Eric Johnson: Protector of Voting Rights

Gotta hand it to my friend Eric Johnson.  No worry about being consistent. See, for example, taxes, pork, disclosure, ethics, Sonny Perdue, etc.  Now, he’s rethinking making it easier to vote.  He’s for more people voting, as long as its the right kind.  No allegation of breaking the law — just thinks the legislature should revisit.  Or maybe he’s concerned about the inability of the Secretary of State to deal with the crowds.  Next thing you know, he’ll pass a bill outlawing people moving to Georgia. 

Next time Eric speaks about this issue, he should make sure he has his flag.  Its in his linen closet, next to his sheets.


  1. Bill Simon says:


    You know my feelings about Eric Johnson.

    That being said, what is YOUR defense of this statement by him: “What’s their motive for that [lawsuit], other than to get people who aren’t legal, registered?” Johnson asked.

    Indeed, Bobby…what WOULD be the motive other than to stuff the ballots more easily?

  2. Gag Halfrunt says:

    Clever Eric and Bill, but you guys caught on this one. If you are going to check on citizenship then use a database that contains accurate information designed for such checks. The only purpose in these checks is to keep Democratic voters from being allowed to vote.

    The purpose of this lawsuit is to thwart the way the database was maintained to steal the election. The next one is for damages for violating civil rights of the hundreds of challenged voters who showed up to prove what everyone knew all along. Then comes the criminal investigation for misuse of federal data.

    Going to be a busy year for you guys!

  3. Bobby,

    What’s you’re view of the actions of ACORN? Shouldn’t we take a hard look at ballot box security in light of the all out assault of that security by ACORN and similar groups?

  4. Bucky Plyler says:

    I agree with Bill. If anything we should make sure that all voters are legal & eligible so that elections can’t be stolen.( seems the courts agree w/ that too)

    I have been living in rural Georgia for 48 years. I can’t ever remember a Democrat being concerned that voters are eligible & legal. (until Republicans took over)

  5. Buzz,

    Is ACORN also stuffing the Gallup Poll? In 2004, the final Gallup Poll pretty much nailed the final result of the election. The same ACORN and similar stories were aired that year as well.

    On a side note, it is my understanding that voter registration in Georgia is being done almost entirely on a volunteer basis. In the AJC article this weekend about the counties trying to catch up on their registration, Cobb, DeKalb and Gwinnett all said that they couldn’t point to a single problem of fraudulent registrations.

    But hey if worrying about ACORN makes you feel better about Obama’s 10 point lead in the Gallup poll then go right ahead.

    Also still waiting for a Republican to point to an actual confirmed instance of voter fraud due to ID or registration irregularities.

  6. Mike Hauncho says:

    What’s with the sheets comment? Once again, it is the Democrats who make try to make race the issue.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    “The only purpose in these checks is to keep Democratic voters from being allowed to vote.”

    Sooo…what you’re saying is that we Republicans know that ONLY Democrats will use these tactics, and therefore we must check?

    Gag, you’re an idiot. Truly. If the world reflected YOUR view, we would just suspend all laws because they do happen to affect all Democrats. They also happen to affect Republicans, Libertarians, Independents, etc….but, BECAUSE all Democrats are affected by laws, we should not have to apply them, right?

    Idiot. Flaming moronic…idiot.

  8. Chris,

    As you well know, voter registration and polls are entirely different things. We don’t know who’s going to win (despite the proclamations of the media elite) but that doesn’t mean it’s OK to do what ACORN is doing. I would think my Democratic friends wouldn’t want democracy undermined by fraudulent voting.

  9. Bill Simon says:


    If there isn’t a problem with ACORN, then you shouldn’t worry about the checks.

    You see…the existence of the checks prevents mass cheating…much like the existence of police patrols prevents mass home burglaries, rapes and other crimes.

    AND…the very fact that I could have a gun in my house prevents MOST criminally-minded people from trying to break-in. The fact that I do have a gun (several, actually) will help me protect myself should anyone intrepid enough to try.

    Hardcore, you just don’t like laws. You wish you lived in the 1960s when ignoring the laws (i.e., “The Man”) was more in vogue and you could do ANYTHING you pleased.

  10. Bill Simon says:


    “I would think my Democratic friends wouldn’t want democracy undermined by fraudulent voting.”

    Your Democratic friends frankly don’t give a sh*t. And, it shows on this thread and others.

  11. Bucky Plyler says:

    It’s hard to stuff a ballot box or have voter “irregularities” if everybody voting is eligible & legal.

    Our current setup in GA makes it hard, regardless of your party, to steal an election.

    Seems that opponents of our current system would like for the voting to be like a MLB All Star ballot.

  12. I guess it’s a fundamental disagreement in approach on this stuff. I don’t think anyone should have their rights denied, and you guys seem to think it’s ok for some people to have their rights denied (or have to jump through additional hoops) in order to catch that one phantom bad guy, who by the way has never been caught.

    I don’t think we should use a faulty database to do checks that will flag hundreds of eligible voters incorrectly for each actual ineligible voter that it flags. Other states are running hundreds of checks against this database compared to our hundreds of thousands and millions. Can you guys explain that difference?

  13. And Bill, isn’t it a felony to commit election fraud? What’s the difference between the implied gun behind your door and the implied felony conviction if you actually commit the crime.

    Oh wait, the difference is that even though you could be shot if you break into someone’s house, houses continue to be broken into. With voting, you guys can’t point to a single instance of felony voter fraud that has happened. I guess one deterrent works a little more efficiently than the other.

  14. Bucky Plyler says:

    Our past history in GA was full of voter fraud.

    So, you can’t say there was never a problem – if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

    That’s in the past, & we don’t need it to be repeated. (learn from history -regardless of party)

    You don’t have voting rights unless the voters are eligible & legal.

  15. Who say’s people’s rights should be denied? Nobody that I know. I don’t think people should register 72 times, get paid ciggies to register and stuff like that. I also don’t think it’s unreasonable for people to have to prove their citizens in order to vote, or prove that they live where they say they live. Dead people should also be removed from the list.

    ACORN and some Democrats seem offended by these and other pretty minimal requirements.

  16. Bucky,

    It would be hard to read President Carter’s book about his first run for State Senate and not conclude that election fraud didn’t run rampant in the past.

    But in the past it revolved around the officials that ran the elections being corrupt and complicit in the fraud. If anyone has evidence that a county registrar is illegally registering voters or letting someone vote illegally, they need to bring it forward. So far I haven’t seen that. What I have heard are a lot of baseless accusations about fraud potentially being committed. There’s a big difference between those two things.

  17. Buzz,

    I trust the system already set up to know how to turn down fraudulent registrations (no one on the voter file named Mickey Mouse last time I checked) and to be able to handle duplicate registrations. Should ACORN perhaps not pay people for quantity of registrations? Probably.

    Is Obama or the Democratic party complicit in some sort of grand scheme to steal the election? Nope.

  18. Bill Simon says:


    The point is that just because you don’t see (or haven’t seen) “fraud happening” it doesn’t mean it ISN’T happening.

    It reminds me of child molestors. Until the Internet came along, who knew how many pedophiles there were out there?

    Thank goodness we have THOSE laws in place. Because if Hardcores like YOU were in charge of this state, you would presume that because you couldn’t see child molestors, we would have no need for laws preventing it, would you?

    Chris, you’re an idiot. A plain dumb mo’-fu*king moron.

  19. Decaturguy says:

    You’re a class act, Bill.

    I think we’ve missed the point of Bobby’s post here. Eric Johnson wants to end early voting so that less people have an opportunity to vote in Georgia.

  20. atlantaman says:

    It is interesting when an idea is presented to ensure greater election integrity, that one party supports it and the other fights it. I don’t know why it’s all that unordinary, for someone who just received citizenship last year, to be flagged in an election’s database. What’s the big deal, just produce proof-of-citizenship and move on.

    With millions of illegal immigrants flooding our borders every year, the potential for non-citizens to vote in our elections has increased exponentially since a decade ago. I would hope our government is staying current with this paradigm shift and is implementing the appropriate measures.

  21. atlantaman says:

    Oh and just for the record my previous post was a response to some of the tangents, I do not support Johnson’s idea of a smaller election window.

    We need to do our best to ensure that US citizens, legally allowed to vote, are the only ones voting. Ending early voting is not a solution to the problem. As a diehard republican, I can say if the Democrats use early voting to get their troops out then so be it and may the best man win!

  22. Bill Simon says:


    Read the whole frigging article. I did.

    Which is why I proposed the same question for Bobby Kahn to answer (which, as we can see, he doesn’t have an answer for): What’s the motive for that [lawsuit], other than to get people who aren’t legal, registered?”

    OR, would you like to admit that it is YORU party that wishes to just spend all of their money and time suing this entity and that entity because, as a party, y’all have zero integrity to follow the laws?

  23. rugby fan says:

    “AND…the very fact that I could have a gun in my house prevents MOST criminally-minded people from trying to break-in.”

    People know you have a gun in your house? What, do you advertise that?

  24. rugby fan says:

    “OR, would you like to admit that it is YORU party that wishes to just spend all of their money and time suing this entity and that entity because, as a party, y’all have zero integrity to follow the laws?”

    Not like a certain member of the McCain ticket or any of the other Republicans indicted for crimes in the past few years? Or should we go through all of the Republican Party’s history? Oh wait, what’s that? Both parties have corrupt members? In politics? No…

  25. Bill Simon says:


    Really, son, you need to read a little more carefully. This is what I said, word-for-word: “the very fact that I could have a gun in my house prevents MOST criminally-minded people from trying to break-in.”

    Do you know what the definition of “could” is?

  26. rugby fan says:

    As opposed to the ease oh physically getting in and out of your house, the perceived value of the house and wealth contained therein, etc. etc. etc. your potential gun is the most effective deterrent of crime.

  27. Bill Simon says:


    Here’s my question: IF this law was so obtrusive, why isn’t the ACLU jumping all over it to sue the Secretary of State?

    I’ll tell you why. Because they don’t see anyway to win it. Because there’s nothing illegal with ensuring that everyone who will vote is legal to vote.

    But, hey, you, Decaturguy, Hardhead Chris, et al. just keep demonstrating that you’re anti-legal activities designed to ensure the integrity of the ballot box. Just like the little commies you are, always have been, and always will be.

  28. Bill Simon says:


    WHAT? Dude, you really don’t make a lick of sense. But, I forsee you being a good criminal “advocate” for prisoners being allowed to vote.

  29. rugby fan says:

    I don’t think I ever made a claim on the merits of Sen. Johnson’s comments.

    As for your last comment I’ll just paste a headline.

    “Troopergate report Palin abused her power and broke the law”

    So if you want to throw stones about which party has law breakers, go ahead.

    By the way its nice to know a) that I am a Communist (wasn’t aware that was still a slur or that it is derogatory in any way) and b) that from this issue you can determine if someone want to nationalize the means of production and abolish private property.

  30. Bill Simon says:


    Don’t be so obtuse. Communists are the type of people who don’t care about laws, much less rule of law. The term “communists” is not restricted to being only related to the means of production.

  31. bowersville says:

    Palin broke the law by wanting a child abusing trooper fired for tasering a 10 year old. How weak can you ignorants get?

    Had that disgusting trooper tasered a 10 year old dog or a black kid in Atlanta, you would have accused him of being a racist and animal abuser.

    But since it’s Palin’s nephew, he got what he deserved. But I forgot, you dip Sh!t’s hire convicted felons in Atlanta as cops. So be it.

  32. Old Vet says:

    I almost laughed when I read Johnson’s statement that Republicans never cheat in elections but Democrats always do. Has he forgotten Florida and Ohio?
    Nevertheless, until his party tries to tighten up absentee voting, where the majority votes cast are for Republican candidates, I’ll never be convinced that “voter fraud” is what’s really bothering him. I voted absentee over a week ago. No ID, no proof of citizenship, no proof that I’m still alive! Only the (false) assumption that my vote will be for Republicans, and therefore I (or my survivers) would never, ever, cheat.
    As for his outrage with registering persons in county and city jail, does he not believe in the presumption of innocense? And what about folks doing time for misdemeanors or contempt? THEY haven’t lost the right to vote.
    ACORN’s only offense is regestering voters more likely to vote Democratic.

  33. GOPeach says:

    Clearly the DEMS have to get “disenfranchised” ( brainless) people to vote for them. That is the ONLY way the get elected.

    Did you hear Howard Stern’s Show?

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