1. griftdrift says:

    During the Senate debate the audience teetered on out of control. It was so bad that between the Senate and the congressional debate, the Macon TV bobblehead who moderated had to ask them to let the candidates finish before they started roaring.

  2. ramblinwreck says:

    Being as far as we are from Atlanta, and the rest of the known universe, we don’t get today’s sunshine until tomorrow so I too would like to see the video if it exists.

    I’ve heard Saxby was bragging about being a small government Republican. That probably got some real guffaws from the crowd. In fact, has he ever voted against a budget increase anywhere he’s ever been???? Just asking.

  3. steelfist says:

    Goddard handily beat back Marshall. Marshall looked flustered, was seen shaking and looked like he just rolled out of bed.

  4. Ga Values says:

    Just got off the phone with a Libertarian who went to last night’s “Debate”.. Saxby hired a bunch of thugs that yelled every time Buckley tried to talk, so the crowd took over. Saxby must be getting really desperate or maybe Billy McKinney is his new advisor. If you think about it Billy & Saxby are really very simular. Saxby sure can NOT defend his record.

  5. Vic says:

    Perry is Cousin Sonny’s Home Town. The audiences are usually loud and smile a lot for no apparent reason.

    Rick never would answer Jim’s question about whether or not he would privatize Social Security. So, i guess Jim won.

  6. steelfist says:

    Jim never answer why he shouldn’t be fired for not securing our borders, failing to head off the energy crisis and voting to stick taxpayers for $700 billion. So, I guess Rick won.

  7. Toddrob says:

    Marshall didnt answer a single question. he looked like hell and basically thanked himself the entire debate. like Goddard said: Marshall did the EASY thing by voting for the $858 billion bailout. the hard thing to do whould have been to stay in Washington and craft a good bill… Guess going home to campagin is more important than protecting the tax payer.

  8. Toddrob says:

    You are useing Travis Fain as a source??? what a joke. He is 100% in bed with Marshall. Show me a positive artilce he has written about Goddard and i will give you some serious props are your research skills.

  9. Toddrob says:

    griftdrift- that is my point. dont adjorn, stay in washington and do the job… not pass a flawed bill and high tail it.

  10. GAR says:

    I just heard from a friend who went to the debate.

    First, Saxby didn’t hire any thugs to go to the event. He had maybe 3 staffers there and then the rest were actually people from around Perry. It was Martin who bussed in IBEW workers, union thugs, to hiss and boo during the entire debate.

    Second, apparently the union workers were drinking on their bus ride over from Atlanta.

  11. johnmartinforafreegeorgia says:

    @GA Values

    I do not know what debate the libertarian you talked to attended, but the only thugs at the event were the ones bussed down from IBEW/AFL-CIO. Beside booing everything that Saxby said, and cheering for what Buckley and Martin said (which was quite entertaining, considering their divergent opinions), the only boos Buckley got was when he was trying to piss all over the Fair Tax.

    Martin read off of the DNC playbook, Buckley acted like a petulant child, and Saxby had to explain why doing the right thing is not always popular.

    No one won the debate.

  12. slyram says:

    Congressman Marshall actually said the word “Obama” in the context of I don’t agreed with Senator Obama on the war. What’s funny is when the reporter asked Marshall why wouldn’t a voter just vote for a real Republican because Marshall supported some many Bush policies.

    I rest my case. (and I am an African American Obama supporter)

  13. griftdrift says:

    Here’s something that’s bothering me.

    This is the second time I’ve heard that the Democratic supporters from Atlanta were drinking.

    I was there. I spoke to several Martin supporters. I mingled among many more. I didn’t see any indication anyone was drinking.

    So which of you brave souls wants to step forward and tell us all what reason you have to believe the Martin supporters were drunk?

  14. Ga Values says:

    This from the AP in the Athens paper. Sounds like what I was told but I wasn’t there.

    “Thursday’s debate took place in front of a highly partisan crowd in the GOP stronghold of Middle Georgia.

    Chambliss supporters waved “Saxby” signs and offered up a sustained “boos” when Martin mentioned Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

    “Bomb Obama,” one woman hollered.

    Martin backers, most of them bused in from Atlanta, heckled Chambliss with catcalls of “send Saxby Home” and “tell the truth.””

  15. Doug Deal says:

    Just a bunch of classless idiots on both sides. Why does either side think it is a great idea to be seen shouting down political opponents or interrupting speakers?

    I think the only way to have “debates” is to put the candidates in soundproof rooms and force them to write their reponses. It is amazing how bad most politicians’ ideas sound when put to paper.

  16. RuralDem says:


    For someone who was a staffer for three moderate Democrats in Congress, you sure are anti-Marshall. Kind of odd.

    Which Congressmen did you work for? All Georgians?

    Everything you post always comes back to Marshall not supporting Obama and how the world is going to end because of that.

    I know plenty of Democrats that do not like Obama. To be fair, they don’t like McCain either, but still, not all of the Edwards/Clinton supporters are on board with the “Hope.Change.Repeat” candidate.

    I think there’s more to it than you’re putting on.

  17. GeorgiaValues says:

    Saxby and Goddard had about 200 supporters from middle Georgia, Martin had a bus load of folks from Atlanta.

    The drinking report came from 3-4 trash bags full of empty beer cans that were leaning against the bus at the end of the debate. Maybe the driver drank three cases during the debate, but I doubt it.


  18. griftdrift says:

    I thought you weren’t there.

    I hate whisper campaigns.

    And Martin / Chambliss / Buckley are running for a statewide office. Last I heard Atlanta is still part of the state.

  19. GAR says:


    There was clearly alcohol on the breaths of several people getting off the Martin/Union bus. I’m not suggesting that Martin supported it, but its just typical of the type of people they pay to come to these events.

  20. BonaireDem says:

    I was at the debate. It was rowdy…on both sides.

    I was shocked at the number of empty seats in the auditorium. Martin had as many supporters as Saxby in “Saxby Country”. Saxby should have had 4 to 1 support at that debate, there weren’t that many people bused in.

    Maybe Georgia is wising up. Hopefully, Georgia voters are smart enough not to re-elect a candidate who has been a rubber stamp for George Bush policies.

    By the way, Jim Martin is an actual veternan, unlike four deferment Saxby. Buckley said it best last night, the only army Saxby has been a part of is the George Bush Army.

  21. Bill Hagan says:

    Rick won the debate hands down. Jim was rude and attempted repeatedly to distort General Goddard’s views on the issues such as taxation.

    It is a shame that the majority of voters will never see this debate. Rick has an up hill battle as this is not a good year to be running as a Republican, especially against a Congressman who uses his federally paid staff to comment on and run his campaign. However, I am sure that Jim can justify such unethical behavior by making false claims regarding vacation time and leaves of absence.

  22. griftdrift says:

    Typical, GAR?

    Please explain.

    And once again I met with several Martin supporters and never whiffed the alcohol. And I think its an essence with which I am familiar.

  23. griftdrift says:

    Bill, the accusation was beer.

    Here’s the deal. You can choose to believe a rather vile charge based on no evidence or you can believe an eyewitness account of somone who was actually there.

    Your choice.

  24. Bill Simon says:


    I honestly do not know about the alcohol…but, putting THAT aside, I believe in what State Rep. Edward Lindsey says about that event. This is from an e-mail he sent out yesterday:

    …” Last Thursday, I attended the Perry, GA U.S. Senate debate. The Jim Martin campaign and its union surrogates organized busses from Atlanta to bring in supporters. These Democratic Party activists repeatedly screamed slurs at Senator Saxby Chambliss — while he was trying to speak — which included, “Liar,” “Draft Dodger,” “Crook,” and “Warmonger.” I have yet to hear Jim Martin, Congressman Lewis, or any other Democratic leader rebuke this kind of hysteria expressed by their supporters. Contrast this silence to Senator McCain’s rebuke this weekend of his supporters who had gone too far…”

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