
    fire saxby now
    pay less

  5. bowersville says:

    Please, hire Jim Martin to help Chris Dodd have some more compassion on the poor so they can buy more homes through Freddie/Fannie that they can’t afford. Please do it. Some more millions are to be made off your compassionate race baiting ignorance. Please, will you consider voting for Martin, Please? I need the money.

  6. I can’t vote for anyone who won’t release DNA evidence that proves their likeness to Eugene Talmadge is merely coincidence.

    But then again, Buckley and Chambliss aren’t much better. Oh woe is me.

  7. Ga Values says:


    The big spending, big government, pro amnesty SOCIALIST, Saxby Chambliss has spent the last 6 years helping Dodd out. Check this clip out of Saxby in action..

  8. atlantaman says:

    Jim has run an exclusively negative campaign on Saxby, while Saxby has been positive – that’s about to change.

    Martin has done a great job of coming across as a reasonable man in his commercials, but the public shall soon learn Jim Martin is no Richard Russell or Sam Nunn. Unfortunately for Martin, he’s got a long State House voting record of representing one of the most liberal districts in the entire state – VA Highlands.

    Jim Martin has far more in common with Nan Orrick and Vincent Fort than Terry Coleman or Zell Miller. The biggest problem Saxby is going to have is picking which issues, of the thousands of extreme left-wing votes Martin has cast, to run in the ads. It will be like shooting fish in a barrel.

  9. John Konop says:


    My guess it will come down to turn out among Black people and young people.

    If they are an unusual high percentage of vote this could put Martin over the top. Without that vote Saxby wins.

  10. atlantaman says:


    I agree with you.

    Don’t forget GA has the 50% + 1 twist, and while as a Republican I’m worried about Martin gaining in the polls, I still find it doubtful Martin could win without a runoff.

    I think Saxby has the advantage in a runoff.

  11. atlantaman says:

    If there is a runoff, you’ll have Babs Streisand and Madonna down here campaigning for Martin – it will become a cause celeb of national Democrats still pissed about the Cleland loss. Martin would probably match Saxby in runoff fundraising.

    That being said the majority of the state, after an Obama win, would be having an “oh sh__t” moment like when Clinton won and Coverdell won the runoff.

  12. What concerns me the most, is how many people did early vote right after the bailout. People do things they may regret when angry, and there were plenty who were angry.

  13. Doug Deal says:


    I voted against Saxby, out of anger, and I do not regret one moment of it. The only thing I might regret is that I no longer have that vote against him to look forward to.

    I think Buckley is a horrible candidate, but he got my vote, because I cannot vote for either of these two men for US Senate.

    How is it that these two are the “best” people available for the job?

  14. bowersville says:

    The big spending, pro amnesty socialist, put a D by his name and you have Martin. A guaranteed died in the wool liberal/socialist/Marxist supporter of the Pelosi/Reid/Obama’s socialist/Marxist agenda for this country.

    Why take a chance? Vote Martin.

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